Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Chicago Triathlon Training: Week Three (marathon week 4)

My Schedule got all sorts of messed up this week. I had an MRI on Tuesday, I took a client Wednesday, had a doctor's appointment Friday, went to a music festival on was pretty crazy.

I'll add in here that the reason I crossed off some runs last week, and have now converted all of my runs to the elliptical is because I've been having some pain in my left shin and went to get it checked out. The good news is that there's no stress fracture. The bad news is that I'm lucky there's no stress fracture because Dr Gent says I was on my way to one. I have to take the next three weeks off running. I'm still allowed to do non-impact activities (swim-bike-elliptical) but no running for a bit.

Dr Gent...always telling me not to run! You know what he did say though? Verbatim: 'Swimming. Swimming is great! You're going to get very good at swimming!'

Ironic, given my terrible first open water swim. I actually laughed when he said this because I desperately hoped he'd be right!

Also good news: I should still be able to do my sprint tri on July 9th! Regardless of whether or not I can run the run, I'm going to participate so I can test out my transition skills (or, you know, bomb it and learn a lot instead).

I won't be including elliptical stats in here because they're boring. I'm basically doing 10 minutes for every 1 mile I'm supposed to run, keeping it the same intensity that I would for an easy run (no point working hard when I'm technically practicing injury prevention and recovery this week).

Here's a snapshot of what the schedule looked like for the week:
Wherever you see two runs in a day, like Monday, I only do the run in red.
Monday 6/13: 3 miles, easy swim 1.9 (3,350 yds)
I woke up to three miles on the elliptical. The only good thing about this is that I get to catch up on EastEnders...

After work, I decided to move my swim up a day because I had the MRI on Tuesday. So I hit the pool for a 1.9 mile swim - my furthest to date!
I liked this routine since it really kept things mixed up, but my calves and feet started to cramp pretty badly during the kicks, and by the end I kind of reformed the workout so I could do it without kicking too much. And then I spent every night during the week foam rolling!

Tuesday 6/14: weights
I stuck to the weights on Tuesday morning:

Because of the MRI there wasn't really time (or energy) for anything in the evening. Good thing too...I was so tired that I fell asleep during the MRI!

Wednesday 6/15: 3 miles
I was up early again for three miles.

After work I took a client at 7pm which meant there was no way I would make the OWS. No big deal though, there was another one I could go to on Thursday, and since Thursday was an optional workout I decided to make the switch.

Thursday 6/16: 4 miles, .5 mile OWS
I totally slacked on Thursday and Friday. I don't know what got into me, but I did not get up and run on Thursday morning. I did not do my 4 miles, I did not pass go :(

But I DID get my ass to Three Oaks lake for an OWS. I almost didn't go. I was still tired, I was grouchy, I actually fell asleep on the couch beforehand, and I was feeling like 'why bother, it went so poorly last time...'

And then I snapped out of it and realized I had to go. No excuses. I had squeeze into that wetsuit and face my fears. It was cloudy and chilly out (mid 60's) and there were way fewer people than at the previous OWS, but the water wasn't too bad.

I pulled on my wetsuit (which looks awesome), and off I went!
Me and Flounder, my wetsuit. I named him Flounder because my bike is an Ariel...and because I totally floundered during that first OWS.
If you look at the bottom right picture, the first bouy started just beyond that raft in the top left of the picture. I breast stroked out there, had to stop to spit in my goggles, and then started my watch as I crossed the 'No Swim' line:


For the first 100 yards I felt like I didn't know how to swim, and I was sure it would be a repeat of the first OWS. I felt clumsy, my goggles fogged a lot, and I totally went off course. So I stopped to wipe my goggles and...I just bobbed up and down in the water. The wetsuit kept me upright and I didn't even do anything! Then when I started swimming again I started with my stoke (no kick) and was gliding through the water. Before I knew it I'd reached the second bouy, and then the third, and BAM I was done!

This is a man-made lake so the water is much cleaner than other lakes, without all the reeds and foliage you get in other lakes (and I only saw one fish the entire time). The second and third legs were a bit choppy so I really got to test out my sighting skills, but overall it was much easier to navigate than my first swim because I could actually see bouys and landmarks.

I actually WANTED to do another lap. I couldn't because we were meeting friends, but at that moment I fell in love with Open Water Swimming. Flounder made all the difference! I can now say I'm excited for future open water swims!

The other awesome part of this swim was all the women I met in the locker room after! I had so much fun talking to them (and they all said they couldn't believe I swam LitH without a wetsuit and that it's a difficult lake because of how gross it is), and overall they were very friendly and encouraging about everything. They even helped me celebrate my success with this swim. I can't wait to see them all again next Thursday when I do my next swim there!

Friday 6/17: easy bike 60, easy run 30 6 miles
Remember what I said about being lazy? Yeah, that happened again on Friday. I got up and did six miles on my elliptical, but did not make it out on my bike in the evening. I had my follow-up with Dr Gent about my leg (no running for 3 more weeks, I can do activities that don't aggravate it until then), and then just wasn't feeling it. So I skipped it. Not the end of the world...but let's just say I won't keep skipping things like that, especially not the bike.

Saturday 6/18: 9 miles, weights
I stayed up way too late on Friday and had a music festival on Saturday (which meant I'd be staying up late again), so I strongly considered skipping my run in the morning.

And then I didn't. Because I skipped the bike on Friday, and I knew I couldn't keep up that trend. So I hopped on my elliptical for 90 minutes and did my time.

When I hopped off, I got in the car and drove straight to the gym to lift. I didn't realize I only had one day of weights worked in this week, and I'd rather stick to two a week if I can!

And after that, it was Piqniq time! (Stay tuned for a short post about that too!!)

Sunday 6/19: rest
After Saturday's training and then staying up late for Piqniq, my body needed some rest. It was also Father's Day, which always puts me in a bit of a bum mood, so I did my best to stay off social media and chill and watch TV and do laundry. It was a successful rest day, and got me primed for week four!

And that's it for now...I'll be back with another short post soon. Hannah's here this week so I'm taking a week off from tri-training (except for some swims) but I'll still post a training update next week. It will probably be super weak though...but I'll save all that for later!


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