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Chicago Triathlon Training: Week Seven (marathon week 9)

Here we go - back for another training update!

First, the schedule, planned vs actual:

Training Plan

Actual workouts
I mentioned last weekend that I got sick on Sunday, and that resulted in me skipping some more workouts this week. I felt pretty freaking lazy doing it, but I decided I would rather take a few days off entirely, get some extra sleep, and feel good coming back - rather than getting up stupid early trying to half ass workouts just to say I did them.

I also realized after my seven miles on Wednesday that I would not be ready to tackle a half by the weekend. And that's okay. I took nearly a month off from running, it's okay if I'm not quite there. I've amended my training schedule and I have a few more weeks to boost my conditioning to get back on plan.'s the damage:

Monday, July 18 - easy swim 1.8, weights rest
Like I said up top, I stuck to resting on Monday, and even got to bed early. Does a body good!

Tuesday, July 19 - 3 miles (speedwork) rest
Ditto here, although I was starting to feel like such a slacker because of it.

Wednesday, July 20 - 7 miles, weights
Wednesday I woke up very early to get my run in so I wouldn't have to run in the heat after work. I was out of bed and puttering around at 3:30, and left my house at 3:50. I decided to loop around a few of the subdivisions and then back to my house to rehydrate before the last few miles. I ended up doing a 5 mile loop to start - and that was definitely too long to go without any water, Nuun, or Salt Stick.

Though it was coolish when I left my house (high 60s) the humidity was more brutal than I anticipated and I was sweating like crazy. I pulled my tech t-shirt off at around mile 2.5 and ran the rest of the way in my sports bra. I felt like an idiot for wearing leggings as well, because they were so freaking hot. The lack of hydration showed later...I ended up with an exercise-induced headache from not replenishing all those salts and electrolytes soon enough.

So...lesson learned. Just past 5 miles I was back at my house and grabbed my water bottle and salt stick, which I downed right away. For the last two miles I did an out-and-back right from my house. I finished up my last two miles and boy was I feeling it, but I made it back to my house before sunrise. Read that again...all 7 miles were done by 5:10...official sunrise was 5:35. My times were better than I anticipated...I would like to run the marathon at an 11:30 pace. Without so much humidity that might be possible...but I'll just had to stick it out to find out. I'm sure even my long run times will start dropping as fall rolls in (please dear god I hope that happens soon):
In case you're wondering...the run itself was pretty uneventful. I probably could have used a headlamp since some of the streets had very few streetlights, but oh well. neighbor was awake when I left and when I got back and let's just say the exchange was...interesting...

And then after work I lifted because why not?:

Thursday, July 21 - hilly bike 90 hilly bike 45
Though I fully planned to ride all 90 minutes of this on Thursday, I wasn't able to fit it in. We got some good news a few weeks ago at work that our department has been kind of out-performing expectations this quarter, and as a result they wanted to take us out for a celebratory dinner. As such, I only had enough time to fit in one loop of the hillier trail I ride before I had to get showered and cleaned up for dinner.

I'll be honest love lost here. It was freaking hot as hell and that one loop left me feeling a bit overheated and nauseous (and my average heart rate was a tick high for cycling, at 145bpm, andprobably why I felt like puking):

Friday, July 22 - tempo swim 2.1 weights, .5 swim
So, funny story. One day I was thinking about this training plan and kind of feeling like it's really swim heavy, and all I'd been doing was swimming ridiculous amounts. Then Katie texts me to ask about my plan and comment on the crazy amounts of swimming I'd been doing. It was such a relief, and I felt so happy that someone was telling me, 'Damn, you're in that pool a lot!" We chatted about some training stuff and I basically gave myself the go-ahead to cut down on the pool time after hearing what she's doing for her next Half Ironman (hint: it's not as much as I've been doing for my Oly, which is all sorts of ridiculous).

Anyways, Friday I had a 2 mile swim on my schedule, and I'd decided to pare it down to one to maintain my sanity. I decided that to make up the other hour of my workout, I would lift beforehand (because who doesn't love swimming on fatigued arms?).

So after work I headed to the gym for a long session lifting and swimming. The lifting went very well:
Squats AND lunges! This turned out to be the stupidest idea ever over the next two days.
About that swim bit the big one. The first 500 were fine, but after only 700 yards my feet were cramping so badly that I couldn't straighten out two of the toes on my left foot, and I decided to call it just shy of half a mile. I didn't even really care though. It'd be a rough day for me emotionally, I hadn't eaten or hydrated well before, and I wasn't going to keep beating myself up:

Saturday, July 23 - 13.1 miles, easy bike 80
The big plans for Saturday included going to a wedding at the Bristol Renaissance Faire...which meant I really, actually had to get up stupid early for a bike ride (rather than getting up early to beat the heat). I was up at 5:30, was driving and eating a Clif bar around 6:05, and was at Busse Woods pedaling at 6:20.

It took me just about 81 minutes to clear three loops (for a total of just under 22 miles):
It was hot and humid, so I hydrated the whole ride with Nuun and Salt Sticks, and after the ride I had a honey stinger gel. Really, 80 minutes is short enough that all I think about replenishing are liquids and electrolytes, but I knew it was going to be a hot day (with more sweating), so I wanted the gel to keep on top of things. And since I'm honest about things here...I totally dumped half of that honey gel into my post-ride coffee ;)

And then it was wedding time ;)

Sunday, July 24 - easy bike 80 10 miles
I did not get as much sleep as I should have Saturday night. We went over to some friends' after the wedding and technically I fell asleep at like 8:30ish (yeah, I'm that lame friend who chooses sleep over socialization when I'm training, thank goodness they're cool about me kipping on the couch), and at 11:30ish I woke up and motioned to Cam that it was time to get going. I knew Sunday would be hot and humid (again), and I wanted to get up for my run as close to six as possible.

I didn't fall back asleep until 12:45, and I was up for my alarm at 5:45, my entire body yelling at me from the squats, lunges, and bike ride. My legs were not excited for this run, and I felt like I'd stacked things against myself.

I took some time to wake up, drink water, and realize that I was not super prepared for this run. I didn't have my Camelbak which meant I'd have to hold my water bottle the entire run (or do a lot of loops back to my car).

Then I realized I forgot running socks. And I would have to dig the ones from Saturday's bike ride out of my laundry bag (because the laundry washer was out of commission). So I pulled them out. And they were damp. And I ghetto rigged them into my window for the drive thinking that would dry them off. It didn't.
People were probably thinking 'WTF' when I drove by...
Anyways. I was already nervous about this run, and these little preparedness problems made me even more nervous. This was going to be my longest run this training cycle (even though I should have capped 13 at this point), and my longest run since half training last year.

It was hot. And humid. And damnit, I didn't want to go run in that.

But I sucked it up and got out there anyways, damp socks and all. Like Saturday's ride, I did this run at Busse Woods.

As I headed out I decided to do two out-and-back loops. The first would be a three miler (totalling six miles o-a-b) and bring me back to my car after just over an hour. At that point, I could get more water, take some Salt Sticks, and grab gummies for the last few miles. The second trek would be a slightly shorter 2 mile o-a-b (4 total) bringing me to my ten miles. During the first six I only hydrated with Nuun, and when I got back to my car I took in some extra water, two Salt Stick tabs, and three Honey Stinger gummies. Then I refilled my water bottle with Nuun and took the other gummies for the rest of my run. I had two per mile (with Nuun), and three at mile 9 (so one whole pack consumed during the last 4 miles). When I got back to my car I took one more Salt Stick. I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of hydrating and fueling for me...and it's magical how much better I feel after these runs!

One of the cool things about running at Busse was that I finally had the chance to see some of my #TeamRMHC teammates in action! I passed two people wearing the same singlet I was wearing, which was very cool. I can't wait til race day when there's a whole team of us!!

And as I kept running...especially the last two miles when things started to get tough, I just kept reminding myself why I'm doing this. How far I've come. That every effort I was putting in...because of the heat, the distance, the was all worth it. It's all what I'm conditioning my body for. That if I can do it during training, I can do it on race day.

Before I knew it...those ten miles were up. They ended up going better than I thought they would, although I fully admit that my clothes were completely soaked with sweat. I took off my singlet immediately and it was practically dripping. There was not a dry spot on my entire body.

I know that every drop of sweat will be worth it on marathon day. October 9th, here I come!

Finally, of note this week:
With my 7 miles on Wednesday and 10 on Sunday, I was able to earn three of the four medals for the Hogwarts Running Club's One HRC Marathon event. I didn't think it would ever happen! (Only a bit overdramatic because, well, injury.)
I still have 20k to complete (that's 13 miles, yo) to earn the Gryffindor piece.

Also of note...I have the HRC Half Blood Prince Half Marathon and the SHE Power 13.1 to finish still. My long runs are finally getting longer so I'll earn them all soon...but goodness that's a lot of halfs!

And there you have it...the week's activities. I'm gonna go to sleep now, thanks ;)


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