Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Chicago Triathlon Training: Interim Week (Marathon Week 5)

Someone please explain to me how it is already Wednesday? Actually, I'm grateful for it. I already miss my best friend and I'm run down this week from screwing around with my sleep schedule so much last week. Just gotta make it to early-release-Friday and I'm home free for a three day weekend. Score.

Oh yeah...and running. I've decided to stop ellipticalling until Dr Gent gives me the all clear. My left shin has really been bothering me and I think I added to the problem with all of the walking we did at the zoo and the parade this past weekend. I'm talking throbbing pain while I'm sitting kind of stuff. *sigh* Injuries. *eye roll*

So now I'm focusing on stretching, foam rolling, and self massage for my legs. We'll see how it goes.

With that all recaps.

Since Hannah was here this past week I built in a rest/interim week from triathlon training so I could spend more time with her. You read that right, this "break" week was planned! For that reason, you'll notice that my workouts were much lighter this week...

Monday 6/20 - 3 miles, tech swim 1.2
I stayed at work slightly longer than necessary on Monday specifically to find and print out a swim plan...and then I totally forgot to take it into the gym with me (and then later I realized I had taken it in with me and just couldn't find it...hrmph). Since I was supposed to do a tech swim, I decided to mix things up between pulls and kicks, and I made the following up on the fly:

  • 400 warm up (crawl and breast stroke)
  • 50 crawl, 50 pull, 50 kick (150)
  • 75 crawl, 75 pull, 50 kick (200)
  • 100 crawl, 100 pull, 100 kick (with fins) (300)
  • 150 crawl, 150 pull, 150 kick (with fins) (450)
  • 200 crawl, 200 pull, 200 kick (with fins) (600)
Tada - 2100 yards. And funny story: I was swimming at the gym near Cam's house and he was there with me. I will say...probably a little over half of the people who use the pool just get in to flop around and relax after working out. So there's this kid kind of goofing off in the pool, and Cam was being Cam and challenging him to races and showing him how to breathe properly while swimming and he told me that he noticed the kid kept stopping in the middle...but it turns out he was stopping to stare at me every time I went by. And that towards the end he's staring at me and Cam's like "Uh...dude?" and the kid goes, "She just doesn't stop!"

Cam got a kick out of it...and so did I! These last couple of swims I've felt like a waterproof Energizer Bunny...let's hope that keeps up!

Tuesday 6/21 - 5 miles, weights
I woke up late on Tuesday and seriously considered just sleeping in and skipping any morning activity since I knew I would be up late with Hannah.

Then I realized that was silly - I should fit in a few miles and I could do the rest after work. So I got myself on my elliptical to pump out three miles, then went to work.

After work I snuck in another two miles before lifting. It was so weird lifting in the afternoon now that I'm used to lifting in the mornings! I managed to fit in everything, but I switched my lifts around and ended up doing incline bench last (instead of flat bench) so my body was a bit shot by then.

I also switched it up this week so I was doing lower reps with higher weights (as my log says), because it can help you bump up your lifts to the next level, which I sorely needed. I'll repeat it again in a few weeks:

Then I stopped at GNC to buy a ton of protein powder:

And then?? Then I picked up my BFF from the airport for a week of fun and excitement!!

Wednesday 6/22 - test swim 1.3
I wasn't really sure what a "test swim" was, and I forgot to look it up before I got to the gym, so I made something up on the fly using advice from the tri coach who was at the Open Water Swim - swim easy-hard intervals! I decided to do intervals with ascending distance like Monday (you can probably tell I'm a huge fan of doing so) using and easy-hard-recover pattern. So my pattern looked like this:

  • 400 yard warm up
  • 25 easy, 25 hard, 15 sec recover, 50 breast stroke (100 yards)
  • 50 easy, 50 hard, 20 sec recover, 50 breast (150 yards)
  • 75 easy, 75 hard, 25 sec recover, 50 breast (200 yards)
  • 100 easy, 100 hard, 30 sec recover, 50 breast (250 yards)
  • 200 easy, 200 hard, 35 sec recover, 100 breast (500 yards)
To get to 2300 yards, I ended with a 400 yard steady pull and a 300 yard cool down.

Fun facts?! I hit 1:52 on my 100, and 3:55 on my 200, so I snagged a couple of PRs during this workout! I'm super excited because that's my best 100 by about 10 seconds, and nearly 20 seconds off my best 200 a few weeks ago. Wooooot!

Just like with running, it's fun to see my times drop when I get to doing speed work, and to see my overall average times dropping as well.

Thursday 6/23 - 10 miles
I put in 10 miles on the elliptical. I watched two episodes of EastEnders. 110 minutes on an elliptical is hella boring. That is all.

Friday 6/24 - weights
I hit up the gym for some weights on Friday. When we got to Kara's that evening I was super happy I did too...she's a power lifter (and can put me to shame) and seeing her home gym (which is awesome) made me glad I pumped it out in the morning.

BTW - those plank leg raises are the shiz, and I just randomly thought of doing them. Hold yourself in push-up plank stance, squeeze your glute to lift one leg off the ground (slowly) lower back down and then switch sides. It's an amazing core workout. I love them.

Saturday 6/25 - rest (LPZ)
I was supposed to run a 10k for Proud to Run on Saturday, but it didn't happen because leg. I met up with everyone beforehand and I felt a little bad about bouncing as soon as the race started, but I had a friend to entertain.

It was so weird not to run the race. I'd been looking forward to this 10k since I signed up and I didn't even get to do it :(

I did, however, have tons of fun walking around the zoo with my girls later, even if it was boiling hot. As far as rest days go, it was a good one!

Sunday 6/26 - rest (parade)
Sunday was a second rest day (ahh, easy training weeks), but we spent about three hours outside for the parade. It was SO much fun, and I totally lost my voice. Aside from walk around the city, I did nothing active for the day, and I have no regrets.

And there you have it! Since I do have a three day weekend I'm going to try my best to post about everything we did when Hannah was here! It was a fantastic week and I'm still tired from it :P

Until next time!


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  1. This was a rest week?? Damn! Great job.