Monday, August 29, 2016

Chicago Triathlon Training: Week Twelve (marathon 'rest' week)

We're going to get this out of the way pronto, so that I can get on to writing the FUN posts for this week...all about the Chicago Triathlon!
My one goal for the week: Hit these workouts. And I did (barring that one swim on Saturday...)

Monday - rest
I rested :P

Tuesday - 1.2 mile swim
I got in the pool and did some decent sets.
Ignore the notes at the top of that paper. This was just another random swim workout I pulled, and does not live up to my peak workouts from the season!
I did the 400 and 200 as pulls to get my arms ready for the weekend. It was a good swim...but I will be happy to stay out of the pool for a few weeks because it was getting boring!

Wednesday - hard bike 30
Holy moly, this bike ride. I have spent all season being extra prepared...but not on Wednesday. I forgot my gloves, water, sunglasses...and helmet. I do not advise doing what I did...but I rode anyways because it was my last ride, and I wanted to get it done.

I'll admit though, I didn't take this very hard. I picked up my bike from the bike shop at lunch and needed to give it a test ride before Sunday. My computer was working (finally!) which made me happy, but the bike shop guys had reset my seat height and forgot to put it back. After struggling with a too-low seat for the first mile or so I stopped at another bike shop and asked for a tool to fix the problem. Within 5 minutes I was back in the saddle and going...although I decided that seat needed to come up a little more...
Not too bad, but I was grumpy because the seat height really had an effect!

Thursday - rest
More rest, and I started prepping stuff for Saturday (which mostly means I made my room a total mess).

Friday - 2 mile run

It was easy peasy...I used the last short Friday of the summer to get in a quick run around the Goose Poop Trails near work to shake myself out for the weekend.
The weather was decent (read: not hot as Hades) and I was happy to see that after a few days of rest my pace picked up. It was a nice little ego boost going in to the weekend!

Saturday - .8 mile swim
So, on my way to the gym I got in an accident. I rear ended someone (more on that later) and ended up turning around and going straight home (after the whole insurance info exchange) so my brother could check out my car. I'm saving this for my weekend recap though ;)

Sunday - Chicago Triathlon

It was amazing. Just wait. Recap coming THIS WEEK because EUROPE ON FRIDAY!!!

And there you have it. I am off...have a good one!


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