Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekly Workout Wrapup (Monday 28th - Sunday 3rd)

Hello, hello, I'm back again. Here's what I was up to this week!

Monday, March 28th - W1D1 C25k; 1600yd swim
Monday was the first day of C25k at my office! If you missed me saying it before, I'm doing this for purely selfish reasons...okay, that's not really true. I did offer to coach to get me ready for early morning workouts, but I also volunteered because it took me so long to get to a point where I was running consistently, and I want to help others get there too.

Day one went well! It was a bit chilly and windy (those words actually describe the whole week), but it was a nice way to wake up and get the blood flowing (although the drive to the office was not). We came in just shy of 1.5 miles, and I was telling the newbies that it's fun to see your total distance creep up over time:

After work Cam and I met at the gym to swim. He didn't tell me until 5:40, but there was a water aerobics class at 6:00. I still had 14 laps to do, and I somehow managed to squeeze them in during that time (I still don't know how). I did a workout designed to help with breathing, and I found it here (first on the list). I need to push myself to develop my breathing technique, and I think this helped:

After the first two windsprints (50 yards) I knew I couldn't get all the way across the pool without taking a breath, so I used my fins for all of the sprints. I still had to breathe after 10 or so strokes, but the fins helped me not feel like I was drowning.

And because I needed to speed up the pace before that class started, I used my fins and paddles for the last 2x200, focusing on my kicking and catching. Good news...I'm still making strides with my form, and this whole swimming thing is getting better and better as the days go.

My Garmin made some error in counting (I really don't know how, but maybe when I was changing strokes during my cool down?) and added 100 yards to the workout. But here's the jist:

Tuesday, March 29th - Cycle and lift
Tuesday was all struggle, both for me and Cam. We started with a quick, easy, 10 minute cycle, then headed to the weights. My deadlift went fine, my bench was a huge struggle. Everything felt like a struggle, and just downright difficult. I hypothesized that the reason upper body lifts felt so difficult was because of the effort in the pool on Monday, which is certainly a probability.

Either way, we stopped after 4 lifts, and decided to pick the rest up on Thursday, since Wednesday is a rest day. No point killing ourselves if there's no actual gain!

This is where I admit to being a super bad blogger because I consistently forget to take pictures of our lifting book. Cam keeps it in his gym bag so the soonest I'll be able to update this with a picture is Tuesdays, but probably Wednesday. So if you're really interested in that, check this post on Wednesday and it should be updated :)

Edit: And here's that update!

Wednesday, March 30th - W1D2 C25k (rest day)
Wednesdays have long been my rest day, but now with coaching C25k they won't be a true rest day. So this was more of an "active" rest day:

Thursday, March 31st - Lift
Cam and I both left work a bit late so we decided just to lift on Thursday (no biking to go with it).

As mentioned above...I will update by Wednesday with our log!

Edit: Here's the update!

Friday, April 1st - W1D3 C25k, 3.1 mile tempo run
Our little group finished our first week of Couch to 5k. We have a few solid attendees, and they're doing great. It's fun to run with them, and with other seasoned runners, and to hate on the cold, early mornings together. I love our little group - we all get along and it's already a treat to see them every morning. Here's to the next 8 weeks!

After work I skipped out on hot yoga and went for a run. I didn't want to test my muscles too hard with the yoga class right before a race, but I wanted to get in a good run to prepare my legs for Sunday. (Sidenote: When I decided to make this more of a tempo run I thought that I'd be running at an easier pace that I ended up at on Sunday. Oh harm, no foul!)

I completely forgot my heart rate monitor for this run, so I went by pace alone. It's interesting though, because the more I train with the monitor the more comfortable I am with my body and can estimate my pace (Sunday's race fed into this feeling as well...more on that later). Though I was tired at the start of this run (squats the day before and C25k in the morning made it interesting!) I felt pretty good for the whole thing:

I almost had negative splits!! Darn that second mile. I blame the tiny hill I had to go up :P That aside...this pace felt good, and hopefully the uptick will show on my easy runs!

This run has me gaining confidence that I can get my pace up. I'd like to PR my 5k on June 4th. I won't lie, I will have to work hard to get there and push myself during the race, but I think I can do it!

Saturday, April 2nd - Yoga
Yoga with my mom! We hit up our normal 1 hour class, and I learned an awesome new shoulder stretch. It was actually a fairly challenging class for me, and though I found myself wanting to modify for a lot of it, I'm proud to say I didn't. It was just what I needed after my tempo run and before the Shuffle.

Sunday, April 3rd - Shamrock Shuffle!
Keep any eye out for my race report! It was a cold and busy day downtown, but a good 5 miles were covered. I won't recap it here since that's the point of a race report!

Until next week!


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