Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Weekly Workout Wrapup (Monday 4th - Sunday 10th)

Sorry I'm a bit late with this. It's been an...exhausting...weekend and week so far. You'll be lucky to even see one of these next week...but here goes for now.

Monday, April 4th - C25k W2D1
On Monday I strongly considered skipping the C25k group. I was still a bit worn out from the Shuffle (and all the walking that followed) and I honestly did not sleep well, as you read about in Thursday's post.

But I didn't skip. I got up in the cold and the wind, and went out for group:
I was almost late for work afterwards though, because when I went to shower, ever stall was taken. Womp womp. I hurried through everything though, and made it to my desk by 6:58. That has to be a record.

At the end of the day, however, I decided to skip my swim. It makes me happy that most of my summer rest days will be on Monday, after long weekend runs. Phew...planned that okay.

Tuesday, April 5th - lift
Per the routine, Cam and I met to lift. My hypothesis from last week (that Monday swims affect Tuesday lifts) might just be bunk. I had just as much trouble during bench this week as I've had in the last few weeks. I think it's time to start looking at other areas (sleep, diet) instead of just muscle usage. Le sigh.

Here's the log:
I went lighter on my first deadlift because Cam surprised me with wrist straps, and I wanted to give myself a chance to get used to them. My grip strength sucks (most likely from doing massage for the short period of time I did), but these should help in the long run (and already did on Tuesday!):
Rockin' my Shamrock Shuffle shirt!
And I took a picture of Cam in action:

Wednesday, April 6th - C25k W2D2
It was still a bit chilly and windy, but not terrible like the last few days had been. So out of bed I hopped tumbled, to meet up with my group!
I was not almost late to work on Wednesday, either! Wahoo!

Thursday, April 7th - swim and run
Cam worked really late on Thursday and I didn't feel like lifting. I did, however, feel like swimming and running. I fit in a quick 1,000 yards before the kiddy swim class started, and then did 3 (hella long) miles on the treadmill:

For the swim I did 100 yard repeats of swim, kick, pull, swim. The first group was done without tools, the second with fins and then paddles, and the last set with no tools again.

Friday, April 8th - C25k W2D3

And after work? A whole lotta nothing.

Saturday, April 9th
Saturday morning was full of adulting, but I did managed to make it to yoga with my mom. Afterwards, I drove to Cam's and we drove down down down south to the University of Illinois for my Sunday race with Papa Bender!

Sunday, April 10th
Race recap coming soon! It was a 5k though, I'll tell you that ;)

And that's it! A bit lame (pretty much my life lately), but...oh well :(


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