Monday, March 14, 2016


I don't have a workout wrap up for you this week because last week was abysmal when it came to working out. However, I do have lots of insight to share about my tendinitis, and after just one run this week I think I finally got to the root of my problem.

It all started with a 4 mile run on Tuesday.

When I left work on Tuesday it was gorgeous out. It was some of the best weather in months, and when I got in my car and the thermostat read seventy degrees, I texted Cam that we should skip the weight room and head outside instead. I mean, I love lifting and everything, but it does not compare to running outside on a beautiful day. Since I had no idea when the next day like that would be, I was ready to ax the gym. (Sidenote: Good decision since the rest of the week got progressively colder, and turned into a rainy and gross weekend.)

When Cam got home we got his bike ready and I put on my running shoes - the only ones I had with me were my Brooks Glycerins, which I haven't run in for a long while (this is important). We needed veggies for dinner and planned out a few vague "seeing points" (points on our routes where we'd see each other) and left, agreeing to meet at the nearest grocery store.

The first half mile of my run felt awkward (as is the norm for me) but by the time I got to the store (1.8 miles) I felt pretty good. Since I know you totally care about what I bought: I'd originally planned on broccoli for dinner, but asparagus was on sale for 87 cents a pound (!!!) and I couldn't pass it up so I got both (I also got a Cadbury Carmello to share after dinner. Don't judge.).

Anyways...when we left Cam gave me a suggested route so I could hit 4 miles, and I gradually realized as I went that, not only was it mostly up was into the wind! Awesome. As soon as I try to focus on flat, easy runs I figure out where all the "hills" are (it's in quotes because I live in northern Illinois where real hills don't actually exist, leading even slight inclines to feel like Everest). Anywho, I slowed my pace to keep my heart rate down and did pretty well with the long slope I had to go up.

The bad news came after I hit 3 left lower leg was killing me. I can't really describe it - if you've ever had really tight calves during a run or walk and they don't stop burning, it was like that, but on the lateral (outside) part of my leg about 2 inches above my ankle bone. It burned and hurt. A lot. I walked for about a quarter mile, then started running again when it died down a bit. Cam rejoined me shortly after I started running again, but when I got to 3.75 miles I told him I just wanted to walk the rest of the way, so that's what we did. Here are the splits:

Avg HR was 145bmp, Avg pace 12:51.
I'm really happy that my steady "easy" pace has planted itself right around 11:45-12:00 min/mile. I'm going to focus on increasing that by June before training starts, but I'm happy with it for now.

Now the big announcement:

For once, I think I know what started the problem. Like...the whole tendinitis thing. I think it was the well as a small selection of bad decisions on my part...

I'll preface this by saying I'm not going to chance it anymore - I'm not going to wear them when I run. They're a decent shoe for short walks, but there's not chance I'm running in them again, because I do think they're the culprit.

I got the Glycerins at the recommendation of my LRS (local running store) in August. I'd been wearing New Balance 1260s, which are a very sturdy shoe, but the Glycerins are a neutral shoe. The week my tendinitis started was the week after my 12 mile long run during my half marathon training, which I ran in the Glycerins. I remember I wanted to run the 12-miler my 1260s but I forgot them at home and only had the Glycerins in my car at Cam's, so I decided to use them even though the longest I'd run in them was 3 miles (bad idea).

I also sprained my ankle 6 days after that run (which undoubtedly added to the problem). But when I talked to my doctor and PT about everything I assured them over and over that I had not been having ankle pain prior to the week of the ankle sprain, and I still stand by that.

Another reason suspect the Glycerins specifically is that I ran a very hilly route in my New Balance 1260s last Friday at the cabin,, and I did not have any pain even resembling this. I had to stretch and ice afterwards, yes, but I didn't feel sore and incapacitated during the actual run.

This past weekend I also ran an easy (and flat) 5k in my 1260s, and aside from the normal amount of soreness I've experienced lately, I didn't have any other issues, and I didn't have to stop and walk at all because of pain.

So what was a hypothesis before ('I wonder if it was the shoes') has now solidified itself to near fact. I mean...according to Garmin Connect, I have 250 miles on my 1260s, and only 15 on the Glycerins (this should be bumped up to about 35 because I did a lot of walking and PT in them over the last few months).

Moral of the Story...
If you are a runner, walker, or aspiring to either, be diligent about your shoes! If something in your body - especially feet, legs, hips, or low back - seems off, don't forget to consider your shoes as a contributor to the problem! As it happens, my problem is not only in my spans the entire lateral side of my left leg, as well as in my hip. I don't think all of this was caused solely by the shoes, though I do think they are the prime culprit for the tendinitis. I know some of my issues come from bad posture and sitting positions, but I definitely think these issues were exacerbated by wearing the wrong shoe.

I'll be purchasing new 1260s in a few weeks, and then I'll be looking for another sturdy shoe to rotate in for my short runs. Until then, there will be a lot of icing, foam rolling, and stretching in my schedule so I can get a hold on all of this again before my summer training starts. I feel like I've been sidelined by this injury for too long, and I'm ready to be done with it.

Again, I'm sorry there's no workout update for you this week. My life was really pitiful on that end, but I'm happy that I seem to have rooted out where the tendinitis started, and I feel like I can do a bit more about it now that I know the problem is tied to my shoes.

Also...I'm sorry I haven't managed to post about the cabin yet (because I know you're all chomping at the bit to read about it...). It's been a bit crazy for me with things, and I just haven't had time to write it up. I'm hoping to get it up early this week :)

Until then...have a great week!


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  1. Shoes are so important! Make sure that you are changing them after you reach a certain mileage as well! Some people track miles on their shoes but I am not that organized. However, I can specifically tell when I need to buy new sneakers because my knees start to hurt!

    1. I've suspected for so long that it was the shoes, so now I'm kind of glad I wore them for that run!

      Also, if you use Garmin Connect, there's a way to set it up to count the miles on your shoes for you, and this is the only reason I know my 1260s have ~250 miles on them. It's in the "Gear" menu, and you can even set a default pair of shoes. Then if you need to change which shoes you wore for a certain run you just go into that activity and click on the number next to 'gear' under the title and you can select a different pair. I'm so glad Garmin has that feature, otherwise I would never have been able to keep track!