Thursday, March 24, 2016

Random Things on a Thursday (#6)

Hello there! It's time for more random Thursday things. Off we go!

First of All...
I hope I didn't sound standoffish when I posted about the reunion yesterday. I have some friends who have said things to me before along the lines of, "You were friends with everyone in high school!'

I definitely was not. Looking back, there were a lot of people I was friendly with, but I was not, by any means, truly 'friends with everyone'. I actually left high school feeling like most people didn't like me. Thinking about going to a reunion and being surrounded by all those people and old memories makes me kind of anxious.

You see...for me, high school wasn't some kind of "glory days". My dad died less than six months before I started high school, and family stability was on the rocks for a while while we figured out how to be a family of three. It was not my prime in any way, and my freshman and sophomore years were definitely periods of darkness in my life. Looking back, it's actually no wonder I feel like people didn't like me. I didn't really like myself. I was awkward and ashamed of a lot of things, I had the beginnings of depression, I was sad and belligerent, and I definitely had a chip on my shoulder.

My dad dying felt really...unfair. It sounds like a stupid, selfish, teenage-angsty thing to say, but there you go. After all, plenty of kids had bad family lives or divorced parents or whatever. But what made it so bad for me (this is an explanation of my behavior, not a sympathy ploy) was that, while those kids tended to find some other kid who they could relate one in my life understood what I was going through. Until my friend Danielle and I connected before my senior year (because I found out her dad had died a few years after mine) I did not have anyone who knew what it was like to be a teenage girl who lost her dad. Basically...I had a bunch of emotions that I didn't know how to deal with, and those memories are fully associated with the people I was around at the time.

So, uh, sorry guys if you hated me because I was mean to you.

This is probably one of the reasons I didn't keep in touch with a ton of people from high school. I didn't want to remember high school, and I still kind of don't - so people picking fights right away about whether or not kids can come to a reunion just seems so effing petty. I thought we were adults now. I thought we'd moved on from the high school bullshit. Apparently not?

Anyways. I'm sure I'll go because there are people I want to see in person who have said they plan on coming. I might just need to have the Wack Pack on standby for when I need some stability ;)

That was way longer than I intended it to be. Whoops.

Moving on to the rest of Random Things!

I have mad DOMS from our deadlifts on Tuesday. I love DLs, but I hate them too.

That is all I have to say about it. Time to move on to squats today!

Birthday Suits and Dublocorns
On Monday I mentioned that I went to a baby shower this weekend. Well I was running late getting ready for the shower because of my Sunday workout and had no idea what to wear. Fifteen minutes before she was going to come pick me up, I texted Jennie to ask what she was wearing. As I sent the text I thought, "This will be taken one of two ways...but she'll know what I mean!"


For the record, Anna (Jennie's daughter) is always wearing a cute dress. I stopped trying to compete long ago because there is no way to out-cute a five year old who dresses like she does. WIN for me though, because Anna and I are like two peas in a pod and we got to buddy it up for the whole shower after Jennie had to leave. I love hanging out with Anna. Always makes my day :D

Back to texts: Cam also sent me this gem last week. I cannot remember what the hell we were joking about, but he still surprises me with the things he comes up with!

The love of my life, ladies and gents.

Lindt Pineapple
In case you didn't know...Lindt makes chocolate with pineapple in it. Um...can we say my life is complete??

Couch to 5k
C25k starts at my office next week, and I'm coaching! I'll be there for the 6am session every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and I'm using this as a chance to get ready for training (since I'll have to run or swim in the mornings).

I'm actually looking forward to not having to get up as early as I do right now...I am not looking forward to rushing through my shower time to get to my desk by 7. Or to packing yet another bag to take with me in the mornings. *le sigh*

I forgot to mention when I wrote about my mini-tri that I was shocked how accurate the 920xt was on the treadmill. My Forerunner 15 has a footpod paired with it, and because of the footpod (and metrics acquired during outdoor runs), I always knew I could rely on the Garmin data to be more accurate than the treadmill data. But I used my 920xt on Sunday, and was surprised to look down and see it was keeping track of my distance despite being inside.

It turns out (as I learned from DC Rainmaker) that the 920xt used WDR (wrist based detection) to estimate your speed and distance on a treadmill. It actually works very similarly to the footpod, as the unit collects data during outdoor runs and then uses it to estimate your treadmill stats. DC says it's not really accurate because other wrist based movements can interfere. I did notice a tiny bit of variation: Even though I kept the speed constant on the treadmill my Garmin mile times did vary slightly (12:20/12:24/12:16). That said, the Garmin and treadmill both got me to 3.1 miles at almost the same time, so no complaints here. I think this is a very cool feature!

Last But Not Least
I got my new glasses this week! I elected to go with a deeper frame this time around, and in my favorite color. Cam said they make me look like a Bernie Sanders supporting hipster...and I'm totally cool with that. They're not as stylish as my old ones, but they're functionally better. So there ya go. I'm still waiting on the fun, "cheapo" pair I ordered (still not cheap, but comparatively they were), which should be in soon! I'll post a picture when I get them. Here are my new nerdy blue frames though:

And there you have my random things for Thursday...the ins and outs of the week.

Peace out til next time, people.


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