Monday, October 24, 2016

Eurotrip Day 6: Hiking the Mullerthal...and Riesling

Holy crap! I have soooo much to post about still. All of this stuff from Europe, all the stuff I've been doing this month...there really is a lot. Clearly I need to get better about posting...

That aside:

This post will have more pictures in it than any other post I've ever put up. The Mullerthal was absolutely gorgeous, and I'm gonna share all of that with you!! You should be able to click on photos to enlarge them and see them in a slideshow :)

And we're back at it with the Europe posts! Let's dive in, shall we!! (Sidenote...I can't believe it's already been over a month since this trip! Crazy how time flies - and how slow I blog :P)

Of all my days in Germany, this was probably my favorite...and I actually spent it in Luxembourg!

Danielle suggested we go hike the Mullerthal, a hilly region in Luxembourg that I (just) learned is referred to as "Little Switzerland". Who knew!

To get there you drive through a town called Echternach, which I also (just) learned is the 'capital' of the region.

To sum up our trip before accosting you with 10 million pictures of a fairy-like forest: We first stopped at Beaufort Castle for a brief wander. It's a ruin, but it was fun to poke around. After that we headed onto a trail and hiked about a mile and a half in, before turning around to hike back out so we could make it home to shower and then to our wine tasting on time!

So have some fun scrolling through these pictures - hiking the Mullerthal with one of my best friends was truly a highlight of this trip. We had so much fun and the landscape around us was absolutely stunning the entire time.

To and through Echternach
The fog in this picture looked so cool!

Just a random fortress wall. Nbd.

Fog obsessed :P

Beaufort Castle
Into the woods!

Driving up to the castle.

Dani asked me to take this picture and I almost had a stroke thinking Archie would fall out the window.

I took a lot of pictures of Archie.

To scale model of the entire castle in its heyday.

The crows nest! (Or whatever it's called.)
Sidenote since I look super tan here: Yes. I went to Europe in September and came home with a tan!
Peeking down at the atrium below.

The Mullerthal!

Inside the ruins...I have no idea what anything is, I'm sorry.
Pretty sure this was the dining room...
Me and this nugget.

Dani and the nugget.
Nugget in a sink.
Long way down!
Probably shouldn't have been sitting here...

Torture stuff!

Leaving Beaufort.

Hiking the Mullerthal
Literally about 10 feet in. (Okay, like 1/10th of a mile.)
This was as high as I could hike into this crevice without slipping...
Then I did slip anyways :P
Dismount skillz.
The trail I left behind...
Another little bit of climbing I managed.

This giant head!

Dani and I both thought this looked like something a bit rude. Ahh, Mother Nature.

Practically the only picture from the whole trip that we took together!
Stairs in the woods!

Mom and pup! Loooove!

One of my absolute favorite pictures from my entire trip!
This time Dani took the picture of Archie :P

Archie and his tiny legs were pretty tired after all that!

After the hike...
We were pretty hungry so Dani and I decided to stop at a restaurant on the way home for pizza. Pizza in Europe is so different from pizza at home! Like mine...all of the toppings were divided into sections on the pizza! Strange. It wasn't bad, but it made me miss my Lou's :P

Also of battle for free water in Europe continued to be waged. I asked for TAP WATER at the restaurant, and the waitress immediately went from friendly and helpful to unfriendly and unhelpful. I do not understand it, I don't, I DON'T!!! She brought me a tiny glass of water and I photographed it to document the tale:
Don't worry though...I had a nice big bottle in the car that I demolished as soon as we got back there ;)

Archie though? He got free water without comment, and without us even having to ask *side eye*

Wine Tasting
When Danielle and I got back from hiking we showered up and rested for a bit, then got ready to go to a wine tasting at a local winery called Weinbau Schartbillig. We took the train to Igel (I ran there for my long run!) so that we wouldn't have to worry about a) parking or b) drinking too much.

I've never actually done a wine tasting so I didn't know what to expect. For those of you out there who also haven't done one, you basically get to try a few types of wines plus a sekt (which is like champagne). We started with the sekt (you go dry to sweet, apparently), and that ended up being my favorite. Even though I was hell bent on not checking luggage, after 6 glasses of wine I was more than happy to buy two bottles. The sekt (for my birthday) and a half-dry Riesling that Hannah and Paul and I enjoyed with some Indian food a few days later.

The owner conducted the tasting for us and he was very nice, but Danielle hadn't told them that I'm not fluent in German (whoops) so there was some back and forth that involved extra explaining, or her interpreting for me. Towards the end of the tasting his son came down and he and Danielle remembered each other from another tasting she'd done, so we spent a good while talking to him.

And that train? It ended up being a very good idea :P

Bread and cheese to accompany the tasting!
I bought the Sekt (in the middle) and the half-dry Riesling (on the right).

I got my picture with an Igel (hedgehog).
A great ending to a wonderful week with one of my besties :)
We were not drunk at all.
Taking random pictures of things in German.
That was our stop!
I think it's pretty clear that even though it was my last full day in Germany, we made it count!


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