Thursday, August 11, 2016

Chicago Triathlon Training: Week Nine (marathon week 11)

I really pushed things around with my schedule this week. Let's dive right in (to the swim I didn't do on Monday...)
Monday - tempo swim 2.2 weights
It's been increasingly difficult to summon up the energy for two-a-days (especially after long runs), and I couldn't bring myself to swim two miles on Monday when I knew I'd be swimming that distance on Thursday. So I flipped the week on it's head and lifted on Monday, skipping the cardio:
Ahh Bench. My least favorite thing to do when I'm tired.

Tuesday - rest
Like I said...Thursday was going to be a swim day so I moved my Thursday bike to Tuesday, and I did it on the trainer!

That's all I've got for you there.

Wednesday - 7 miles 8 miles
Imagine my surprise days later when I realized this run only had to be 7 and I ran 8. Yeah. For the record, the temperature was 72F, the humidity was 74%, and the dew point was 69. Ouch. It was hot and sweaty, but gave me a chance to test out my new headlamp (and I wore a reflective vest too! So safe!). The headlamp got me all sorts of excited for Ragnar next year...
I am definitely slower at 3am.

Thursday  - easy bike 60, weights 2 mile OWS
It was the last OWS of the season at Three Oaks! I had my sights set on two miles, so four loops of the course.

It's so crazy to think that just two short months ago I was terrified of open water swimming because of that one bad experience. Now though? I love it. I've looked forward to these swims for weeks, and I love being in the water. This week, I swam more than two miles - more than twice my race distance. I will for sure miss my open swims at Three Oaks...I can honestly say I love swimming in this lake!

I did my two miles in 80:40 - which made me a very happy camper since I thought my pace would slow due to the distance. But it didn't!

There were only two drawbacks during the swim. First up: My goggles were too tight. My own fault, but I was having problems with them leaking and over compensated by tightening them too much, except I thought the nose piece was too small, so I didn't realize they were too tight until almost the very end of the swim. Whoops. Know what I got for that? A headache. Won't be making that mistake again.

Second: The water was very warm during this swim. Probably 80F. I managed in a wetsuit, but one of my goals for next year is definitely to complete a 2 mile OWS without a wetsuit.

You read it here first!

Friday - Brick (70/45) Brick (75/10)
Bike rides in super hot weather are not my favorite. In addition, my shin was bugging me. So I settled on two laps at one of the trails near by, then ran a mile to shake my legs out. Then I wrapped things up, because I know I can do bricks and that I can run miles and miles, and I don't need to do a 4 mile run after a bike to test my legs and possibly aggravate an injury. I just don't. So there.
Saturday - 15 miles rest
Saturday was my mom's birthday and we were up early to go downtown with her best friend. So I spent lots of time at the zoo (and eating at RJ Grunts!) with my mom and her best time for other shenanigans! I'd originally wanted to get my 1.2 mile swim (for Sunday) in, but the gym doesn't open that early ;)

So the zoo it was:
This was Mrs P's VERY FIRST selfie!!
Oh...and after I got home, super tired and lazy-feeling, I decided to go to my 10 year high school reunion. It was cool, and a good experience! So time well spent all around.

Sunday - tech swim 1.2 15 miles
Sunday was a big longest run to date (by far, since those two extra miles are quite a bit): 15 miles.

I slept in a bit, knowing that the extra rest would do me good, and then got to it around 8. My plan was to take Nigel with for 4-5 miles, loop back to my house to grab my camelbak and head back out, stopping to chat with my mom and grandparents at breakfast.

Well, Nigel had other plans. He was not going to be doing 4 miles with me, let alone 5. Around 2.25 he tried to make a hard left - which he knows is the way home. So I let him have it, and we turned to go back home, arriving right around 3.6. I let him in, made sure there was water, then headed back out.

A mile and a half later I was at Tony's in Crystal Lake, and sat and chatted with my mom and grandparents for a bit (they were taking her out for a birthday breakfast). After about 10 minutes (and a good amount of ice water) I was back pounding pavement.

The rest of this run taught me what 'Just Do It' means, and I spent a lot of time thinking about that little Nike Swoosh on my #TeamRMHC singlet. I also thought about how a 15 mile run isn't anywhere near as hard or as long as recovering from any of the ailments that make Ronald McDonald House a necessity. Maybe that sounds cheesy, but it's totally true.

For the first time in a long time I also listened to music while I ran, and it was quite enjoyable! I can't listen to music during my morning runs or when I take Nigel with me, I can't listen to it during bike rides or swims, so it was nice to break the usual trend and use some tunes to get things pumping.

It took me three hours. They weren't fast miles, but they were actually faster than normal, and they were all mine. I'm proud, no matter what the pace was. (For those salt stick every 30 minutes, two honey stinger gels during the first 10 miles, and two honey stinger chews per mile for the last five.)

Running 15 miles is a thing I can do!!!
And I used them all for the HRC Marathon from this summer (the Gryffindor 21k), and earned the last piece of this puzzle:

And this weekend there will be 16.

For now...that's it! I'm out. Til next time ;)


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