Saturday, July 9, 2016

Dump Post

Hello hello!

To start, I'm going to say that I do not want this blog to only be about my training and workouts, but I realize that's pretty much all I've been posting about lately. Obviously training is a huge part of my life right now and it's definitely a time suck. I haven't been posting about much else, and there are a few reasons for that (get ready for all my excuses...):

  • I don't own a laptop, and after sitting at my work desk for 8 hours a day, the last thing I want to do is come home at sit at my own desk to write posts. I've had some monitor trouble with the desktop computer as well, so there's that excuse.
  • I basically just want to lay on the couch when I get home from my normal training-work-training schedule...both to catch up on shows and snuggle my pups.
  • Oh, and pack. I pack and do laundry a lot, and it's the very last thing I do before I go to bed every night. I'm organized about it and know exactly what I need to pack in which bag (because there are so many bags) but it's still time consuming. There goes 20-30 minutes every night packing for multiple workouts, racking my bike...etc.
  • Work is busy. Like, sooo much busier than my last job. I probably shouldn't admit this, but I used to have random little "mental break" times throughout the day to type up wandering thoughts...not anymore. I seriously can't believe I ever had the time to do that (or that other people I know had time to read the news and websites and stuff during work). There are no random breaks, ever. There is always something to work on or someone calling or some ticket to wrap up. I leave my computer in the middle of conversations and force myself to go to lunch, because people will just keep talking at you if you let them. We're busy all the time and getting interrupted all the time.
  • I still have to be adultish about things...which is also time consuming.
And honestly, the list goes on! You all know how it goes - I'm definitely not alone in needing an extra 4 hours in a day and I know that! catch you up on some other stuff I've wanted to talk about, we shall "Random Things" the rest of this post!

Injury Update
You'll recall that I had to stop running for a while, and that I stopped ellipticalling too, and that it sucked, so I'll give a relatively quick update on that.

After I stopped with the elliptical my shin started to feel a lot better. I had my three week follow up with Dr Gent on Thursday (July 7) and told him I used the elliptical for about a week and a half then decided to stop, and after that things got better - so I was totally honest with him about my activity. I told him that I ran for 5 minutes that morning, I had no pain when running and only had a few twinges in my leg throughout the day. No extended soreness or pain.

With that information, he cleared me to start running again, but said I have to be smart about it, especially while training. He told me that I have to take at least one day off between runs, and if I'm not pain free by my next run then I have to skip it, or delay it. I am more than okay with that. I'd rather skip a few of my shorter runs or cross train rather than prevent the rest of my healing.

The funniest part of the appointment was that, as I was leaving, he asked me when my triathlon was. I knew he meant the Chicago one, but I like to overshare and said, "Well I have a sprint distance on Sunday and then..." and stopped me and said, "You have a race this weekend?!" The look on his face was totally priceless and I couldn't help but laugh (and neither could the two nurses standing there waiting to talk to him). I told him I wasn't going to plan on not doing it until I'd seen him and figured I could always just walk the 5k if he told me I couldn't run...

As he stood there half-glaring, half-smirking at me, shaking his head, I promised to be extra smart about it. I said I was planning to run the 5k as long as I felt okay and that if I had any pain I would stop and walk. That I wouldn't take any chances. He pretended he was okay with that, haha.

And then I told him the dates of the Chicago tri, mentioned the marathon, and promised he wouldn't see me until at least October 10th...

;) Poor Dr Gent...

The Garden
It was prepped and planted in April and May, and I'm already getting stuff from it! Here, have some pictures:
May 22
June 15
June 22
That's right! A PURPLE pepper! (June 22)
June 27
Today, July 9
When Hannah was here we spent a few hours wandering around the mall one day and I picked up some SUPER sweet new kicks - NES Mario throwback shoes from the Vans store!

I got the matching socks as well, and let me tell you, this shoes look great. My new faves, for sure!

I'll have an actual post up about my time spent with Hannah, hopefully sometime this week. I WILL be blogging about it!!!

Training Time
I've decided to keep track of how much time I spend training...for science. So far I'm averaging 7-8 hours a week. I plan on doing a recap of the season in October, and I'm hoping that keeping track of training time will help me decide on some races for next year.

My training schedule had to have some major changes since I couldn't run. It looks like a total mess here, but don't worry! I figured everything out this morning and have a cleaned up version that I'll be posting when I recap (hopefully) in October.

This Sport is Expensive
In case anyone would like confirmation: Triathlon is expensive. I spent $80 on nutrition items this week (bulk buying on Amazon):
I'm totally in love with Honey Stinger!
I invested in some clip-on aero bars:

And I decided to get some new sunglasses too that are actually meant for running and stuff (my old ones would snag in my hair and weren't very comfortable):
I'm pretty happy with them too...light weight, comfortable, NEON GREEN and fly as fffff!
 The only super necessary thing on that list was the nutrition, but after thinking about the other two for the last few months I decided to bite the bullet there too. The sunglasses were a treat to myself...I have a lot of American Express points when I saw that I could pay for the purchase with a mere fraction of them I figured 'why not' and did it.

Anyways...When I was getting the aerobars I asked the guy at the bike shop how much clip shoes and pedals would run me as well, and now that I have an estimate I'll be working that into the budget as well.

So yeah. This costs money.

Annnnd there you have it.
It is time for me to skedaddle out of here! I have to pack up for my race tomorrow, and I'm already worried that I'll forget stuff, so I need the extra time to not forget stuff!

See you in a few!

Oh...and a super cute Nigel picture, just 'cause:

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