Monday, June 27, 2016

PIQNIQ and Pop Tabs

I said last week that I would post about Piqniq, so here goes!

Piqniq was, indeed, a blast. It's a one day music festival that one of the Chicago radio stations (101.1...WKQX) does at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in Tinley Park. Cam and I were going with our friend Dan, and we checked out the lineups and decided to get there around 2:30. We missed the first two bands on the auxiliary stage (Beware of Darkness and Broods, no big deal) and listened to the third (Strumbellas) as we walked for forever to get to the entrance. After having our tickets scanned, getting patted down and having our water jug caps unceremoniously stolen and discarded we filled up our Camelbaks and walked over for the fourth band (Bear Hands).

Dan and I also took a 'Sun's out, guns out' picture since we were both wearing tanks...and decided that both of our faces look really weird in this picture:

Bear Hands did pretty good...the set was decent, but the lead singer needs to work on his between-song entertainment. It seemed like he was just saying random weird stuff and it was a little lame. But the music itself was great, and they pulled off a good live performance. was SO hot. The auxiliary stage was set up in part of the parking lot and we were all baking out there. I was sweating bullets the whole time, and I was really hoping the main stage would be a bit cooler.

So after Bear Hands we decided to skip the last opener (Jr. Jr.) to go grab some space by the main stage and were happy to find out that as the sun went down, all the lawn seats were in the shade. After claiming a space we only had to wait about 10 minutes for the sun to go down behind the stage:
The space we claimed. People sat down before the show started.
Terrible picture of me because the sun was in my eyes, but at least the boys look good!
I definitely took that picture ^ before all the fun started.

The headliners went as follows:

  • Lucius
  • Robert Delong
  • Young the Giant
  • The Lumineers
  • Garbage
We were in for a treat!

None of us had ever heard Lucius before, but they were phenomenal live. The two lead singers did some of the best harmonizing. It's hard to describe but if I hadn't know it was two people singing I would have thought it was one person singing live with their own voice recorded as back track for harmony. They were great.

The drinking started between sets :P Though I really haven't had any alcohol during training, I decided these two weekends (Piqniq and Girls' Weekend) would be exceptions, and I'm glad I did!

Next up was Robert Delong, and he was probably who I was most looking forward to seeing. He's basically a one man show - he had three percussion setups on stage and does everything himself. I was blown away by his set. I love his music to begin with and he has amazing stage presence. I took a video during on of my favorite songs, just for you guys! Sorry it's a bit blurry...we were way back there. You'll get the jist though...he runs around stage doing tons of stuff!
After Robert Delong things start to get a bit blurry, probably because I was consuming large amounts of Bud Light Straw-ber-ita. Those things are delicious and dangerous. Cam and I went to get more drinks and while we stood in line I was doing yoga (not joking). Sitting on the lawn before had made me feel like stretching, and by the time we were in line for drinks there was so much open space that I couldn't help it (I was also slightly inebriated...). So yeah. I am the person who does yoga in parking lots!

The song is "Don't Wait Up"...sorry for Dan talking through part of it :P

I also took this really good picture of the two of us:

It was also around this time that I realized just how many pop tabs were floating around the place. So I started collecting them. I'm not kidding either...I went up to literally every single person I saw holding a beer can and said, "Could I please have your pop tab for Ronald McDonald House Charities?" I did it between sets, during sets (only to people walking around), I asked the people sitting around us between songs, and I wandered around with the sole purpose of collecting tabs.

I was obsessed.

I managed to collect a ton of tabs throughout the night. Almost an entire water bottle full! Not a single person said no, and I got to hear a lot of people's personal stories about RMHC. It made me really happy to know I'm running the Chicago Marathon for such a great cause!

(More of this story to come!)

We saw two more bands - Young the Giant and the Lumineers. Young the Giant sings one of my favorite songs ever, My Body. It's totally my rally song!
I danced and jumped around like crazy. Both they and the Lumineers had amazing sets. It was so much fun seeing these bands live since I jam out to them every day anyways. The Lumineers especially have tons of crowd-friendly music (stuff that's easily sung along to) and just being out there jamming along was great.

Right before the last band Cam had the brilliant idea to sneak up to the more expensive seats and claim a few for the last set (a band called Garbage).

So up we snuck! We got decent enough seats, but I realized after about 20 minutes that we'd lost my water bottle full of pop tabs :(

I was heartbroken. Cam, afraid that I was too drunk and would get stolen or lost, decided to go look for the tabs and didn't find them. I wasn't about to let all of my hard work go to waste though. I got up, retraced our steps, and found them in about three minutes!

I also found Cam's sunglasses - both things had fallen out of his Camelbak when he stooped to get under a guard rail into the closed seating area. After I picked everything up I texted him, "I found the tabs. I found your sunglasses. And now...I'm gonna go find Dan!"

...because Dan had wandered off about half an hour earlier and we had no idea where he was. I actually found him pretty quickly, dragged him back to our seats, and we saw the rest of Garbage without incident :P

After all of that, though, it was time for the evening to end. When the final set was over we packed ourselves up and made the trek back to the car, and made the 2-ish hour drive home.

It was a great day. I had a ton of fun, collected a good number of pop tabs (woot!) and would definitely consider going again next year if the line up looks good again.

Now...if only Cam had believed me when I said I wanted to go to Lolla! Looks like that will have to happen next year too...


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