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Weekly Workout Recap (Monday 25th - Sunday 1st)

Sorry I'm a bit late with this one! How is it already Wednesday?! Eep! Here's a catch up of what I did at the gym (and on the road, and in my garage) last week!

Monday, April 25th - W5D1, 1800yd swim
I got the week off to a great start Monday with my C25k group. Susan continues to rock it, and she's making me a very proud coach!
Not too shabby for a Monday morning!

After the work day Cam and I met again at the gym for a swim. I picked a longer (to me) distance workout for this, focusing on breast stroke and crawl. Here is the one I used:
Changes I made: I took almost a minute to do each of my 8x50 crawls, so I took a 10-15 second break after each, I only did a 6x50 breaststroke on 1:30, I did not do the breast stroke windsprints, and I only did a 200 yard cool down. That said, I still got 1800 yards, because the total yards listed on the workout is wrong. My Garmin also jipped me 50 yards during my 200 crawl, so it only shows 1750:
It was an okay swim. Nothing to write home about. I'm realizing that a strong breast stroke will be an asset during the race if I get tired, and I'm also learning I really need to work on my kick because it's very, very weak. My pulls are almost as strong without the kick, which means all my kick is doing is wasting energy and winding me.

So...something to work on!

Tuesday, April 26th - 20 min cycle
On Tuesday afternoon I had to take my hamster to the vet (which usually takes a while) so I knew I had to get on the trainer in the morning. I hopped on for a quick 20 minutes before I left for work. Nothing too exciting (and nothing but heart rate stats, again, because I haven't taken the time to get the bike computer to work):

Wednesday, April 27th - W5D2
Wednesday started with more C25k running. We're building up to the first long run with no breaks, which will be on Friday (20 minutes!). Today's intervals were 8 min run, 5 min walk, 8 min run. Our little team crushed it, and one of the other coaches is back from her week in Switzerland so our little group was a little bigger!

Thursday, April 28th - lift
Thursdays seem to be the day that I intend to get up and cycle, and then I don't. It's nice to sleep in one day a week!

We still lifted after work though, and I feel like Cam and I deserve some props for that. Cam got off work late (actually, I worked some OT too) and then he was stuck in really bad traffic for nearly twice as long as it normally takes him to get to the gym. So we didn't get our workout started until almost 6. In case you're wondering...that's when we're normally leaving the gym.

We made it count though. It was a tough workout, I was tired, but I left feeling decent about it (except for the bench...*le sigh*).
Pardon all the chicken scratch - Cam kept confusing me. For pull downs, I did wide arm and he did close, in case you're wondering.
Friday, April 29th - W5D3, Umbridge 13k
I had a PTO day on Friday (go me, for skipping out on month end :P), but I still got up for C25k. It was our first "long" run - 20 minutes without stopping!

I just want to take a minute to talk about mental conditioning: I knew that after C25k I was going to go home and run 10k, but I still feel nervous about the 20 min+ runs from C25k. When I did Couch to 5k (multiple starts, and I don't think I ever actually completed the entire program...) I would always get really nervous about the long runs. That 20 minute run was something I was scared of for so long, and didn't think I could do. And now, I still have that feeling about the 20 minute run! I was actually nervous about it beforehand, and I shared that with my group. I would always psych myself up about it and think I couldn't do that, and even now that I'm actually a "distance runner" that 20 minute run makes me nervous!

Anyways - we made it through, and I'm continuously more proud of Susan for sticking with us through every run!
After our 20 minute run I drove home, grabbed Nigel, and headed out for 10k more. I wanted to make sure to hit the 8.08 distance to account for the Umbridge run. Around 4.5 miles I stopped at home to drop Nigel off (and guzzle some water) and then headed out to finish the remaining two. I was a bit sore when I started (thanks to deadlifts on Thursday and then the first running session, followed by sitting in a car for 40 minutes) but the full six miles felt pretty good, and was only 50 seconds shy of my best 10k pace.

Lesson here? I'm never letting Nigel poop during a run again. Or at least I'll pause my Garmin if he does! If that first mile matched the others I would have PR'd the distance!!

And in finishing that 10k, I earned this big ol' medal from the Hogwarts Running Club for the Umbridge 13k:
It really is that big, and true to the books, the cat on the plate moves!

Saturday, April 30th - Active Recover (best yoga class yet!)
I hit up the All Level yoga on Saturday to recover from my run, and it was a great class. Part of the reason is because the class was small - only 5 of us - but the asanas and flows she walked us through targeted everything in my lower body that was sore and fatigued from Thursday and Friday, so I was extra appreciative.

There were a few poses and flows I specifically wanted to remember (so I wrote them down):

  • Everything was slow: We counted 6-8 breaths when moving between every pose, and did a lot of down dog>plank>chaturanga>up dog flows with this breath count. It really makes you focus on your breathing and concentrating strength and stability in certain muscles!
  • Extended Triangle Pose with the toes lifted off the ground: This one really got into my calf and hamstrings, to the point of breathlessness. It was such a great, deep stretch!
  • Legs Up the Wall with sandbags: This was a Restorative Yoga pose we did at the end as part of our shavasana. We placed a blanket under the low back, and then the instructor placed one 10-lb sandbag around each foot, compressing everything from the legs to the hips. We stayed like that for about five minutes, and I felt like I was floating when I left class. It was like it made the entire practice sink in to my bones and I loved that!

Sunday, May 1st  - Paintball
We capped the week off by going paintballing with a few friends (my brother came too!). It wasn't the best experience ever - Cam and I had a few problems getting our guns to work and finally just traded them in for rentals.

It turns out the place we went to (Paintball Explosion) had switched from winter paint to summer paint, but it was still just a little too cold for the summer paint. This meant that a lot of rounds would burst as they were fired (instead of kindly waiting until they hit their targets), which made for frustrating and messy play. One of the reasons we switched to rental guns was so we wouldn't have to keep cleaning our own.

We played about five rounds before calling it. I think we were all sore and tired from lugging our guns around, getting covered in mud, and being out in the cold. I was happy to get home and shower off, check out my bruises, and even went to bed early!

There will definitely be more paintball this summer though - we're planning another trek out in June.

And that's it! A full week of activities. I'll try to be better about posting sooner, I'm just soooo busy!! Back to it I go!


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