Monday, July 18, 2016

Chicago Triathlon Training: Week Six (marathon week 8)

It was another rough week in terms of workouts. Things kind of went downhill on Friday and still haven't recovered.

Alas, on I forge. Getting there, day by day...mostly.

Monday, July 11 - rest day
Monday was supposed to be  rest day after the sprint, but I really wanted to go lift so I did!
I did supersets again, which is why I was able to fit all of this in. I think I'm ready to start doing more legs too...time to get some of that strength back!

I didn't realize it until a few days later, but between the squats, deadlifts, and my first run in almost a month on legs were SORE. They were singing the soreness all week. Yikes!

Tuesday, July 12 - tempo swim 2.2 (3700 yds), 3 miles
I swam my scheduled 2.2 miles on Tuesday. These long pool swims are not my favorite, but I guess I just gotta get 'em done:
I honestly can't remember which workout I did...that's what I get for not taking a picture of it!

One thing of note...I've been having problems with my feet cramping when I swim, and it almost always forces me into doing a lot of pull drills to give my legs a break. On Tuesday both the front and backs of my legs were cramping, which really sucked. Normally it's just my calves, but my peroneals and tib anteriors got in on the action this week.

So I went to my tri group and asked for some advice, and there were two things mentioned: How I point my toes, and making sure I'm hydrated properly (like, with salts and electrolytes). There's not a ton I can do overnight about how I kick, but I figured I could add in salt stick tablets before and during my swims in the future (see Friday for how that worked out!).

Just as a note: I skipped the run since I had six miles on the schedule for Wednesday, and I'm not supposed to run two days in a row yet (per the doctor). This was a planned skip, so I didn't feel bad about nixing it from the list.

Wednesday, July 13 - six miles
It had to be the hottest day of the year on Wednesday. It was at least 87 bajillion degrees, twelve thousand percent humidity, and my legs were for sure made of lead that day. Basically, it was all around ridiculous, but after work I stopped at a trail to fit my six miles in. I wasn't sure how my shin would feel during the run, and I was hoping for at least four of the six miles.

Well...I managed them all. Barely. Though I didn't feel like dying until the very end (from the heat, not the distance), this was a hard run, and I saw my slowest mile times ever. Great confidence booster when you're just getting back to it. My mile times were two full minutes slower than my run on Sunday (after I'd swam and biked). It was hot out. I'm blaming that.

It's not pretty but I stuck with my heart rate training so I just gotta deal:
Slow...but kept my average heart rate at 149. Whoopie.

Thursday, July 14 - 90 minute hilly bike
I took Thursday off work for some family stuff, which meant I could roll out of bed a little later.

My legs still felt like lead, and I intentionally slowed it down during this ride and took it easy. I knew I had another long ride the next day (or at least I thought I did...) so it felt like the right thing to do:
Check out how slow I can go...
...and yes. I slacked on those last six minutes. SUE ME.

Friday, July 15 - long tempo brick 80/30
I wasn't planning to do the run portion of this brick...but I ended up skipping the whole thing. After the beginning of the week I was tired and just not feeling it. It's not like I skip workouts often, but I chose to skip this one. As a matter of fact...I was sitting in the parking lot, about to get out of my car when I decided I really just wanted to go home instead. So I caved.

If I'd known what was coming for the weekend, I probably would have sucked it up...but I didn't, and I'm trying not to beat myself up about it now because the weekend did crumble a bit. :( Such is life though...I just keep reminding myself that I'm not going to lose all conditioning because of a few missed days, but it's still a struggle to get out of that mindset.

Saturday, July 16 - weights, steady swim 2.1 (3,700 yds)
I slacked on Friday...I did not slack on Saturday. I was looking forward to lifting, but I was not looking forward to another long swim...and I did them both anyways.

The weights flew by - I was done before I even felt I'd started (this is why I feel like I need to add in more legs...):

And after that, I got in the pool for a long swim:
Workout source
Not too shabby for my lack luster feelings and tired arms!

I made sure to keep well hydrated too! I took a salt stick with breakfast, drank water throughout lifting (and protein after lifting and during my swim), popped another salt stick as I began my swim, hydrated with Nuun and a Honey Stinger gel, took one more salt stick during my workout, and one after (that's 4 salt sticks total, you can take up to 10 a day):
And...NO FOOT CRAMPS. So I think I might have figured out at least one large chunk of the solution to my problem! I'm sure resting on Friday helped, but I think the electrolyte replacement did a lot for me as well.

Sunday, July 17 - 13.1 miles
I woke up Sunday and I felt terrible.

Saturday around 5 as I was getting ready to go to a friend's I got a tickle in my throat. I honestly just thought I'd swallowed something wrong, but it turns out it might have been a bit more. I laid down on the couch at my friend's at about 8:30, and was out for the count by 9:30 (and I think I'm being generous with the time frame there). Because I was at someone else's house I was kind of in and out of sleep so it's not like it was quality, but I was shocked to wake up at almost one am and find out we were still there (I wanted to leave at 11:30 because of my long run on Sunday). I said, I woke up on Sunday at 6 and felt awful - almost overtired. I was nauseous, tired, my throat hurt, and my stomach was cramping a bit. I thought I just needed to get up and get things shaking, but within 20 minutes of getting out of bed, I was laying on the couch with my dogs feeling awful, and all I wanted to do was sleep.

So I did. I fell asleep and woke up more than two hours later, not feeling that much better. I decided to scrap the run entirely. There was no point, especially if my body needed rest.

And now...
It's now Monday and I'm still not feeling great. I felt so not-great this morning that I left work early, because my head felt like it was in a vice. I couldn't focus on a single thing, and it felt like my one goal today was to will my phone not to ring. So at 10:30 I asked my manager if I could take a half day and leave at 11 (and he's awesome so he said yes).

Spoiler alert for next week's post...I skipped today's workout(s) too. I had weights and a swim on the schedule and I'm not doing them.

As a consequence of yesterday, I'm also going to go back into my marathon plan and rework it, pretty much to push everything back two weeks. I intentionally scheduled a few weeks off between the end of August and early September, and it looks like - between injury and illness - I'll now have to use those weeks for training. I've missed too many long runs at this point to just ignore them and forge could lead to reinjury if I do that. I'm not sure how things will look yet because of the triathlon (I'm not running 14 miles or something ridiculous the day before that!), but something has to change.

So there's that for now. I plan on posting my race recap this week, so keep an eye out for that! Here's to feeling better, and better training!


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