Thursday, October 27, 2016

Eurotrip Days 9 & 10: Grays (and my 'other' family)

Both Sunday and Monday were "family" days for me. I have completely lucked out that Hannah & co. (mostly Paul, since I suppose he had a choice to not like me or let me stay with them) adopted me into their little family, and give me a place to stay when I visit. I am fortunate beyond words that I have them in my life, no matter how far away they may be!

Anyways...Sunday we went out around lunch time for a picnic at the park. I got thoroughly worn out because, as the visitor, I was the only one Miles wanted to play with! I didn't mind one bit (except when I was trying to eat my sandwich!).

Even though it's such a mundane thing, I wish I had some pictures from playing at the park. I was too busy actually playing though, so I don't.'s the little things like random playtimes that I really feel like I miss out on being so far away. For all the lifting and triathlet-ing I do, Miles still has way more energy than I have ever, but he was fun to spend time with the whole family doing everyday type stuff :)

After picnicking and walking home, we headed for the mall. I had some stuff to pick up and Hannah and I wanted to wander around, and while we did that Paul took Miles to soft play (that's actually exactly what it sounds like). 

On the way there I took this picture, and right after this one he started saying "NO MORE PICTURES!" Fine, kid. Go through that phase while your auntie who never gets to see you is visiting from really, really far away!!!

When we got home from the mall it was time to chill...and that's exactly what happened...and there may have been a drink (or two) and some more biscuits involved...
We completely wore these two out during the day!
Break out the Pimm's!!
If I could have brought home a case of those cans I would have. It is a travesty that we don't have Pimm's in the States!

Sunday night was also the night for curry! Even though I have access to more Indian food now around where I work, I still don't eat it nearly as often as I'd like. We ordered everything we desired and then Paul and I walked over to pick it up while Hannah got Miles ready for bed so we could have some adult-only time. Never a bad decision, right? ;)
Indian food is always better when enjoyed with friends in England! And that Riesling made an appearance too!
I was full as can be...and still wanted more! Go figure though, when I spend so much time wanting Indian food and not being able to have it (mostly because not many people I know in the States have the same love for it that I do). It was delicious, the company still wonderful, and I slept soundly once again.

On Monday I got to be in charge for a while. Hannah and Paul went to work (Hannah ended up taking half a day and came home early because why not, when your best friend is in town!), but in the morning I hung out with Miles. I took care of his breakfast and then entertained him by playing with bubbles for hours and hours (slight exaggeration) and then got him dressed and walked him over to his nursery where I got to wait in line with all the parents and grandparents to drop him off for a few hours.

I felt like such an adult. Being all in charge of a little human and making sure he held my hand and looked both ways before crossing the street (and, like, still crossing it in the wrong spot anyways...whoops #adultfail). I let Hannah adult on the way home though. Wayyyyyy too much work for me (jk, jk!).

I have to say friends have raised a great little kid, and I can't wait to see him grow up!!!

After dropping Miles off I had a few hours to myself. I went for a run (longest three miles of my life) and nearly got myself locked out of Hannah's because I am 100% terrible at unlocking things. Doors, drawers, whatever, I suck at it. By the time Hannah got home I had showered and was starting some laundry, and we had enough time to sit and chat before going to pick up Miles.

There was definitely a heat wave that week too, and poor Miles was so hot and sweaty when we picked him up. He got some juice right away, and when we stopped at the shops for some dinner things and he got a Kinder Egg too! (Side note...I brought home so many Kinder eggs because they're not the same here. Something about putting toys in food is 'illegal' or something.)

Daphne and Percy climbed all over me and were grateful to have some extra attention while I was there too!

At the end of the night before I got ready for bed I did some preliminary packing...I had to be on the train relatively early in the morning for the next stage of my adventure...visiting my cousin Katie!


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