Saturday, August 6, 2016

Chicago Triathlon Training: Week Eight (marathon week 10)

I'm gonna make this as quick as possible so that I don't wind up falling behind with these updates...


Monday - rest
Monday was a well earned day off, and I took it!

Tuesday - weights
Honestly, without some more two-a-days I'm starting to feel a bit lazy! Last Tuesday I hit the gym for weights alone, and I hit it after work! Weird...double weird since I didn't have to get up early!

Last week I decided to work lower reps with higher weights. Honestly, without a spotter it's hard to really crank the weights up, but I did okay ;)

Wednesday - 7 miles
Another early run...7 miles in 1:27:36...before dawn!
My HR monitor didn't start when I did, so I stopped my watch after a mile to reset things (which worked).
These morning runs are no joke. I've been getting up at 3/3:15 to fit them in because of how hot it's been here. Lucky me, it's cooler at that time, but it is still very humid. My best guesstimate (since I didn't actually look) is that it was 70F, about 50% humidity, with a dew point of 65F. After 2 miles I took my shirt off to enjoy some miles without feeling like I was suffocating. I suppose it's worth it in the end though!

And then some compression sleeves and icing on my way to work:

Thursday - weights, test swim 1.3 1.5 OWS
I was determined to make it to Open Water Swim on Thursday, since there were only two left for the year. Around noon it started storming really badly where I work - the kind of storms where you look outside and can't actually see anything because the rain is so heavy. I thought for sure that OWS would be cancelled, but around 4:00pm the rain cleared and we got an all clear for swimming. When I got to Three Oaks the head guard said that they were watching the storm patterns carefully and all the life guards had radios in their kayaks - if any of them told us to swim in, we were to turn around and head directly to shore - do not finish your lap, do not pass go, etc ;)

With the threat of more storms I hopped in the water immediately and started my three laps. Half a mile takes me roughly 20 minutes to complete, and I had a vague idea in my head of finishing all three in under 60 minutes. In my head I divide this swim into three sections - the long swim "out" to the island (450 yards), the swim "in" to the trees (about 350 yards) and the "turn" (about 150 yards) - you can pretty clearly distinguish them on the map:
The swim out was decent, but right away I noticed the swim in and turn were choppy. I also noticed, however, that I am much better at breathing when I swim. I used to have to breathe every other stroke, but by this swim I was going four or five strokes before taking a breath - it's seriously amazing to see progress like that in just two months!

That said...the water was pretty warm and a lot of people decided not to wear wetsuits...but I was not one of those people. I put that thing on to get these miles done. It was definitely different swimming in warmer water with the wetsuit, but I didn't have any problems. Chicago will most likely be wetsuit legal (I couldn't find an example of the last time it wasn't), so it is actually important to me to get as much practice in my wetsuit as possible!

Anyways, long story short: I got my 1.5 miles in under 60 minutes!
I felt like I killed this swim. I managed the first two laps in about 39:16, and realized I could totally hit my 60 minute goal. So I swam that last lap. I pushed it, and I pushed it right when the wind picked up and the water got even rougher. The out, the in, the turn: choppy. Sucking in water through my mouth and nose as little waves hit my face when I turned to breathe. It was awesome. I just kept that 60 minute goal in my head. I wanted to be able to say I did it.

This swim was also cool because even though the skies were gray and stormy, it was fun to be out there swimming, to look up to sight bouys and realize: Triathletes are machines. All of these people out there, arms churning in the water, putting in our time! It's cool to be part of that group :D

Friday - weakest event, 4 miles weights, 3 miles
I didn't feel like getting up early on Friday, so I fit in my weights and run after work. The weights went fine...after that swim I really wanted to dedicate some good time to my back to balance out the efforts being expended.
The hyperextensions and decline pullovers will definitely be reappearing in my lifting routine!
After the lifts, I got on the treadmill.

You guys...those things were designed by Satan and I hate them. And my gym was extra humid so I sweat a lot. And I forgot my running shoes, so I had to use my Glycerins since that's all I had in my car.

I wasn't ready to give up the run entirely, but because I've had issues with the Glycerins causing foot/leg problems in the past, I decided that if I had any pain beyond a twinge I would stop running. Sure enough, between 1.25 and 1.5 there was impact pain. I slowed to a walk for half a mile, then picked back up. I got to three miles and called it quits. No run is worth reinjury!
And with that I was done, and ready to hang out with one of my best friends from college for the evening, which ended up being a blast. Thanks to early release on Fridays I feel like I'm able to fit in some semblance of a social life with training ;)

Saturday - test bike 60
I ended up having to do this ride on my trainer so I have no stats for you. I was really strapped for time...I was out late on Friday, and though up early I had a few dozen cookies to ice for my cousin's graduation party. Suffice it to say: I got on my trainer and rode that thing for 60 minutes. Woo. You can have a picture of the cookies instead of stats:
(She's going to Marquette for Nursing)
Sunday - 10 miles 13.1 Miles (SHE Power Half)
Sunday's run was kind of a big deal to me. It marked a milestone: My very first half marathon distance. (You'll recall that I didn't run my half last year for reasons beyond my control.) I feel like I've been thwarted for weeks with trying to complete a half (couldn't run, then got sick, then decided to build my mileage a little slower to prevent injury), so I was glad to finally make it happen. I was also motivated knowing that my cousin Sarah would be running the San Francisco half - her first as well - the same day! It was fun and exciting to know that we were both embarking on this feat at nearly the same time, 2,100 miles away from each other!

I admit, I woke up later than intended (and therefore got running later than planned) on Sunday. But at 8:00 am I went out in my TeamRMHC singlet and did those miles. I did the first three (point two-five) with Nigel and a hand held water bottle, then took him home and grabbed my Camelbak for the rest. It was hot and humid and I was drenched in sweat by the end (my hat was literally dripping), but I had a smile on my face (and sore knees) when I finished.
I used this 13.1 to earn all the gear from the SHE Power Half I should have completed a month ago. A nice shirt and tank top, and this HUGE and heavy medal:
I'll have to find a use for that keychain...and a rack for the medal!
It's so crazy to know I just hit this distance...and now I'm going to keep running further distances. I feel like normally people take a little break between runs like this! But this is the first of many half distances (+) before which point I will run a full marathon! How crazy to think about all of that!

Anyways...I was tired and sore afterwards, but it was a very positive end to the week for me, and I needed that.

With that, I leave you. I'll try to be better about my next post and get it up in a more timely manner (because I know none of you could live without knowing about my workouts each week...)


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