Thursday, March 17, 2016

Random Things on a Thursday (#5)

I'm finally back with some (fairly exciting though lengthy) random things. Enjoy!

It's St Patrick's Day... I might as well mention...
I am soooooo excited for the Shamrock Shuffle 8k in a few weeks on April 3rd. A few months ago one of my best friends from high school (and college, come to think) asked if I wanted to run it with her, and since I've never run it before I figured why not?! We're going all out for it too! We'll go to the expo the day before to pick up our packets (I've never been to a race expo), and then that night we're gonna hang out at her place and make race tutus. I've never worn a tutu during a race (I wore a DIY sparkle run skirt for the Corporate Challenge last year), so it will be a new experience! I have all the tutu-makings in my car, ready to go. I almost wasn't able to get green tulle (apparently the stuff I wanted to buy was recalled?) - but I persevered and got it, with some extra colors and sparkle for flair. I'll be sure to get pictures of the two of us.

I also ordered an Irish green Hogwarts Running Club shirt so that anyone from HRC who's running the race can spot me. I was going to wear my Holyhead Harpies shirt (another HP reference for you there) but...well there's a story and it's boring. So I'll be wearing the HRC shirt for the run, and maybe the Harpies shirt after. Haven't decided. Here's the shirt though:

It says "Run like You Know Who is chasing you" on the back!
And did I mention how excited I am?!?! Wooooo!

You'll probably wonder why I didn't mention this's definitely more important, but I had a nice segue into the Shuffle thing with it being St Patrick's day and all.

Anyways...I've kept this totally off social media so far, but I guess it's time to make the announcement online: I'm moving to a different department at my company! I interviewed the first week of the month and got the offer last Wednesday. Things sure moved fast!

To answer the FAQ: It is definitely a step up (hence "promotion") and I get a nice pay bump. I'll learn a ton of new skills in this position that will prepare me for other roles at the company. I start transitioning on Monday with half-days (mornings in my current department, afternoons in the new one) and will be fully transitioned by April 1st (no foolin'!).

I won't lie...I'm excited, but nervous. First off, there are all those feelings that come with a new job. The feelings of not knowing what exactly is coming or what I'll be doing day-to-day. I am very lucky that my physical surroundings won't change much. I don't have to change floors, I'm just moving one department over -  I get to be closer to the printer (but further away from the bathrooms and kitchen)! My hours will only change a little - I have to come in and stay a full 30 minutes later than I'm used to! I know and am comfortable with so many people on my floor and in my new department. I am leaving one fantastic and supportive manager for another equally awesome and supportive one. I really am very lucky in so many ways.

Mostly, I'm nervous because I have a busy few months ahead of me, and now I get to add job training on top of it. Never mind the triathlon and marathon, I'm actually pretty busy at work too. I'm doing logistics planning for our company's version of Take Your Kids to Work Day, which we have 2 days for. Double the fun, yay! On top of that PrideZ has a total of 7 events being planned for Pride Month (June). Seven. And as Events and Logistics Lead for our office...well, I'm sure you can deduce the rest.

That's not all either...Hannah is visiting from England the last week of June, and because of all the stuff going on with PrideZ, I'll be balancing her visit with some stuff that I have to pop in and say hi for at work.

I will certainly be a busy bee in all areas of my here's to the spring and summer months!

I've never even seen that movie, so it can't be a reference. That said, this weekend those of us going to Europe in the fall sat down to discuss where we want to go. We haven't worked out the particulars, but I'll at least be able to book some flights at the end of the month.

This trip has totally evolved. Initially we were only going to Berlin and Amsterdam, but over two weeks that's a lot of time in two places. Last month we found out that Brennan (Cam's brother) will be starting school in The Netherlands in the fall, so he won't be able to do the whole trip with us. Since that's now the case, the four of us flying over there decided to spread things out over a few extra cities. So now, we'll be exploring the following:

  • Paris (fly in + 3 days)
  • Brussels (3 days)
  • Berlin (4 days)
  • Amsterdam (4 days + fly out)
I'm pretty excited because I've never been to any of these cities. I'm also nervous because I've never been to any of these cities...but I'm sure we'll figure things out as we go ;)

Vega Protein Powder
I have finally tried this protein powder. It was recommended a lot during Swim Bike Fuel, and although I don't use protein powder a lot, I have meant to try it because I think it will end up being a godsend this summer (gotta plan that all out now too). I happened to be at Costco last Saturday when they were sampling the vanilla with greens flavor, so it gave me a chance to "try-before-you-buy". I liked it enough that I got a container for the Costco price of $29.99 - and just by chance, Cam and I used it before our workout on Sunday.

Bottom line is, we both liked it. I'm not a huge fan of protein powders in general, but they serve their purpose. I wanted to get Vega because it's vegan, and Cam told me he's had digestive problems with whey powders in the past. This one (obviously) has a greens powder mixed into it - that made it a bit grainy, but not unpalatable. I mixed it with half soy milk and half water, but I may try unsweetened almond or oat milk instead. It depends. was a good buy. Now I have to start experimenting with smoothie recipes so I can come up with something when my combination of morning and afternoon workouts start!

I learned from another blogger that TYR has this great offer where you can buy last seasons discontinued swim suit patterns for almost half price. The only downside is you don't get to pick the pattern/color...but that's really not something I care about (although I admit that I pray to not get pink). Last week I ordered a two new suits in the same style as my current one (Maxfit), because the lyrca one I have has lost almost all of its color (probably from chlorine in the hot tub...and washing it a few times at Cam's).
The suit I currently have ^.
I ordered one polyester and one lycra suit, and they were delivered this week. I was very excited when I opened them (neither design was hideous!) but I wasn't sure they were the right size because I ordered them at work when I didn't have my other suit on hand.

Turns out I ordered a size down from what I needed. Womp womp. I tried them on anyways and they fit okay in the hips, but the length was painfully short because I have a long torso. So I'll be sending them back for a refund, and placed a new order for the size up...except they don't have the lycra Maxfit suit offered in my size, so I had to order a different style. We'll see how it works!

Overall though, it's a great offer and they have all sizes and suit styles (men's/women's/kids). It's worth checking out if you need a new suit and don't really care about color!

I'm sorry (but not) - I have to mention it. I do my best not to talk about politics here, and I think I've only done so one other time...but this election cycle circus is insane.

The things some people are saying and's like everyone's found out the world is ending and some people are trying to make it through rationally, while others are going apeshit. I don't understand what has happened to American politics, but in many ways it's nothing to be proud of, and it's honestly become embarrassing.

I simply do not understand how we could make national history by electing a black man to the presidency, and then 8 years later have a Republican front runner with no political background, who has defined himself as a bigot with no actual plans for leading the country. My mistake - he "has a plan" for everything - he simply cannot communicate what those plans are with actual words. I mean...I've heard people claim he has a plan or has good ideas....please! You people saying that, share whatever drugs you're taking so the rest of us can experience whatever delusion you're under, because it's a good one.

I hope Donald Trump is doing this as some elaborate hoax to demonstrate how broken the Republican party is and makes a fool of all of his supporters as he's now outed them in angry, violent, hate-filled mobs. It's scary. But please, please let it be a joke...

And for the record, I voted in the primaries for the first time since I started voting in 2008. I voted for Bernie Sanders. That's right, I am more than okay with "THE SOCIALIST!" If he doesn't get the nomination I honestly don't know what I'll do, because I really don't believe in Clinton - she's consistently outed herself as a hypocrite over the last few weeks - and I refuse to vote Republican, as they have made a mockery of this country.

So yeah. Rock and a hard place if Bernie doesn't make it in.

(At this point I'm sure I've sufficiently offended everyone, and probably have no more readers. Whoops.)

More Busy
I mentioned being busy at work, but this weekend kicks off many more weekends of doing stuff. I had a lot of "time off" from various obligations the last two months (thank goodness too, it was getting unbearable), but starting this weekend I have some kind of thing to go to nearly every weekend for the foreseeable future.


The Cabin
Oh yeah. That. Still working on it...

I also have two other kind of interesting posts in the works. I was going to put both of them in here, but they ended up being wayyyy too long so I'll just post them separately. For once, I have too many posts to post!

And that is all, peeps. Have a great Thursday!


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