Friday, June 30, 2017

Second Installation: All the updates at once - Part 4

Edited to add: Part 3 here, Part 5 here :)

So much for telling you everything at once!

I am sorry for the crazy delay with getting this post up! The last few weekends were chock-full of goodness for our little family, and between the busy and tired and running and baking there has not been much time to write.

First...I want to say thank you to everyone who has said something to me about the last few posts. From Facebook comments to messages and texts, and even those of you who have stopped me at work...I am grateful for you and for the support you've shown. Every loss is different, and while I know no one had the same experience as Anthony and I did, hearing from other people made me feel better about everything that happened.

To move the story along...

We slid into February and eventually got back on the wagon looking at houses. When we started looking again it was kind of demoralizing...we had already found somewhere we wanted, and now we had to start from scratch. Barb (our agent), continued to be fantastic and optimistic, and after some back and forth we finally decided to increase our price point. It was a good (although nerve wracking!) decision.

And I have to say, the great thing about life is that sometimes things happen because there's another better something around the corner.

Once we increased our purchase point, things really opened up for us. Within a week we found a house that we wanted to put an offer on.

That we didn't get.

It turns out we were in a bidding war with SEVEN other people, and our offer wasn't good enough. Looking back (and having checked out the sale price on Redfin), no, our offer wasn't high enough...but that ended up being totally fine too! What we loved about that house was the layout and the decorating - and it turns out that every second house in this town has that layout. And you can do your own decorating. We just had to wait and see what else would come to the table!

And within another week we found another house (same layout, better carpet, cabinets, painting, deck, and location - WAY better location!) and we dropped an offer on it by the end of the night.

Ignore the funeral parlor drapes please :P
My agent learned that one other couple had also put an offer out, but we were able to promise a quick close (within 25 days), and our offer was accepted the next day!

At this point, we had learned not to celebrate at all until the papers were signed. We barely told anyone about this offer and the process (story of our lives, now), and we just waited it out.

Waited and waited.

For a couple of weeks we thought maybe we'd be able to close even sooner - within 15 or 20 days, but that didn't happen like we hoped it would. Instead, we were given a close date of March 23rd (I can't remember now, but I think that was just a few days earlier than our contracted close).

I didn't even think about packing, because I didn't want to let my hopes get that high. So we just kept waiting.

And then...

Token happened.

Oh yeah, I'm leaving you with that cliffhanger after not posting for so long! I know, I'm mean and I suck! But you'll appreciate what's coming next! ;)