Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap (Monday 18th - Sunday 24th)

I have surprised myself so far this week with how much I'm capable of cramming in if I allow it. For some reason, I decided two-a-day workouts would be a great idea, and I started that great idea this week. Perhaps making up for lost time last week? Who knows.

Monday, April 18th - W4D1 and Swimming
I met up with Susan at 6am for our normal C25k session. In week 4 of C25k you up the ante with the first 5 minute runs, and Susan crushed them. I successfully imported the rest of C25k into my 920xt as workouts, and we used that to time ourselves - worked like a charm:
After work I met Cam to swim. I was tired and he was really tired (and planning to be at work by 4:30 the next day) so we did a shorter swim. I managed 25 laps, all a mix of crawl, breast, and back stroke with some kick drills thrown in:
After that I went home and had dinner and watched TV because I was tired :P

Tuesday, April 19th - cycle, lift
Annnnd then I got up at 4:30 to use my trainer for half an hour. I don't have any fun nifty stats for you though, because I don't have a power meter. Too bad. It was a 30 minute ride at moderate intensity. My legs (and saddle parts) were still feeling it from Sunday's ride, so I didn't want to go all out.

Oh! Good news though - my new Tri kit came in the mail on Monday, so I was able to rock my tri shorts for the ride. They fit well and are super comfy (if unflattering), so sometime in the future I'll update about the new kit. I'm worried the top will be too short, but I'll decide later.

After work, Cam and I met at the gym to lift for the first time in *gulp* two weeks. I was not happy with my deadlift or bench. My deadlift was just sad (10lbs off my 3-rep max instead of increasing it) and my bench is stagnant. *sigh*

(I have, once again, forgotten to take pictures of the lift book. I'll snag them tomorrow and update with our weights.)

Update! Edited to add that Cam's PR was on his BENCH, not his Squat (he benched 300lbs this day!).

Wednesday, April 20th - W4D2
Wednesday morning started with C25k, per usual. I totally messed up starting the workout on my Garmin (that's what I get for being so smug about figuring it out), so this record doesn't include our warm up walk:
Susan noted that we went slightly further on Monday...I blame the deadlifts for that. My legs felt like lead, and today's run made me glad that I'm getting used to these things now, rather than waiting for training to start to get used to them.

Thursday, April 21st - Race-pace run
I wasn't sure what was going to happy on Thursday because there was a chance Cam would have to work late...and he did. Very late. I (illogically) feel like I haven't been running enough lately - illogical because I have been doing C25k in the mornings, and even though it's not straight running, it is physical activity and has been helping my pace. However, this thought process pushed me to do a tempo run on Thursday, which I don't think I've ever done.

So I set out to run 5k at the fastest pace I could maintain for those miles. My true intention for this was to discover what kind of base I'm dealing with for the next 5 weeks of training since I want to PR my 5k. I'm fairly certain it's doable. Here it is:
5k in 31:52! I won't lie, it was difficult - which is what it was supposed to be, but it was harder than I'd planned. It was kind of hot and I was a bit under-hydrated and pretty tired from the day. I've also been having this issue with side cramps (which I talked about on Thursday), so I walked for one tenth of my third mile. And since it was a difficult run...I decided to reward myself by counting it as my Dementor's Kiss 5k for HRC!

I counted it because there are two kinds of runs that scare me and make me think twice: Long runs and fast runs. And still doing them when you're afraid you'll fail is something to be proud of every time - just like casting a Patronus to defeat your Dementors.

This also means I've officially completed all of last year's races, and EARNED this bad boy medal for the Marauder's Challenge:
This is definitely the sweetest medal I own. #somuchgood goal for the race on 6/4? I don't even want to say it but...31:00. Yeah.

It's worth noting...I totally realized I submitted the wrong time for my PR for this race in June. I submitted 31:12 as the 'time to beat' but it's actually 31:41, which I came really close to hitting on this run. That time is also probably wrong...when I went back and looked at the course map from the Corporate Challenge where I set that PR, I realized my Garmin was all over the place because Chicago Buildings. So yeah. I've probably made this challenge way more difficult for myself than I needed to, lol.

Sub 10:00 min/miles, here I come!

Friday, April 22nd - W4D3 and lifting
Friday I was up early again for C25k:
We're getting better and better every day!

After work Cam and I met to lift, and managed to squeeze in a good workout before we headed our separate ways for the evening (I went out with work peeps, he went out with a friend).


Saturday, April 23rd - rest day
Saturday I woke up and felt like doing nothing. I was planning on an 8 mile run/walk (you'll remember), and totally threw the idea out the window. I was just plain tired.

And sore. I was so, so sore from Thursday's run and Friday's lifting.

So I did nothing on Saturday. :)

Sunday, April 24th - easy run
A few months ago I signed up for a massage Continuing Ed class that was slated for this Sunday. Because I did nothing on Saturday I knew I wanted to get a run in on Sunday before the class. So I leashed up my Nigel and took him out for an easy three miles. I was ECSTATIC to realize my "easy" pace has dropped so much! When I started doing heart rate training my easy pace was about 12:30 min/mile. During this run, it was almost a full minute faster!
Here's hoping I can hit that PR with this method!

And that's it!
A week of workouts in the book again - nothing stellar except consistency. And after Saturday I can tell how much I'll need my rest days during training :P

Until I write again...have a good one!


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