Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Two Weeks - My Trip Preface

Everything I was I carry with me, everything I will be lies waiting on the road ahead. 

By the time you get about 10 sentences into this post you’ll realize that the trip I took to Europe was not at all the trip I said I’d be taking when I’ve posted about it in the past.

I did not go to four cities, as planned. I didn’t even really go to the countries I’d planned.

I didn’t travel with anyone either. I saw friends, I saw family, but I did it all on my own.

Oh look...that only took 4 sentences.

The huge, glaring question mark that I can see hanging over all of your heads and that I’ll have to briefly address with the following is: I didn’t take the trip I’d planned with Cam and the guys because Cam and I broke up.

So there’s that. And I guess I’ll also go ahead and say that the details are not at all important to the internet. Relationships are personal and private, and I'm not going to be airing my dirty laundry here (which I know you all will understand).

Annnnnnd moving on!

You’ll recall (since I just posted about it), the Chicago Triathlon was on August 28th. Part of the stress I mentioned leading up to the triathlon was because I suddenly had to reorganize my entire trip in addition to strategizing for my tri weekend. I had to find people to stay with, switch flights, book additional flights, and book trains...all while dealing with the fallout of a relationship (note to self: everyone buys their own plane ticket next time).

Actually...the two weeks leading up to this trip were the most stressful I’ve had in a long time (as I mentioned in my post about the triathlon). Never mind the additional planning I had to do at the last minute, but the additional unplanned cost associated with all of these things (and the fact that I was not entirely reimbursed for money already spent) was a huge stressor. This trip, for sure, ended up being WAY more expensive for me than I feel it should have been, and that's something I'm still coping with emotionally (because it makes me really fucking angry). It was the one big negative about the trip, and so I just won't talk about any more :)

By the time September 2nd rolled around I definitely needed a vacation.

Since you’ll get to read all about my travels and travelling and being places later, here’s a general rundown of where I was when, so you can get excited to read about it (hopefully). There’s some overlap in days because I include the day I left and arrived for each little block of days (but you’re all smart and could figure that out…)

September 2nd: Left Chicago
September 3rd: Landed in Paris and travelled to Trier, Germany
September 3th-9th: Trier, Germany at Danielle and Lenny's (and various other trips out)
September 9th: travelled to London
September 10th-13th: Hannah’s in Grays
September 13th-15th: Katie’s in Saffron Walden
September 15th-16th: Aunt Margaret’s in Harlow
September 16th: Left London

And holy crap guys. What a trip.
Within 24 hours of getting home, unpacked and finally sleeping in my own bed I realized just what a whirlwind it was. I had a great time and I got to see so many people, even if I was a little homesick throughout (don’t knock it!).

I marathon trained in two countries, I hiked and biked and got dirt on me from other lands, I got to know and love my adorable godson even more than I already did, I cuddled three dogs over and over, and I was able to come home and feel like I’d made the most of my trip.

I am glad to be home now. And, believe it or not (/sarcasm), things aren’t slowing down! The marathon is coming up, I've done my last loooooong training run and am now tapering, I’ve got a Ragnar to organize (WAT?!), there are weights to hit and a gym to get back to, camping trips to go on, off season training and goals are being set, people to chill with…

...and I could not be happier. The last few months have been difficult and draining, mentally and emotionally. I definitely needed two weeks away. Away from work and this place and all these emotions...a chance to remove myself from everything that happened the last few months and the enormous obligations I felt to hold everything together and do everything a certain way.

Those two weeks were a complete reset button. They were my chance to ‘start over’, if you will, so hopefully you’re looking forward to hearing about them!

I’m working on multiple posts with lots of pictures to recap it all (in additional to all the other craziness here), so stay tuned and check back!


PS...I will absolutely post a roundup of pictures and stuff from the triathlon, but I'm having some trouble getting my finishers video off my mom's phone (okay, so I haven't actually tried yet but whatever). So yeah...that will come later. It's been over a week, let's get rolling on this Europe stuff!

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