Monday, March 7, 2016

Workout Wrapup (Monday 29th - Sunday 6th)

Not to ruin it for you or anything, but because this was the cabin weekend I didn't do a ton of working out this week. We were at the cabin from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon (got home at 2) and the combination of late nights and bad eating...well it went all womp womp. It's one weekend though, and it's a fun one - and that's what life's really about!


Monday, February 29th
Literally my only goal was to make it to the gym and get in the pool instead of going home. After the craziness of the Hustle and lack of sleep, all I really wanted to do was Netflix and Chill. But I told myself that if I got myself into the pool I only had to do 1,000 yards.

And somehow I managed to do it. 500 yards split between front crawl, breast and back stroke; 400 yards with paddles, 100 cool down. Out and done.

Also, I took this picture a few weeks ago and forgot to post it here:
This is the sign at my gym that I was talking about a few months ago!
Tuesday, March 1st
Cam and I made it to the gym for spin and a few lifts. We really half assed it...

Wednesday, March 2nd
Rest day, because I needed it oh so badly... :P Actually, I did some shopping and prep for the weekend, and cleaned a hamster cage.

Thursday, March 4th
Workout time was absorbed by packing and driving (that means there was no workout).

Friday, March 5th
I told you guys I'd get a run in, and I did! I managed 4 miles and felt really great during it, and I'll write about it in my recap of the weekend!

Saturday, March 6th
I didn't go out and run again, but Sarah and I went for a hilly 2.5 mile walk and hike. We almost fell down said hills. It was muddy and icy, but we did it (even if we did boarder on tresspassing...).

Sunday, March 7th
Yeah, no working out happened. Instead, there was lots of cleaning and packing and driving and unpacking and cleaning. Woo...

And there you have it. Nothing to write home about, but oh well. Back to it this week!


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  1. No worries - it happens :) Glad you had a fun weekend. P.S. "Netflix and Chill" has a very specific meaning for some lol