Monday, August 7, 2017

Another kind of update...

Hi Blog!

It's some strange coincidence that just as I finish posting everything about the house and our pup-pup we made another kind of announcement on Facebook...and that means it's time to put it here too!

We're expecting!

I love how Token is looking at us in this!
Expected arrival of Baby M is December 31st...and if the little sucker knows what's good for it, he/she will show up early or be grounded forever! ;)

We are both very excited, to say the least. We ticked the 19 week mark yesterday, and so far all ultrasounds and appointments and tests have been good! We have our 20 week anatomy scan next Monday...we can't believe it's so soon!

PS, yesterday was my mom's birthday so I used it as an excuse to take some "announcement" pictures since we finally had people at the house to do so for us!

I'm keeping track of my miles while I'm pregnant and I'm still aiming to "run" the Chicago Marathon in a few months - the doctor has okay'd it, as long as I don't train in extreme heat/humidity, or run the race if it's very hot that day. Hence the tank top in these photos!
For those wondering, the tank is from For Two Fitness - it's super comfy and fits really well, though it was a bit pricey. I admit that I love it so much I haven't actually run it in yet since my old tanks still fit...even if they are getting a bit tight!).
Oh, and since I took this picture and have been sharing it everywhere because I love it and found so much love and support from my Ragnar team during 36 of the toughest hours of my pregnancy so far (I was 11 weeks during Ragnar)...little Runner 13 is already a Ragnarian!!
Extra kudos to my teammate Sam, who snuck off to buy this onesie after we finished, since I had joked about getting one!
Stay tuned...there's more coming. More recaps, some "fun" stuff I've experienced the last few months...just all sorts of stuff floating around in my head. But that's it for now :)


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