Monday, July 11, 2016

Chicago Triathlon Training: Week Five (marathon week 7)

Hey everyone!

I know you're all dying for my recap post about the tri yesterday, but let's get the week's workouts out of the way first!

I'm going to try to get better about posting what my planned workouts were and what they actually were, just because I like to see the changes I made. So with that:



Monday - rest easy swim (1,250 yds)
Monday was originally a rest day, but because of my epic slack last the week I decided I should do some work instead, even if only a little! So I hit the pool. I mostly winged it, and did a lot of freestyle and some breast stroke, and left the pool feeling slightly better about myself (and ready for some BBQ!):

Tuesday - 3 miles, weights, test bike 60
So the run didn't happen (no surprises there), but I replaced that time with some lifting. I decided to test out some squats and deadlifts (all went well), and did almost everything as supersets so I could fit more lifts in. If you're curious: Superset = going from one lift straight to another without breaks. For example, I did one round of squats, went straight to bench, right back to squats, to bench, to squats, to bench, and then I was done with each exercise. I repeated that with deadlift-CG bench-deads-CGbench...etc. Basically, the way they're written here is in pairs (squat/bench, deads/CG bench, lat raise/incline get it):

After work I drove to Busse Woods and looped the trail twice for a 60 minute, 15 mile ride:
And that was that!

Wednesday - 7 miles, long bike 150 (trainer)
Again, for obvious reasons (leg) I skipped the run on Wednesday.

Originally I was going to do this bike outdoors, but it was very hot and humid out, and I was woefully underprepared for an outdoor ride in 90+ degree heat. I had my bike and helmet...and one waterbottle. I had no camelbak, no nutrition...nothing to get me through a ride like that. And rather than wasting an hour going home to get those things and then driving to a trail, I decided to just set up in the basement and watch my soap (EastEnders) for two hours:
My super sweet setup!
I passed the time with television and by texting my friends. Let me tell you...aerobars are not meant for texting ;)

I do have one picture that I took during the session. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen it. My best friend from college texted to let me know SHE'S ENGAGED! and I was so excited that I sent her a cheesy thumbs up picture. It definitely boosted my spirits almost two hours in! stats because I know you don't care what my heart rate was for two hours (a fairly steady 130bpm).

Thursday - easy swim 1
I got up early and skipped my normal routine of lifting on Thursdays to jump in the pool. One hour is the perfect amount of time for a good lifting sesh, and it's also the perfect amount of time to get in an easy mile. Here's what I did:
  • 500 warm up, freestyle
  • 500 tech with fins/paddles
  • 200 kick
  • 200 pull
  • 200 cool down
  • (50 breast between each)
  • = 1,800 yards
And there you go.

Friday - weights, steady swim 2 (3,600 yds)
Woke up early (again) to get some lifting in:
I went with supersets again so that I could fit in some extra ab work and foam rolling. Worth it!

After work (which ended early because it's Summer Fridays) I was really, really not into doing this swim workout, and I felt that way the whole time. My feet started to cramp after the first 1400 set and I honestly have no idea how it didn't get so bad that I had to stop! Somehow I staved the foot cramps off and managed the whole 2 miles:
  • 1400: My 4x100 and 4x50 desecent were decent (at 2:10-2:04-2:01-1:56 per 100 and 1:03-58.7-59.5-56.5 per 50)
  • 750: I did 3x 150 frees and a 100 kick (instead of 3x50)
  • 450: Was a 2x (3x75 free-breast-back) so I could use some different muscles for a while
  • I used fins for all my kick drills because I detest how long kick drills take
  • I really worked on kicking "from the hip" instead "from the knee" and it made a difference, especially in my calf tightness!
  • I tried not to kick off the walls too hard, since I know this contributes to calf cramping when pool swimming
  • I added a 200 yard cool down at the end (100 breast, 100 free)
And there you have it. Afterwards I went home, ate, and slept.

Saturday - rest day!
Saturday was great! I was glad I'd moved everything up a day because it gave my body some time to restore itself before my FIRST EVER OFFICIAL TRIATHLON! It was, however, still busy. I'll go over everything in more detail in my recap post, but here's the jist: I got up late(r) than usual, did some laundry and packed for the race, then drove to Lake Zurich for the pre-event talks and packet pick up, etc. We saw a movie, I had my standard pre-race dinner, and we hit the hay early...but I'll tell you more about that later ;)

Sunday - Lake Zurich Sprint Triathlon
This is a story for another time, so you'll just have to sit tight and wait for it!

That's all for this week! :)


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