Monday, March 28, 2016

Weekly Workout Wrapup (Monday 21st - Sunday 27th)

Hello everyone, I'm back again! I missed a few workouts this week, but overall things felt very solid. This week I'm gearing up for the Shamrock Shuffle, which I'm SUPER excited for! It's my first year running it and I'm doing it with a very good friend, so I'm exited!!

Until then, enjoy this wrap up!

I think I mentioned in last week's post that I had a doctor's appointment on Monday, and then I had a bunch of errands to run, so I did not swim on Monday. Womp womp. Gotta get all of these appointments out of the way now while I have time!

Bike and lift. We did 15 minutes on the spin bike, and then the following lifts. I took a picture of our log but it's pretty difficult to read, so I typed it up for your viewing pleasure:

Only slightly disappointed about the second deadlift and bench sets...but it was a heavy set day so I'm not too broken up about it. It'd be nice if that bench had worked though :(

Rest day! (I also got my nails done :P)

Thursday, March 24th - 4 miles (treadmill), three lifts, abs
There's been this weird trend in the last few months (since he was promoted) where Cam ends up working really late on Thursdays. It happens occasionally on a different day, but he really does work a lot of late Thursdays...and that's what happened this week. Instead, I ran into these folks at the gym:
(Those are Cam's parents.)
Aside from him having to completely miss our workout, I wasn't too upset (that makes me sound terrible, doesn't it?). I wanted to get a good run in with some speedwork, so I hit the treadmill for four miles. After I ran a quarter of a mile, I increased the pace for the next quarter, then ran three-quarters at an 'easy' pace. My average mile pace was 11:15 min/mile:
My heart rate was in the high 150s to low 160s the whole time (my 20% for the week!), and I'm hoping runs like this will help me pick the pace up. I have a 5k I want to PR in June...and there is definitely work to be done! After reading Runs for Cookies' update post about heart rate training I am confident I can get there!

After this run I decided to do some weights as well. I did:
I foam rolled when I got back to Cam's house, and I need to be much better about doing so. All up and down my left leg I'm still having issues in certain spots (glute medius/piriformis and IT Band, specifically), but I could barely hold myself up after lifting so the effort I gave was mediocre.

I ended up skipping hot yoga on Friday. Last week's class was such a struggle for me, and I was pretty freaking tired this week so I skipped yoga and hung out with Cam and Dan and played some Frisbee instead. Can't say I'm disappointed in the choice!

Saturday -
cycle and lift
Cam and I hit the gym before I went home (to make cookies). We started with 20 minutes on the spin bike (while listening to some moe. so we wouldn't be bored out of our skulls) and then lifted.

I admit I wimped out on leg press. I hate it to begin with, and my legs were still tired from the speed work on Thursday. It's okay though...I also did squats on Thursday after the speed work. So yeah, not upset about leg press at all.

Sunday - 5 miles
I fail-whaled at getting up early to go for an Easter morning run, but realized if I did everything on my to-do list before breakfast, I could run after. And that's exactly what I did! I took Nigel out for my 5-miler, but my poor pooch clearly did not have 5 miles in mind. I dropped him off at home at 4.25, and completed the last three-quarters of a mile by myself.

I really nailed this "long" run from a HR training standpoint. I kept a 12:12 min/mile pace, and my average heart rate was right on target, at 147.

I also decided to count this as my Voldemort V Miler for the Hogwarts Running Club. I signed up for it as part of the Time Turner event in the fall, and I was finally able to complete it!
The Dark Mark in the center spins!
I felt really good after this run, but I had a slight twinge in my hamstring that I rolled out and massaged a bit before our Easter guests came over. My knee and ankle felt good for the whole run, so I'm confident that if I keep tending to these spots (and balancing on the other side) I can stave off any additional injuries.

Annnnnd that's it for the week! See you next Monday with another update!


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