Monday, March 23, 2015

Weird and crazy days.

Hello, world!

And extra hello if you live near Chicago and woke up to a nice layer of snow covering everything, and the crappiest roads on this planet.

For real. They were terrible. I have never made the decision to turn around and not go to work, but today I did. I normally start work at 6:30, but by that time this morning I was only about a third of the way to work - and then traffic just stopped. I moved about 300 feet in 25 minutes and realized I was not getting to work anytime before 8. I called Cam and he checked other routes for me, and nothing looked good. So I pulled a U-ey and headed home.

It took about 10 minutes to get through this intersection, and I waited on the other side for about 15 before deciding to turn around.
Well, I kind of headed home. I'm actually house/dog sitting this week. Believe it or not, that added a huge amount of stress to this morning's failed commute. Driving to work in a snow storm is bad enough, driving a route you're not used to (that has some crazy new traffic patterns) is anxiety inducing. Deciding to turn around and head home was a relief....but then I still had to drive home. I went to my house to get some things I needed, and then back to the house I'm at this week. Doing this also gave me a relatively flat ride rather than the hills I would have encountered otherwise. My poor little Toyota struggled a lot today. I've been driving in the snow for 11 years, but today was something else. The roads were absolutely terrible - really, really bad. I don't like driving in inclement weather, so by about 6:00 this morning I was already done with the day. One of the radio announcers said something like, "I know this really sucks, but it's just for today, then it's supposed to all melt and it'll warm up." That made me feel good for about twenty seconds, but then it didn't stop snowing so I stopped feeling good.

And that is why I hate snow.

It looks so innocent, doesn't it?
It's still snowing now, almost four hours later, and it's not supposed to stop until noon. When I called my manager to say I wasn't coming in I mentioned that I'd keep an eye on google maps and maybe come in for a half day. But...probably not gonna happen. I normally leave work at 3, and going in at noon means working until 4 so....nope.

Today will instead be a day of Netflix, blogging, nail painting, and yoga.

Which means it won't suck! And you know what else didn't suck?!

The weekend.

It was awesome. The moe. show on Saturday was really, really great. It was basically 4 hours of non stop music and dancing. We had rail space too (right in front of the stage along the rail) and managed not to get squeezed out for the entire show. The whole thing was like a combination light and music show. I put a few pictures on Instagram (and a video too) but they just didn't do any of it justice:

Rob, the bassist, was probably my favorite part of the show. He was just!
The cool thing about the jam-band deal is what my friend called "Dirty Segs" which are these crazy segues between songs and that then go back to previously played songs. Cam and I were talking about it Sunday. I told him it felt like I was being tricked...their segues were so smooth that you didn't realize they were leading you into another song until you were almost there, and then they'd wrap it back into the first song. But that wrap back would happen 20 minutes after the first song had started, when you'd totally forgotten they'd been playing that song originally. Including the intermission, there were only 4 or 5 breaks in the entire show. So it wasn't like a normal concert where you get 3-4 minutes of action then a break then another song and then intermission and then the next set. So when I say they played for 90 minutes straight at one point, I actually mean that.

It was an experience. I told Cam I felt like, between the lights and the music, I was listening to and watching a river flowing inside my brain. And though there are plenty of people who imbibe all sorts of stuff before these shows, I can honestly tell you I did not! You may not believe me now that I've said I felt like I watched a river flow through my head, but it's the truth! It was like nothing I've ever experienced. And they're coming back to Chicago in July so we're thinking about going again. Don't get me wrong, I was exhausted after staying up that late. It was a struggle to get to that point, and I felt like falling asleep standing up...but it was great. 10 out of 10 would do again!

But if you saw my moe. post, you'll understand just how exhausted I was! I even managed to hit 20,000 steps in a day (because of the 4 mile run and concert combo)!


We got home at 3 at immediately went to bed, but I was up at 8:15, unable to fall back asleep. This was only bad news because Cam had a work thing last night that we needed to stay up for. So, though I really wished I could fall asleep around 3pm, we headed to Medieval Times...

...where I ran into my cousin and her family (including my uncle, here from California)! They were there for my little cousin Anna's birthday. The show was good (usually is) but I was dead tired at the end and ready to head home.

So though today is an unexpected day off, I'd say it's pretty well needed. Just putting it all into words has made me tired again! I'm going to have to milk it though, because tomorrow work will be nuts. I'm not sure if everyone made it in, but if not, we'll be pretty slammed.

I better get off this thing and enjoy the time to myself, huh?!

Good day to you all, and I'll be back when the snow has melted (again)!


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Saturday, March 21, 2015

My So-Called Step Obsession

I need someone to shake some sense and motivation into me. Something about this week, I just have not cared!

Maybe it's the dip in temperature? I do love to blame things on the weather!

A few days ago I was going to post about my "Step Obsession", but even that has waned this week. I was actually really surprised that I officially hit 200,000 steps in March yesterday (3/20, right on target). Like...really surprised. And I know it's only because of running, but I completely skipped my 2 miler on Thursday, and had only been averaging about 6,000 steps a day for the few days before that. Here's my total from 1:00pm today:

208,684! I can deal with that.

Now, even though I haven't been step-nuts lately, I can give you a step count for many of the things I do during the (week) day.

And I'm going to, even though I haven't been stepping as much. You might ask why I counted these things - and the answer is that it helps to know how quickly I can add steps to my day just by doing certain things a little differently, and is basically what I have done to convince myself to "take the long way" sometimes. So here goes:

Taking the stairs to/from my floor (5th) at work: 100 steps each way

Walking to the bathroom/kitchen: 20/25 steps (respectively)

Walking around my floor at work: 200 steps

Taking the stairs down to the cafe (cafe=coffee) and elevator up: 300 steps

One lap around the office building outside (we have a track): 1,446 steps

I won't lie - I hate taking the stairs at work. I don't like being out of breath and getting that hot-but-not-quite-sweaty feeling when I get back to my desk. So I generally take the stairs down, and the elevator up. Yeah, that's right, I don't climb the stairs like a good little healthy person!

I mentioned a while ago that I have a hard time getting up from my desk to walk around. I'll be honest, unless my bladder is about to explode or my mouth feels like the Sahara desert, I don't want to get up from my desk. I'm still trying to remedy this, and what I do to add steps to my day is that I have increased my inefficiency. I will go to the bathroom, go back to my desk and get my water bottle, go fill my water bottle, and then take the "long" way back to my desk by walking around the floor. And I've been trying very consciously to do this every hour. How do I excuse it? I drink enough water that I have to pee every hour. Yup, that's what it's come down to. Forced bathroom breaks.

Sorry if that's TMI.

I also park about as far away from the office as I can. I legitimately loathe this. Cam always parks in the back of parking lots because he likes to be away from other cars that may dent his, and I'm always complaining about it. Welp, now I've joined him in being a far-away-parker. And I still don't like it.

Speaking of Cam, we have a very busy evening! He had to work today (I hate when he has to work on Saturdays *pout*) and pretty much right when he gets home we have to run our 4 miler, shower, slurp down some of the soup I have on the stove, and then leave to get our friends and head to the city.

Why, you may ask?

We're going to a concert tonight - it's been long in the plans, and I'm so excited that the day is finally here! The band we're seeing is moe. a jam band that one of our friends is completely obsessed with. Because he loves them so much, there's always a lot of talk about moe. and it gets put on a lot while we're playing board games (not to mention he has like a years worth of moe. t-shirts and is always wearing one). At first I was kinda 'eh' about it, but now I definitely dig them. They've done a slew of concerts in Wisconsin and Chicago over the last few days and our friend has gone to every show, but this is the only one the rest of us can make it to. So it's going to be a good (long) night, but I'm stoked.

Don't get me wrong - the 4 mile run may kill exhaust me, but I've been waiting for this for too long not to enjoy it. And I also got a full 8 hours of sleep last night - according to experts that means I can conquer the world today and still stay up late, right?


Okay, so it'll probably be harder than that but... I get a t-shirt! Because I'm gonna buy one.

I can stay awake for that.

Well, let's just see if I'm still alive tomorrow. Perhaps I will alert you all by posting so here. If not...maybe you can catch snippets of my downfall on Instagram.


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Training and stuff

Wall of dorky, running related text coming at you (with some not running stuff at the end). I really need to work on posting more often so I don't end up with these huge updates all at once. Alas, there are only so many hours in a day!

So at the beginning of the week Cam and I were talking about our gym plans for the week. He has a physics test coming up next week and he said he wanted our Thursday workout to be efficient. "In and out!" he said, adding that he just wanted to run and do ab work.

And then Thursday I'm sitting at my desk and amidst the thoughts of *grumble*grumble*I want to be outside*grumble* I realized it was is the perfect day for us to run outside.

So when Cam and I were discussing said workout plans Thursday and he said he wanted it to be quick so he could study, I told him we only had 2 miles on the schedule so that was fine. Now - Cam is not a runner. Well he is, but he's only picked it up because it's what I do for cardio since I'm race training. He gawked at me and said "Only two! But we did two-point-five on Tuesday! Why would we go backwards?!"

Guys, I'd completely forgot to tell him that I'm not pulling these numbers from thin air - that we're actually following a race training plan. Whoops! And then it occurred to me that I don't think I mentioned it here, either! We are indeed following a plan. We're doing Hal Higdon's 10k Novice training to prepare us for the Cinco de Miler in May.

It's funny for me because every time I've picked up with running I've always done Couch to 5k which emphasizes the time you spend running (or doing walk/run) instead of how far you're running. But at one point while training for the Runs for Cookies Virtual 5k, I stopped running for time, and started running for distance. With the RfC 5k I realized I needed to be able to get to 3.2 miles, and adjusted my pace and walking intervals so my endurance would creep up. When I went looking for training plans for longer races, I wanted something I could do the same thing with - and the Hal Higdon 5k Novice plan actually looked a lot like what I'd been doing for RfC. So picking his 10k training made sense for me. And I didn't stop there - I've actually got all of the Novice plans straight through a Half Marathon printed out and stuck in the back of my planner so I can reference them easily as the months go by.

Long story short (now that I've told you the rest anyways) we stuck to 2 miles on Thursday, and we ran them outside. It was gorgeous, and definitely more enjoyable than being in a stuffy gym. We slacked off a bit on the ab work we intended to do (meaning we didn't do it), but neither of us was all that bothered...

Here's the readout for our run:

Overall, not too bad. We did a .9/.1 walk/run method and though I'd like for us to work on pacing ourselves better, but let's be real...just finishing runs is the goal for now! We'll work on the other fun technical stuff in time.

All of yesterday I reminded Cam that he had to run today (Saturday) and that he needed to try for 3.5 miles. He didn't run his 3 miles last week (although I didn't really tell him to) but he got out there for today's, and he said it went okay! Yay! I picked one of my favorite routes, which takes me down some nice bike paths, and it ended up being just around 3.5 miles. Here's what my readout looks like:

So the only disclaimer I have to give about this is that I stopped and walked for 1/10th of a mile at 1 mile, and again at 2.2 miles (Nigel did stop for a wee during mile 1, but we won't count that). So the most accurate readings on this for running time are going to be miles 1 and 4. I stopped my Garmin right at 3.5 miles because the half mile at the end was all at running pace, which means my pace would have been about 11:30 for a mile. So between miles 1 and 4 my time increase while running was +:30/mile...not +1:42/mile. I don't know if that makes sense, but it really bothers me that it seems so inconsistent, so here's a screen shot of my pace readout from Garmin:

The moral of the story here is that my pace was fairly consistent while running. I know that as time goes by I'll be running more of these miles without walking, but for now I like seeing that when I'm out there, at least I'm steady!

When I got home today I did this Tabata Yoga for Upper Body video that Sarah Beth Yoga has on YouTube, and combined it with this core workout since I hadn't tried it yet. That upper body workout is killer, but these two together made for a nice 10 minute routine to round out the morning.

If you've been reading for a few months, you might remember than in November I decided to try doing yoga every day. It was a great practice, but I kind of fell off the wagon around the holidays. I've still been doing yoga, but much more sporadically, and I tend to focus on poses and not flows. I've been getting a few more headaches lately, so I decided to start up with yoga in the mornings again 3-4 days a week. It's definitely been helping, and I've noticed that I'm way less sore after work outs as well. Our gym has yoga classes 3 times a week. The weekday ones are super late so I'm not even going to bother with it, but I'm going to try to get to the Sunday one (at 10:30) so I can improve my practice with a little discipline. I'll let you know how that goes!

Anyways, I should get going! I'm going through my closet and drawers today so I can donate stuff to Purple Heart and clear out some space, and then I'm heading off to Cam's because we're laser tagging with our friends today. I know I am going to be exhausted before we even get there, but I'm very excited because it's always a fun time!

So off I go, but I don't want to leave you hanging, so here are some pictures of the pups!

Back from a successful run!

Impatiently waiting for us at home.
I've been using Instagram a lot more lately, so feel free to hop on over and follow me!

Peace out!



Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tired everything

I have good news today...

I met my step goal Sunday!

You can also see that I extended the tally so I can keep track for the whole month. I'm excited to see when I hit 200k, and perhaps (hopefully!) even 300! I like that this challenge has made me more conscious of how much I move during the day, and that I need to get up and walk around a bit more.

But the goal is progress, not perfection. Today, for example, was far from perfect. The day is over and I'm getting ready to fall asleep, and I've barely crested 5,200 steps. It was a bad walking day - I had a lunch meeting so I didn't get to walk around like I've been doing, and I had a massage after work (90 minutes!) so there went most of the evening's free time. Oh happens! The goal is for the lack of stepping to not be a trend.

The weather has been crazy nice around here. Yesterday, I wore leggings (without sweatpants over them!) - and for the last two days I haven't worn a jacket! The 37 degrees that felt so unbearable in the fall is now leggings and sweatshirt weather. Fantastic. It's nice to be able to get outside to walk at lunch, or with the dogs when I get home.

I've also had two runs since I last posted. (Remember that last post...right before my run on Saturday?) Saturday's run was my first one outside in quite a while. My pace was much slower. By over a minute (you can see the comparison in these screen shots from my Garmin (hah! I can say that now!):

Saturday's outdoor run.
(I want to get this post up, so I'll be putting up the second Garmin screenshot in the wee hours of the morning. The Garmin app doesn't work with my netbook so I have to do it on the program on my computer...downstairs...far away from my comfy bed...) And here it is!

I don't know whether it was the much slower pace, or the nice weather, or my legs not being so fatigued (or perhaps darn Daylight Savings!) but Saturday's run was way easier than yesterday's. On Monday I felt like I'd been hit by a truck - yesterday I was still sore but my run was hard. It was a bit stuffy in the gym too - I can tell we're going to be stuck at that too-cold-outside-too-hot-inside zone for a while - and I felt like I was working very hard. I had decided after Saturday that to help my pace outside I would put the treadmill at a tiny incline. So yesterday I ran 1/2 a mile at a 1.0 incline and then had to drop it down to 0.0 because I knew my lungs were working too hard and my legs were burning. I tried to keep my pace treadmill-normal (that's 5.7 for me) but I had to drop that down to 5.5 for the last 1.5 miles. And I still struggled through that last 1.5 miles.

I have to say, runs like yesterday's are the runs that make me not like running. Saturday's run went really well, and then yesterday, on a treadmill, I felt like dying. I just do not understand this! I will say I felt very tired and sore after Saturday's run, and some of that persisted through yesterday. I wish I could blame something like elevation or wind resistance, but the truth is that it is very flat where I live, and the weather on Saturday was perfect, with just a slight breeze from the west. So who knows.

After that super-difficult two point five miles yesterday, Cam and I proceeded with leg day. Ugh. Leg day. It was tough, and he put on his Mean Trainer Cam hat to boot.

Now, I'm not one to gymscrimate, and I fully believe you should do what works for you, but while turning our legs into noodles, we saw a bro who clearly doesn't know what leg day is, and I persevered because this gentleman reminded me that you should never skip leg day:
Yeah. That guy. He's why we don't skip leg day.

Don't get me wrong - I will never have legs that skinny. I don't say it to self-shame, I say it because it's true. If I stopped working them, they wouldn't get skinny. I actually measured my calf the other day because I need to buy new boots (after season sales, maybe?) but omg. My calves are huge. Like...17.5 inches huge. Do they make extra-wide calf boots? If not, let's hope running can bring that size down just a smidge.

But again, progress, not perfection. And no expectations of shrinking calves :P

Okay, I'm falling asleep over here so it's time to call it a night! I hope you have a fantastic Thursday and I'll get back to you all sometime soon!



...and just an FYI, I got an Instagram a while back and I'm trying to be more active on it. It's mostly just pictures of my dogs an hamsters, and some nummy noshes to, but if you're so inclined you can head over there and follow me! Here's the link again.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Change it up

I've been futzing around my house and on the computer this morning (how silly am I...I'm in the den on the computer right now and just realized I left my netbook on in the kitchen...whoops!) and realized...

I forgot to mention that I changed up the layout/color scheme!

Since spring is (hopefully) on it's way, I wanted to brighten things up a bit. I'm going to play around with it a bit more because I'm still not totally happy with the color scheme or background picture, so expect to see a few more changes.

Okay, I'll be honest, this is a totally unnecessary post. I'm just killing time hoping for the temp to creep a bit higher before I go out for my run, but I don't think it's gonna happen. Might as well just put my cold gear on and go, right?!



Now...where to run.......?

Friday, March 6, 2015

I was promised WARM!

It is not warm today.

That's exactly what I was thinking as I walked from my car (parked extra far back in the parking garage so I can get extra steps) to the office today.

Apparently we're supposed to get some amazing weather the next few days, and it's all anyone can talk about:

Fifty?! We're going to see a high of FIFTY?! My cold, frozen little midwesterner toes can't believe it.

That said, I don't trust 10 day forecasts at all. I'll believe it when I feel it! (And then hopefully it never goes away...)

Also, it was -2 when I got to work this morning (6:30). You'd think this nice weather that's promised could stick it's head around the corner just a little early? But no. And I won't hedge my bets that it will happen!

Except that I am planning on an outdoor run tomorrow. What I'd really like is an outdoor bike ride, but the likelihood of that is slim since there's so much snow that needs to melt. So I'm planning on taking my three miler to the road instead.

I haven't run outside in weeks now - since before I got my Garmin - so I'm looking forward to it. And I'm really looking forward to taking Nigel out with me. I know he likes to get out and away from Stewart.

Although on Wednesday, since I was trying to get my steps in, I took them both out. Unfortunately they're both a bit leash aggressive around other dogs. I can handle one of them just fine, but with both of them together it is too difficult to try to get them to focus on me instead of whatever is triggering their barking...and they outweigh me! I once got pulled clear across a bike path, and that's when I stopped walking them together. So they got walked separately!

Stew-boo...sometimes he's well behaved!
You'll notice he elected to sit in the snow instead of on the sidewalk. Weirdo. I made him wear his sweater because it was just a little too nippy out. Nigel doesn't need a sweater because he is dog-bear.

Speaking of the Step Challenge, I've been doing pretty well! Here's the log I've been keeping...I know there's a way to do this digitally, but I love how the pen on paper looks, so I keep track manually:

The (R) means it was a run day.

I only went up to March 10th because my goal was 10,000 steps a day, so I should have that achieved by the 10th. But I think I'm going to extend it and keep track for the whole month because it'll be pretty cool to see how many steps I took in a month, especially since I've been putting in the effort and want to keep myself above that 10k a day.

Also, that surprise I got for Cam? It was a FitBit Zip! I really wanted him to do the challenge with me and that's how I decided to show him I wanted him to do it. He loves the FitBit, and updating me on his steps throughout the day. He's beaten me pretty much every day (as expected) but he does a ton of walking around at work, and has told me that he takes the long-way to do everything.

I'm only a little jealous...

That's what I'm really struggling with! Getting steps in at work is difficult, physically and mentally. I work in production and have to make a real effort to stop what I'm doing and get up from my desk and walk around the floor. I totally have a 'don't-get-up-until-you're-done-with-this-task' complex, and it means my watch ends up telling me to "Move!" just about every hour. I can think of it in terms of steps (like on the days I run it's not a big deal because I know I'll still break 10k steps after my run) but then the future-focused part of my brain chimes in and reminds me that it's better for your cardiovascular system if you get up and move more frequently.

So I'm still working on that. Afterall, though my job is important, it's not worth shortening my life for!

Also - landmark! I had 2 miles on my running schedule yesterday. I've been consistent with my running, but I tend to do a 10:1 (run:walk), and that's what I was planning to do yesterday. But as I neared that first mile I started thinking about the race I'm doing in May. It's 5 miles (the CincoDeMiler!!!) and realized that if I want to run the entire race, I need to be able to string a few miles together first.

So I ran those two miles. Both of them. I felt great up until 1.5, and then it got harder, but I made it to the end! And I was pretty proud of myself for it too. As I mentioned, I have 3 on for tomorrow, and I plan to 10:1 that, but I will try to push myself through the first 1.5 if I feel good. It's all about adapting, and that's how I'm gonna do it!

I'm looking forward to seeing what my outdoor mile time is as well. I've been running between 10:20 and 10:30/mile on the treadmill (yesterday was done at 10:20), so it'll be interesting to compare to outdoor running. I'm also excited to finally calibrate my footpod to my stride. Garmin suggests you run 300 meters outside to do this, and since I haven't done that yet it's a bit off on the treadmill. Or it could be the treadmill. I need to look into that!

It's time for me to peace out...I'm really looking forward to chilling out this weekend and getting some stuff done around the house, and despite what I say, I'm also looking forward to this warmer weather we're supposed to be getting.

If you don't hear from me, have a great weekend! Hopefully you'll hear from me on Monday!



Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The things we do for a good cause...

I figured it's about time I actually posted for you poor people about the Polar Plunge!

It was actually - dare I say it - fun! All the anticipation and camaraderie made for a good time - and it didn't hurt that the concession place for the event was selling alcohol. About an hour before the plunge (11:00 am) I did something I never do...I got a spiked hot cider. It had rum in it, and I swear that made all the difference for me. It warmed me up more than coffee, and kept me warm straight up until we jumped in the water! 

My mom went, and between the two of us we got some not-so-bad pictures!

Cam and I before our icy plunge!
You can't see my costume in this picture, but our team decided to dress like Smurfs, hence Cam's blue shirt and red hat (he was Papa Smurf). I was Smurfette!

I actually dyed the shirts (and my leggings!) myself because I couldn't find shirts that were the "right" blue. You'll see in the following pics that the rest of our team didn't care (lol, costumes were poorly planned) but I really think ours turned out great. I even knit hats for us because normal sized cheap-o beanies don't tend to fit Cam's big ol' head ;)

Here are the rest of the pics! Enjoy!

Lining up to meet our destiny!

In we go!!

My cousin said the look on my face says it all :P

This is my "I'm so cold take the picture so I can get these clothes off!" face. And no! Cam's beard is not iced, we painted it white for his costume :)

This is the time where I say crazy things: The plunge itself was not so bad. It was like 22* on Sunday, but the water was warmer (something like 35* has to be at least 33* to plunge). Because the water was warmer than the air, jumping in, though cold and shocking, was not as bad as getting out.

Don't get me wrong! My body's FIRST instinct was to GTFO the water. I literally went in, dunked my head (because that's the way to really do it!) and clambered out. But the air was so.cold. on my wet clothed skin! I just wanted to tear my clothes off and wrap myself in a towel ASAP. Unlike my insane boyfriend who actually *enjoyed* this whole event...after taking this picture he said, "It's actually not that bad!" and started proposing plans for next year's plunge. 


But back to what I was saying - the jumping in, not so bad. The getting out and numbing! There were people in the changing tent (like the woman next to me) who were in a kind of euphoric, drunk-like state. The woman next to me couldn't stand up and kept falling into me. Trying to get the dress I was wearing off was epically hard because it was cotton (no stretch), kept sticking to the shirt and leggings underneath, and with the woman falling into me (and my numbed legs trying not to shake) it was quite difficult. At one point I offered to go get her help because I wasn't sure she was okay. But after she got dressed she seemed better.

When I finally got changed I realized my mistake of not bringing a second pair of shoes (I know, stupid) and went to find my mom and Cam. On the shuttle back to our car I wrapped my feet in a towel, and when we got to the car I blasted the heat on my feet to warm them up.

So overall, as I said...not too bad. The waiting outside was cold, the water was cold, but the changing was the worst part, and also not horrendous. I also managed to raise almost $350, which is pretty cool. And yes, Cam and I have already talked about next year, so it looks like this might be happening again (hopefully with some engagement from our friends as well!).

Other than that, things are just plodding along. I bought a book last week that's started a whole new Spring/Summer challenge for me, but I'll hold off on that post for a few days.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Donations are accepted until May 1st, so if this story has shocked and amused you, maybe you'll consider donating! Here's the link :)

Have any of you ever done a cold water challenge? This was my first - I didn't even do the Ice Bucket Challenge this summer (no one challenged me...though I have other thoughts on it...). It turns out that the Polar Plunge started in Illinois because the Special Olympics did. I think that's pretty cool! Would you ever consider doing a challenge like this? Do you think we're crazy?!

Comment and let me know - I'd love to hear!