Saturday, February 18, 2017

Looking Up

I'm sitting here, my desk (at home) a complete mess of papers and pamphlets with everything from a Dick's credit card application (no thank you), to a list of houses we're viewing tomorrow (yes, please), a Ragnar "Race Bible" (eeeeek!) and a lovely card from my aunt in England (I miss you!!)...and I can actually tell you that I'm excited.

It is odd and weird and hard to say that. I have mixed emotions about being happy like this, kind of like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop (again...), but I'm feeling more like myself. I'm happy and nervous and excited for these next few months.

This week started out as a total struggle for me, and as dorky as it sounds to say it, Valentine's day turned that right around. I took the day off due to a cold, but it was also a much-needed mental health day.

I lounged around, did laundry, had lunch with my cousin and this adorable dude (in his awesome narwhal-as-unicorn shirt!):

...and then Anthony surprised me with flowers and a picnic-in-bed-with-Netflix-and-cuddles. The cuddles were extra needed. I am more than lucky to have him, and I don't know what I'd ever do without his support!
That smile!!!!!!!!!! 😍
The week is ending nicely as well. Tomorrow, Anthony and my mom and I go to look at some houses that actually have me excited. Not just one, but SIX. Six of these places actually look good, which is a breath of fresh air.

On top of that, tonight I get to meet most of my teammates for Ragnar Chicago 2017. Team 38, (The Team That Must Not Be Named!) is getting together for a potluck and discussion about all things Ragnar, hence the mess of papers on my desk!

There are a lot of moving parts with Ragnar, and though I'm "captain" of mine, I've had the help of two amazing women along the way. Tonight we make the bulk of the decisions that will affect each runner (mainly what legs we'll each be running), so there's a lot to do and go over! After that I'll sit down and see what kind of training I might have to supplement in addition to my training plan for the Lake Zurich tri, and I'll make sure all of that will work.

But really, I'm just excited that things seem to be looking up after how stressful and bleak and heartbreaking January turned out to be. Maybe it's just the break in weather we go here in the midwest (it's sixty three degress out right now!!!), but seeing the sun is uplifting and has put me in a can-do mindset!

Anyways. That meetup tonight. I have brownies made, meatballs prepped, my mom cleaned the kitchen floors and bathroom (thanks, mom!), and now it's time for me to hit the pavement for the six miles on this half plan. So off I scoot!

And if you've stuck around for all that, check out this picture that my aunt sent me with her card. When I was in England in September I got to help close the door on a lock, and she took a picture of me doing so. Totally dressed for the occasion! (It's pretty obvious that guy was not thrilled about the photo op!)

Have a good one, and here's to things looking up ;)