Monday, May 30, 2016

Active Rest

If you are lucky enough to have today off, Happy Second Sunday!

More we remember all those who gave their lives in our armed forces...Happy Memorial Day.

Rest Days

For today's post, I'm gonna take you back to yesterday, which was a designated "Rest Day" on my training schedule.

I have issues with rest days. I'm not very good at doing nothing, it just puts me in a bad headspace. Yesterday was the perfect example, because I went to bed knowing I had very little planned for Sunday. Then I woke up at 5:30 and had a thought:

"I have way too many workout clothes in the drawer. I should clean it out."

Which lead to the next thought:

"Actually...I just have too many clothes. I bet all the drawers and the closet could be cleaned."

Which lead to thought number three:

"This room is so small. Hannah's coming soon. Wouldn't it be great if the dresser was in a different spot so there's more room for an air mattress?"

And the final thought:

"You should really pack up those DVDs and books for when you move. Just clear out that bookshelf and store everything until the fall."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I spent over four hours yesterday doing a total clear out of my bedroom.

I packed the books and DVDs. I went through some random box of stuff in my room that my mom gave me over a year ago (that had some cool stuff in it). I went through my dresser and closet and decided what to donate and what to toss. Three and a half boxes of stuff to store, two boxes (one entirely of shoes), one bag of clothes, and a desk chair to donate.

At one point I went downstairs for something (I think?) and ended up cleaning out the den closet too. I store all of my hamster stuff (as well as some other random tidbits) in there, and it was looking chaotic. So that got done, and then I headed back to my room.

Stuff that has been sitting in my room for ages waiting to be brought downstairs (for whatever reason) is now put away or filed. I even started looking for medal hangers so that my book shelves will look a little more reasonable. I stopped though, because I can't justify the cost right now. The $40 for the hanger I wanted wasn't bad, but it pushed near $60 with shipping. I'll just have to wait on that one!

Spring cleaning came a little late for this girl, but I finally did it!
My tiny room in the last stages of clearing out.
I felt so accomplished. Something about rearranging furniture does that. Now I just have these piles of things to do stuff with...

I'll get right on that.


And not the work you might think! Kind of at the last minute on Saturday I decided to accept an appointment for an old client - well, two kids in the same family. I haven't seen this family since my shoulder surgery over two and a half years ago, and I don't normally accept clients anymore, but they were always really good to me so I decided to go.

First up...holy crap, kids grow a lot in two years. The one is now taller than me (by a good bit), and has learned how to drive. The younger one is suddenly super talkative (he was all tiny and shy before). But...holy crap did it make me feel old!

I really like them, and their whole family is really into tennis. The kids are very good, especially the older one. That said, I was super shocked to find out that he has a US Open qualifier tournament in two weeks! Like...he is playing to qualify for the US Open. I didn't even know kids his age could do that!!!!

So yeah, color me shocked. After talking to their mom a bit about my training schedule we've decided to see how we can fit in some regular appointments for the kids. She was really understanding about my schedule too, and even when I offered to give them a friend's number she made a face and was like, 'No...I want to stick with you.' That made me feel really good about my decision to keep my license.

So throw one more thing on top of this summer's craziness! That said, I can't wait to see how he does at the tournament, and I get to earn some extra money for Europe at the same time. Woot!

Last but not least...

You know what else I did yesterday (and am continuing today)? I turned my phone off. I kept it off most of the day, only turning it on every few hours to see if Cam had texted me from Scamp.

At breakfast, I read a newspaper instead of scrolling through Facebook.

I found three (kind of recent) issues of Runner's World to read during lunch or when I'm bored and looking for something for my brain to gnaw on.

I went from thinking, 'Man, I never have any time to read,' to realizing...I definitely do...I just don't really pick things that are worthwhile.

It was nice to unplug for a while. It's really so easy to get caught up in the internet and all of the things and people that are on it, and so easy to forget to live and see what's right in front of your face.

Anyways...I have nothing more about that, it was just an observation and a fun little challenge for myself these few days. Have you ever tried "disconnecting" from your phone? It wasn't until I didn't have it next to me all day that I realized how often I instinctively reach for it! I go! Enjoy your Memorial Day!


PS...funny story. I was at Target the other day and had a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $10 or more. When I gave it to the cashier he said, "Oh my god. This is incredible!? Is this even real?!" I thought it was so funny that the cashier reacted that way!! Hah! I go for real ;)

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