Monday, June 6, 2016

Chicago Triathlon Training: Week One

Welcome to Week One of my training recaps! I hope, at some point, to post my training schedule and how I came up with it (since it combines both marathon and tri training), but I wasn't able to do that before I actually started!

Each week I'll trade in my workout recap for a training recap. I missed my last few weeks of recaps anyways, so we'll call it a wash and get started here, and I'll do my best to update each Monday.

Monday - bike (ride from hell), lift, swim
Ahh Memorial Day. Though I got out there and did it all before my Grandpa's birthday party, it was incredibly frustrating to start! Stick with me through this, because the rest of the days' recaps are quick.

I actually began to think the world was trying to stop me from getting out on my bike. First I couldn't get the bike rack on my car, then I couldn't find a bike lock anywhere. It took me over half an hour just to leave my house. When I finally got to my start point and checked my tire pressure, I realized I really need a new innertube because my front tire went totally flat as I was trying to inflate it. I succeeded in getting it all squared away though...and then forgot to cap my tire. Lovely.

I did a few loops around the parking lot, cringing at my squeaky brakes (got those fixed later!) and it was time to hit the trail.

Although it took me over an hour, I was finally on my bike riding. And less than three miles in (but after I'd gone over the first hill that I was glad I wouldn't have to see until the end...) I realized:

I forgot my water bottle.

Shortly thereafter, a bug tried to feed itself to me...which made me want the water more. I thought about turning around, but I really didn't want to go back up that hill, it wasn't ungodly hot, and it was a short ride at only 50 minutes. I knew there were water fountains along the way so I decided to just forge on.

And then I had to stop because my shoe lace got stuck in my gears. Yeah. I'm just glad I didn't die.

I reached the first turn for water and started pedaling up, up, up, up, up (and then got off my bike and walked the rest of the way) a hill. At the top I went to the water fountain, pumped it a little and then...nothing.

Because it was Memorial Day weekend and the city hadn't turned on the water fountains yet. I hoped for better with my next stop (I was disappointed).

Aside from stupidly squeaky brakes, the rest of the ride was okay. I had another water let down on my return (I stopped at a park and it was the same deal - outside water hadn't been turned on yet). It made me very glad it was a short and relatively cool ride - I was able to get away without any water, but I certainly don't plan on doing that any time every again.

When I did get back to my car I glugged some water and Nuun and then got myself ready to go to the gym.

But anyways...the ride got done...somehow. At this point, I'm just glad I didn't flip over my handlebars or get a flat or anything!

The last sad thing to happen to me was when I got back in my car and realized my favorite sunglasses had broken. I literally picked them up and went to put them on and...crack. :(

After my bike ride, I jumped in the car and drove to the gym to both lift and swim. My lifting went well but I definitely noticed some struggle after propping myself up on the bike for 50 minutes (and you'll notice the my bench sucks):

Swimming wasn't on my training plan, but I wanted to fit it in just to make sure I was comfortable with front crawl for the entire distance (1/2 mile) since I had an open water swim coming on Wednesday. I hadn't done 900 yards front crawl without any rest breaks for a while,  so I clocked them in, easy peasy (my Garmin was nice enough to comp me 25, lol):
All I have to say is...lololololol. You'll understand when I post about the swim later.

Tuesday - early morning run
The logistics of this run were simple. I got up, got dressed, and went outside for an out and back. But it was hard to get out there, and I have to say that after C25k I can honestly say I prefer that 35 minutes of driving to my run rather than getting out of bed and going for it right away. It's nice to have that extra time in the car to wake up! I need to get over it though, because wake-up-and-run will be my anthem this summer! are the details:
I pushed it a bit at the end to see what a fasted pace would feel like for my race on Saturday, and it felt good, which gave me some confidence about PRing my 5k distance.

All of that confidence went away after Wednesday.

Wednesday - open water swim, 3 1 mile run
The bulk of this will be its own post.

I'm going to show you the log so you can see a few how my Garmin stopped mid way through and I literally just noticed as I pulled the picture in to post this. Wtf...
Okay, whatever. But seriously, like the bike on Monday, nothing went right with this swim except that I finished. I ended up working way too hard, and I'll get into all of that in a later post.

And the run? Nevermind that. My legs were killing me from the swim, and I tried for the run but only made it about a mile before giving up from how badly they ached, and not being able to get my heart rate under control (still). I also started my Garmin late. Bah. Can't win 'em all though:
It was not a good training day, and certainly not something I needed in the first week of training! Okay, maybe it was (in the long run) but it wasn't how I needed to feel about the first week of training.

Thusday - lifting 
Thursday I was able to get to the gym and boost my defeated mood just a little after the open water swim. I lifted legs, back, and abs, although I backed off on the weight for deads and squats just a bit because I had a race I wanted to PR on Saturday.

I shouldn't have bothered taking those 20 lbs off though, my legs were sore as hell right through the weekend!

Friday - brick 40/40
It was the first week of summer hours on Friday, so I left the office at 1:30 and headed over to a forest preserve near work for my bike-run brick (the first of the season!). I was slated for a 40 minute bike followed by a 40 minute run. Here's the summary:
The bike wasn't too bad (no problems getting started!), but my legs were definitely very sore from Thursday's lifting. At this point, I started to worry about my race on Saturday, and did my best to pace myself with what felt good for my legs. I biked just over 11 miles, averaging 15.8 mph, which was decent.

The run was way tougher mentally. I transitioned at my car, locking my bike back up and changing my shoes, and I grabbed a water bottle with Nuun since it was hotter than hell out (~85 Farenheit). I walked a few paces from my car and then started my run, a simple out and back that took me 3.36 miles. Somehow I managed to actually run the whole thing, only walking briefly after each mile to slurp on my water bottle because of the heat. I really don't know how I ran all of it...just determination, I guess! And honestly, for the heat and the ride and the soreness, my splits weren't awful!
This brick actually made me feel pretty good about myself, given the bike and OWS earlier in the week. But I was still really nervous about trying to PR my 5k the next day...

Saturday - Volition America 5k, 4 miles...and an ice bath
I'll post a race recap later (because what a race!), but just know I did my 5k, and then jogged/walked 4 miles as a "cool down". Haha. I only did it because I had 7 miles on the schedule for Saturday, and I wanted to make sure I got them all in. My legs were completely shot after the race though and my hamstrings felt crampy and sore, so I took it easy. Here's the recap of those four long miles:
After four tough days, I decided to treat my legs and hips to an ice bath:
I added a little more water after I took this picture.
It was effing cold. Although, note to everyone, if you're going to do this you'll need about 44 lbs of ice. I used one 22 lb bag and it melted really quickly. Don't get me wrong, the water was still cold, but it could have been colder the whole way through.

Sunday - tech swim .8
I originally thought Sunday was supposed to be a cross train day and I was going to go to yoga, until I saw that I had a swim to get done. There was a tri coach at the open water swim on Wednesday and I decided to take her advice and do a build workout. I did the following:

  • 300 yard warm up (mix of crawl and breast stroke)
  • 25 hard, 25 easy (15 sec rest between)
  • 50 hard, 50 easy (20 sec rest between)
  • 75 hard, 75 easy (25 sec rest between)
  • 100 hard, 100 easy (30 sec rest between)
  • 200 hard, 200 easy (40 second rest between)
  • 200 cool down
Garmin jipped me on 100 yards during my 100 easy!
I also had my first 100 under 2 minutes!
It'll be nice to see some consistency and get my 200 under 4 minutes as well :)

Afterwards, I made lots of baked goods and got a massage...because I effing earned it!

And there you have it!
Week one of training, in the books. I'm happy to say I'm already used to this level of activity, and it's kind of nice not trying to decide what to do every day. I like that I have a plan that tells me what to do.

Anyways...only 11 weeks left ;)


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