Sunday, March 5, 2017

Catching Up

Soooooooooo, it's been a bit! A little while! I'm not doing a great job of posting, but I swear I'm thinking about it all the with every run and trainer ride I'm thinking about a blog post I could be writing! I feel like my life is boring with the normal, daily in-and-out kind of things, but in reality we do have some very exciting things happening, and now that spring is on it's way life is really picking up. No more depressing winter moods affecting every facet of life!

There is just so much going on. Work is crazy busier than our department has ever seen I feel like I've been saying that for the last six months, but for real it's true. Our ticket-intake metrics were higher in 2016 than ever. And that's resulted in some changes (both good and mehhhh), and a lot of overtime for yours truly. I always tell my manager I'm working "accidental" overtime because it's almost never planned. I'll just be sitting at my desk at 3:30 thinking 'I'll wrap up this one last thing before I leave at 3:45...' and half an hour later I realize I'm still at my desk because someone has interrupted me with a problem or question, and my manager will walk by and ask why I'm still at work and I'll say, 'I'm working accidental overtime!'

It's also the reason for all the coffee I drink in the morning (okay not really...honestly it's mostly decaf, I just love coffee). But it makes for a funny story, Friday when I got to work I was in the elevator, and there are these three hilarious women who I run into on my way in every so often, and one of them said, "Only one cup for Friday?!" I looked at her like she was straight up crazy and said, "Oh no...I have a second..." and pulled my leak proof 20 oz coffee mug holding 'cup' number two out of my purse. The entire elevator burst into laughter.

As if I'd be so ill-prepared on any day of the week ;)

Anyways, outside of work I feel like I go a million miles an hour, and I'll be honest, I just don't want to sit down at a desk to blog at the end of a work day! I also don't want blogging to be a's something I like to do when I have time, and if that makes me a bad blogger, so be it! :P

Since there's so much going on, I'll use this as a dumping ground for all the stuff I keep wanting to talk about!

To bring y'all up to speed...
Anthony and I started looking at houses again three weeks ago. I want to put a note here that my agent, Barb, is amazing. I absolutely love her, and she's made this whole process so much easier, even given what's happened (post on that once a house is bought). She knows real estate and she knows the mortgage process, and as a first time buyer she has taken any and all guesswork out of home buying. She's amazing. If anyone in the Northern IL area needs and agent for buying or selling, I recommend her and am more than happy to talk about what it's been like working with her! You can click the link above for her contact info.

Anyways, it's been nice to get back out there and see what's being offered, and it helped that we had some good weather. We made the decision to up our price point as well, which is fine, if dauntingWe can afford slightly more than the first house we put an offer on, but it's still a mental hurdle. We talk a lot about taxes now...probably even more than listing prices!

So the house-looking thing scooting along!

Plans, plans, plans...
Outside of working, pre-training, house hunting, pouring over adorable, adoptable dogs, and watching lots of documentaries on Netflix: We're making plans for the year. Races aside, I have three friends (so far) getting married this year, and there will be travelling for each. From quaint, picturesque Illinois to the North Woods of Wisconsin to Buffalo, NY, there's a lot of planning and saving to be done to see some of my best friends in this world get married! In addition, Anthony's friend is getting married today, so we'll start off with that!

Anthony and I are also trying to plan some kind of "vacation" in the midst of all this (whatever it ends up being), so I'm obviously sitting here wishing I made about $50k more a year, and had about twice as many PTO days... ;)

Fitness Wise...
The same week we started looking at houses again I got back in the gym, on my trainer, and in the pool. It felt good. It has definitely been a challenge, and I've been struggling with some things both mentally and physically, but I'm feeling more myself.

Though I've been running sporadically the last few months, it's been hard to know what my body can handle so it hasn't been happening as often as it should. I also went on Garmin Connect and looked at the last time I swam before February was December 2nd. I swam one mile that day and hadn't been in a pool since, and admittedly my pool time is still lacking. Yikes. That obviously has to change! I'm considering doing a masters class, but I need things to slow down just a bit before I fit a structured (time constrained) workout in each week.

Also, because I was so "bad" about "training" for the Lincoln Presidential Half due to personal health stuff in January and February I decided to scrap my original half marathon training plan and picked up a "gentler" plan to follow for the last 6 weeks of training. **Sidenote: mad props to Steffi for killing it...she's having some great runs!!**

A Note About Running
My notes about running are these: I have had a seriously hard time controlling my heart rate since the beginning of January. I felt like I was going slower and slower and slower with every run, never improving. Bike and swim, totally fine...but running has been killing me. Until the last 10 or so days. Last week I did some intervals that put me at about 4 miles, my run last Saturday (6 miles) was intervals, and yesterday I did another 4 miles of intervals...and NOW I'm seeing a difference in how my heart is reacting when I run. My "easy" runs are becoming a bit easier, and I'm seeing some improvement overall, thank goodness!

That said, I did 9 miles today - my longest run since the half, and it's still a struggle in a lot of ways. Maybe it's because I've done so much winter running on the treadmill so I'm losing some of the outdoor conditioning, maybe it's that I haven't done a ton of distance running the last few's probably a combination of a few things. But running isn't going away. With the Ragnar only three months away I'll be continuing forward from this half marathon with a marathon training plan to get me to the I have to be serious about running. I have to be serious about interval and hill training. And if that means coming up with more creative ways to stay motivated and disciplined, then that's what I'll do!

In all this, and realizing I needed to step up my game, I signed up for my training plan for the Oly in July so I'd know what I'm in for. The plan starts on March 20th, averages 7-11 hours of training a week with a few 3 hour weeks rolled in, and now I'm sitting here thinking pleeeeease let us be closing on a house by then so I don't have to juggle weekend workouts and house hunting...

House hunting has been a weekend thing for us because our work hours conflict and only allow us to view either on Saturday/Sunday or very late on weekdays (which means we haven't even done weekday viewings). We're really hoping that will all be over soon and we can just get settled somewhere. I personally am pulling for sometime before my tri season starts, because it will make my life easier and so much less stressful to have my life in one place. So fingers crossed on all that!

Which reminds me...I'll be changing gyms soon. It's about time. I've been going to LA Fitness for almost two and a half years, but it's never really been convenient. I can't afford somewhere like Lifetime, but there's an XSport Fitness right near my office, and Anthony goes there and likes it well enough. Since none of my swim workouts are on the weekends for my Oly plan I don't have to worry about trekking out there from my house, so...yeah. As soon as we have a contract locked in for a house, that's gonna happen. Perhaps I'm being optimistic that I'll be changing gyms "soon"...but for real I hope I will be!!

There you go. All the busy and crazy with work and life and training and everything.

And now it's time to go eat whatever Anthony's making for breakfast (that smells super good), and head off to the gym before another busy Sunday.

Catch ya later!


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