Friday, May 13, 2016

Random Things on a Thursday (#10)...on a Friday

I've got a shorter selection of randomness for you this week, and it's a bit late, but I'm sure you'll all manage ;)

Ned has been acting really weird for a few weeks. Hasn't been eating well, very fidgety, seems moody, has been trying to burrow all over the cage, not pooping...all of the stuff you want a pet to do normally, Ned has not been doing.

Wednesday night Cam texted me and said something was seriously wrong with Ned, and that Cam thought his anus was prolapsing (I kid you not, that's a thing that happens with beardies). So I'm saying I'll take Ned to the vet after work and stuff, getting all worried and thinking about putting sugar paste on his inside-out colon...

...then Cam's mom calls me to say: Ned is a girl!

It turns out bearded dragons are really hard to sex (which we knew), and we guessed wrong with Ned. And all of this weird behavior the last few weeks? Well it's because Ned has been getting ready to lay eggs, and SHE has now laid like 10 eggs.

I would have been moody too. Anyways...Nedette and an egg:

Hi there, I'm running a marathon in LESS THAN FIVE MONTHS. I have to start fundraising for said marathon.

So keep an eye out for that post, because it's coming, I promise!

Vegetable Gardening
Good weather has come just in time, because I need a weekend off from everything to just reconnect with the basics. I'm going to be planting my vegetable garden again this weekend, and I couldn't be more excited!

I have yet to decide what I'm planting, but I'll be reviewing last year's post for all of those notes I made (see, I knew it would come in handy!).

I've been on the search for new music lately. I've been in a total mind-funk, and music is helping to ease me through the day and keep me from thinking too much.

If you have any suggestions, send them my way! I'm open to just about anything, but no Justins (Timberlake or Beiber) and absolutely NO Green Day.

If you have a favorite workout song or something that pumps you up, please post it in the comments!

Quite a few weeks ago I went and saw the movie Allegiant with my friend Kate. She's a YA librarian and we've made a habit of seeing many of the movies that are based on YA fiction, and we both love the Divergent series.

Obviously this is a big enough deal to me that I'm blogging about it so it's totally possible that you don't care but bear with me

OMG, they changed so much! It totally diverts (hah) from the book. Like, in a huge way. I spent a good chunk of the movie wondering if I was mis-remembering the book. Then at the end Kate was like "WTF" and I was like "WTF" and we decided they just went wild and stopped caring about the story.

Also of note - neither of us realized there is going to be a 4th movie! We thought they were going to end the film series with this one, not split it in two (a la Harry Potter and Hunger Games), but sure enough, there's going to be another one. Which just confuses me even more, because it feels like they've already told the whole story.

Maybe I need to go back and read the book again?

Harvard Health Blog
I've posted about stuff from the HHB before, but I found this post about nutritional strategies to address anxiety and stress really interesting. It goes with that old adage 'food is medicine'. It is not the only medicine, but what we eat really does have an affect on how we feel and act.

Speaking of Healthy Eating...
I've been pretty good about prepping my breakfasts and lunches for work during the week. I have Greek yogurt with honey, berries, and cinnamon for breakfast - I mix up the yogurt on Sunday and add nuts at my desk). For lunch, it's salad with baked chicken - I make the salad and then put some of it on a flour tortilla - and I drink a La Croix with that.

It's working for me because I've found that since starting my new job and with C25k I'm so busy. I'm working overtime without even realizing it. I'm still running and lifting and getting ready to train. Things are crazy right now, and this makes my life just a tiny bit easier!

This picture is from a few weeks ago, but it hasn't really changed. So here's my fridge on a Sunday night:

In the mornings I just grab what I need (for one day or two, if I'm going to Cam's), throw it in my lunch bag, and go!

Annnd I think that's it for the week!
I'm busy, and there's tons going on, which is why I need to get going :)

I'll be back on Sunday with a two week round up of workouts, since I've really been slacking on posting about those lately!


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