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Eurotrip Days 3 & 4: Trier

Monday morning started with coffee, a biscuit, and a 5 mile run!

Coffee and a biscuit.
While I was away I knew I would not have cell service. I relied on WiFi the whole time I was gone, so it was imperative that I remember the directions Dani had given me the day before to get to The Ponds. I had 5 miles to hammer out before we went off exploring, and I was determined to get them in!
The start of 5 miles! I got to The Ponds without getting lost.
I don't know how it comes across on this blog, but I am soooooo bad about getting lost. Really, I'm terrible at paying attention to where I'm going, so it's a big deal I figured out how to get to this place. The ponds were two ponds (go figure) connected by trails. While I was running I looped around the whole area once, then did a kind of figure 8. I still had plenty of distance to cover so I took one of the paths leading away from the ponds and did a short out-and-back that took me past the Südbad (south pool) and up a really freaking long hill.

The Sud Bad...I soooooooooo wish we had public pools like this in the States! There are no free pools like this anywhere near where I live, and I wanted to go jump in during my run to take advantage of it!
The beginning of the hill of death.
For real...I am from Flatsville, Illinois. That little path took me up an actual mountain...even if it was just for a quarter of a mile. I ended up walking the last tenth or so!

And if you'd like to watch me struggle through the whole thing...then hopefully this video works ;) I feel like I'm at least a little funny...maybe a little? Okay maybe not. PS, if you have seizures, don't watch this. You've been warned.

I ended my run a little over half a mile from Dani's, and used the rest of the walk back to enjoy my surroundings and take a few pictures.
I took this picture because it's such a cute looking house! Reminded me a lot of England!
Done with this run!
This random spread of color (buildings that are gray and orange then pink and white) always reminds me of Germany!
This is Lenny's truck. He does motocross and uses it for his bike, and they call vans like this "buses" in German. The sign is a play on words. It says, "Think about the environment, take the bus" which I thought was funny!
The garage entrance to their apartment.
You just stick your key in and turn it and it opens! Nifty!
These blinds were all over in Germany. They can close completely to totally block out all light, and they help regulate the temperature inside by keeping the cool air inside. I thought they were pretty genius!
5 miles done NACH DEUTSCHLAND!
Trier Center
After my run Dani and I got ready for a trip to the town center so she could show me around. We'd decided not to do this on Sunday because nothing is open, and it was definitely worth waiting for! The following are a ton of pictures of the center of town, the Porta Nigra, and a palace and grounds in the center of the city.

Trier is the oldest city in Germany and was originally founded as a Roman settlement, hence the Porta Nigra in the midst of it all. There are also Roman baths you can visit, but I didn't have the chance to see them. Always gotta save something for next time!

Also...I bought my weight in fruit in the market. We had enough for the whole week, and it was so delicious! I know why seedless grapes are a thing ;)

Coming up to the Porta
Getting closer...
...and closer...!

Dani got Archie to look at the camera and everything!

A random picture of toilet paper because I swear everywhere I went the toilet paper was fancy like this lol
Actually, I took that picture above when I went to the bathroom at the place I got my lip pierced. Yup, you read that right...I went all teenage-wild and pierced my lip! Sorry, mom ;)

Next up: The Cathedral! We didn't go inside, so I just snapped a few pictures outside.

And now just some random stuff:

Archie looking super adorable and handsome.
The Palace
And to finish up...the Palace and grounds. This palace was a bit weird because it seemed sandwiched into a random spot next to the cathedral, but the grounds were beautiful! Very relaxing, with plenty of places to sit and relax or walk around.

A view of the palace from the end of the grounds.

Walking a bit past that you can see one of the Roman baths being renovated (this may have played into my decision not to go do a tour...):

Monday Evening
I took the chance on Monday to pick up a German copy of The Neverending Story, which is one of my favorite books. I finally read it a few years ago and totally fell in love, and it was one of my goals to pick up a good German copy while abroad.

I also took this random picture of some candy bars when we went grocery shopping, because candy in other countries amuses me :P
And Kinder eggs! Because they're illegal here :P
With that, we finished some shopping and headed home for dinner and chillaxing. Overall, a day well spent!

My recap of Tuesday will be short, and I don't have a ton of pictures because I took the day to sleep in and then explore the city myself and pretty much just spent extra time delving into the same places I'd been the day before.

I will say that it started out as a total slump day for me. It was the worst day of jetlag for me, and I skipped my 10 mile run because I was exhausted and wanted to move my 14 miler up, so I decided to just adjust my schedule and do it Wednesday.

So I took the opportunity on Tuesday to explore Trier a little more...and get totally lost. I mean, I wanted to shop and explore, and I definitely got to do both of those things! Towards the end of my little tour, as I was trying to find my way back to Danielle's, I ended up taking like a 2 hour detour...

Yes. Two hours of being lost. I wandered way out of the city center in the wrong direction, looped back around, and then started just following signs for the Trier Süd train station since it was right by Dani's apartment. I'd told her I would be back around 5:30...and made it back after 6.


The evening was a different experience! No one got lost!
Look at these cars! Parked facing different directions! #thingsyoudontseeinAmerica
We hopped in that little red car to go pick ourselves up some doner kebab, which is kind of like a gyros. They're SO good, and I was really looking forward to having one while in Germany! (And now you get a bunch of pictures of my food!)

All the nomz!!
Following the doner kebab, Lenny and Dani decided we should drive to Luxembourg for gas because it's way cheaper there. While on the way, we stopped so I could get a picture with the sign...nbd, just being super touristy!
The little excursion to Lux was interesting because it's so close, but so different! Apparently Luxembourg is super expensive, and if you live there you're either ridiculously rich, or you've inherited your house (or both). I got a nice little lesson on it from Lenny, and it's crazy to think that just driving across a border means so much can change!

The night ended with a GoPro on a I'll just leave you with these...!

(I'll be back tomorrow with another one, folks!)


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