Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chicago Triathlon Training: Week Two

Welcome to Week 2 of my training plan! Let's get to it...

Monday 6/6: weights, steady 1.3 swim
Monday morning I hit the gym to lift, and since I'm down to two days a week for lifting I combined chest and shoulders:

After work it was back into the pool, this time for 2,000 yards at a steady pace. I decided to do climbing intervals alternating between breast stroke and crawl. So I started with a warm up and then 25 breast/25 crawl, 50 breast/50 crawl, 75/75, 100/100, 200/200, ending with a cool down. Nothing exciting, but it got the job done:
Tuesday 6/7: 4 miles
Tuesday ended up being a really crazy day for me. I woke up at 4am to bag and wrap a bunch of baked goods for PrideZ's bake sale, and it took me until almost 5:30. I did not see that coming...I thought it would take me 20 minutes and I'd be able to get out for my run.

But I didn't. Since I was taking my car in for some TLC, I knew right away that my run would not happen on Tuesday, and that I'd have to make it up on Wednesday. Joy...but I guess adaptation is still a think in training season.

I did get the inner tube on my bike tire changed though!

Wednesday 6/8: 4 miles, steady bike 50
I really don't look forward to getting up and running first thing in the morning. Rolling out of bed at 4:30 to put on running clothes and get my butt out the door before the sun is even up is just not my favorite. But I had to make up Tuesday's run, so I did it:
After work on Wednesday I hit up the trail I normally do my long rides on since it's on my way home. 50 minutes took me about 6 miles out and back, for a total of just over 12 miles:
This ride was okay. My calves started cramping just a few miles into the ride and I stopped to stretch them as soon as I got to a parking lot to pull over. I had passed someone else just a little while before, but I knew he was still right behind me. When I pulled over he said, "Don't tell me you're turning around here too!" and I started laughing and said, "I knew you were right behind me!" We ended up chatting for a bit while I stretched. It was great to have that friendly little exchange with someone randomly. So even though I know Bob from Hoffman Estates will never read this...Hi, Bob!

Thursday 6/9: weights, easy swim 1.4 1
Weights in the morning before work went well. I didn't want to work legs (like I normally do on Thursday) because my hamstrings and quads were still very tight, so I stuck to upper body and abs, adding a few more lifts than usual, and then did some foam rolling to end:

After work I headed back to the gym for 1.4 miles (or 2400 yards). I only made it to 1700 though: Turns out there's a Tuesday/Thursday aqua fit class at the location I went to. I'll have to either start doing OWSs those days, or switching up which gym I go to based on the class schedule. I was bummed I had to cut this one short because I built up some good momentum...and then just had to stop. Darn classes.

Friday 6/10: 3 miles, steady swim 1100
There's a reason this run and Saturday's are crossed off. I'll let you take an educated guess as to why.

Until I tell you the actual reason, I'll let you know that I replaced my run with a swim, wanting to make up the yards I missed on Thursday. I was running a bit last and decided to just keep it simple: I hopped in the pool, swim 1100 yards without stopping, and got out. I felt great the whole time (even though my shoulders were a bit sore for the first couple hundred), so I'll call that a success:
I made it to work on time and everything, so I'm happy with that.

Saturday 6/11: long bike 90-easy run 10 brick, 5 miles (marathon), Hooverball
I headed back to my favorite trail again on Saturday for my long ride. I logged 90 uneventful minutes in the saddle. They were hot and sweaty, but they passed quickly.
After my ride I went over to Jennie's to play Hooverball. While fun, it was way too hot, and after about 20 minutes I laid in the shade to do a whole lot of nothing.

Sunday 6/12: rest
Nothing exciting on Sunday. I had an options cross train/rest day, and after all the sun I got on Saturday (and knowing I wouldn't have another rest day until next Sunday) I decided to take the day off.

The whole Wack Pack went to the race track to waste our money, and I got a nice sunburn instead of doing anything physical. I ate lots of popcorn as well :P

And there it is.
I'll have another recap for you next week...and probably a training update/life thing to post as well...

Until then...!


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