Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Chicago Triathlon Training: Week Eleven (marathon week 13)

I'm tempted to just skip this week's recap. Maybe it's been the lack of oxygen to my brain because of being sick or maybe it's something more, but I spent the entire week feeling totally exhausted from morning to night. I skipped almost every workout this week and still felt exhausted. Logically I know this probably means I needed to skip them, but it doesn't make me feel any better about it with the race now 6 days away.

Since the race is Sunday, my priority this week is rest. I believe I'll complete the rest of my training schedule without a problem, since it's the final taper week and things are easier. That said, I need my body to be able to carry me through three hours of push on Sunday, and I wanted to feel successful when I cross that finish line.

That little thought aside...this week was terrible. Here, just look:

Monday - easy swim 1.6, weights rest

Tuesday - 4 miles rest

Wednesday - easy OWS, 8 miles weights
Somehow I managed this in the morning:

After work I felt like dying though, so I went home and did nothing.

Thursday - hard bike 55 rest
Thursday was an especially not-great day. Though the following sounds way worse than it actually was: I blacked out in the shower on Thursday morning. I knew it was coming and managed to sit down before it happened so I didn't smack my face on the shower and kill myself, but it left me feeling woozy and sick almost all day.

Honestly, I feel like it was a mix of dehydration (from being asleep) and the doxycycline I'd been taking for four days. Apparently it's not unheard of to black out like that from doxy. Thursday was my last day of the antibiotic so I just pushed through it, and I've been fine since - but it lead me to skip another workout. All day long I felt like my blood pressure was off and my heart was skipping beats...a bike ride did not seem like a good idea, and I got some extra sleep that night instead.

Friday - short brick tempo bike 50-tempo run 30

I actually did this one (mostly)! I wasn't going to skip my last brick workout, because a) I've skipped a lot of them and b) I'm starting to feel like I won't make it through the bike on Sunday...

The brick went fine. I tested out an aero helmet that my coworker leant me, and I plan to use it on race day. I rode one loop of the hilly trail near my work, then did a two mile shakeout run. I was definitely tired at the end, partially from the heat and partially from being exhausted to the max all week, but I managed:

After that I went to the gym, showered, and then dropped my bike off for a once over and tune up before the race. Things are getting real for sure!

Saturday - tempo swim 1.6
Didn't happen. The Swim Bike Fuel meetup was Saturday, and I got up at 5 to make my way down for it from 7:30-3:30. The meetup itself was fun and informative, and it was great meeting so many other SBF ladies (and Mere and Mere!).
Swim Bike Mom herself, Meredith Atwood!
It wasn't exactly a rest day...there was a moderate amount of walking, some yoga and jogging, and general alertness required...but it was not any training level either, for sure. The humidity and early rising had me feeling pretty sluggish all day though, and I was glad I didn't try to get up at 4am to make it downtown for an open water swim in the lake...I would have crashed and burned if I had!

Sunday - 12 miles

Didn't happen. I felt like crap, super tired, totally worn out and exhausted. I took another day off. I'm feeling like a major slacker at this point.


Race day is Sunday. Until taper, I was confident it would go well. Now I'm having second thoughts because I feel like I've been so inactive during taper. I know this is normal, and I've heard other people express this sentiment before, so I'm trying to ignore it.

Like I said...this week is about rest, hydration, and race prep. I just need to focus on getting myself downtown and calming my nerves this week. My mantra this week: Race day will come and I'm ready...!


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