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Cabin Weekend - Year 3 (lots of pictures)

Here it is, only two weeks late! My post about our winter cabin weekend away!!

Some Background
Every year since Cam and I started dating, we go away for a weekend with our friends (The Wack Pack) to be obnoxious, play board games, have Nerf gun fights, and eat and drink things that are terrible for us.

Two years ago (the first year we did this), we went to an honest to goodness log cabin house out in the northwestern IL boonies. No television, no internet (creepy basement bathroom included). Last year's choice was slightly less was like a vacation home, but was definitely just like house sitting for a weekend.

This year we elected to go back to that first cabin again, bringing back all the good feels from Year 1. We'll go through it by day, shall we?

Day 1 - Thursday
This should actually be "Night 1" but we'll go with Day 1. Cam and I met at my house after work and got ready to go...packed up the coolers and cars, I finished making a few things to take with (homemade high protein ranch dressing!), and hit the road!

And then we had to stop at Aldi to buy potatoes, since I'd left the bag I needed on my dining room table. I also got trail mix and a box mix for peanut butter cookies, because who just buys one thing?

And then we went to Starbucks because...well it's pretty obvious.

But then we were back on the road!
We made really good time and got to the cabin just before 8.

I'm sure you want to know what it looks like, so here are a few pictures (inside and out) that I took before we left on Sunday (I didn't take them when we got there because it was very, very light pollution!):

From the outside:

The living room (the front door is all the way to the right, you can't see it here):

I took the previous picture while standing under this staircase (and you can see a bit of the kitchen on the right):

And here's the living room from above:

The only upstairs room is the master bed/bath:

Going back downstairs, if you walk under the staircase it leads to two "kids" rooms, a laundry room, bathroom, and immediately to the left are the basement stairs:

Cam and I had the room on the left, which we shared with Dan (he took the bunk, which you can see on the right). Also...this cabin has the absolute most comfortable beds on this planet:

Above the bunk between those support beams there's a well-hidden trap door that leads into a crawlspace next to the master serves a wonderful purpose during Nerf gun fights:

And, of course, the Nerf dart that was shot up into a light fixture in the kitchen two years ago:

Our friends Jake and Katie got there first and were just finishing their dinner. I put together mine and Cam's (homemade white pizza and salad...yummmm!!!), while the boys sorted through the Nerf guns to start some fights...and promptly discovered that we had no clips for the automatic guns. (We take our Nerf guns seriously.)

This was devastating for them in the moment.

We texted our other friends to see if they had them stored at their houses, but no one did. It ended up not mattering though - Jake had bought a bunch of quick shot Halo-series Nerf guns (boys will be boys), and we had a few non-automatic ones (like MY Zombie Crossbow):
I did actually just find it laying like this Friday morning. I'm not kidding either, it is MINE. Everyone knows it's automatically mine in a fight, and I hand picked it the first year we did all this. My Walking Dead obsession may have had something to do with the choice...
...but we had enough guns and ammo to keep us well supplied and fighting all weekend. (We still don't know where those clips are either...)

Sarah and Eric showed up as Cam and I finished eating, and our friend Dan got there a little bit after that. Okay, truth is I can't remember because I was huddled up in a chair, ten steps into La La Land. BUT I did wake up at midnight for second dinner (another slice of pizza with Dan, and one sip of Angry Orchard)...and then went to bed.

I am fun times, kids. I got a lot of flack for the one sip of Angry Orchard too.

Day 2 - Friday
Admittedly, I was shattered on Thursday night because I get up at 4:30 for work on weekdays, so going to half-bed at 10:30 and then full-bed at midnight wasn't shocking. I woke up Friday morning around 7:30 and got up to make coffee since I was planning on going for a run.

I drank my coffee and ate some yogurt while I finished 80/20 Running, and got ready and excited for my run...and then realized the temperature was still below freezing. It was going to get warmer though, so I figured I'd put my run off until later in the morning.

I  waited until about an hour after breakfast (best quote of the morning: "This is not as classy as having mimosas with breakfast, but it's just as delicious." Sarah said, while Dan made margaritas) and then headed out for four (hilly) miles - PSA, I did not have a margarita before this run:

Just a reminder...I come from somewhere totally flat. Even a moderate incline slows me down quite a bit, and I had one long, monster hill to get up during this.

So the fact that I just kept plodding through this run is something I'm fairly proud of. This was also the Friday after the Hustle, and I'd just been telling the Wack Pack about it. So as I started going up the steepest incline I kept telling myself, 'Just keep going - this is not 94 flights of stairs, you can do it!'

I also reminded myself that I got to go down the hill as long as I got up it. That helped too.

I made it two miles out and then turned around for the (much easier) trek home.

Here's a collage of pictures I snapped on the 'back' portion of my out-and-back:
The bottom left was my view just before descending the steepest incline of the run.
Not pictured:


There was a herd of sheep on my right as I crawled up the hill the first time, and they were so comical. I told myself I'd take a picture on my way back if they were still there, but they weren't. You see, as I was running past them (dying, out of breath because I was going uphill) every single one of them turned to look at me as I passed. Once I was past ALL of them I turned to glace at them and I had about thirty pairs of sheepy-eyes looking at me. It was hilarious! Every one had the same look on their face - 'Who the eff is this person?' It was great.

Also funny: That I finished 80/20 Running, a book about using your heart rate to control your speed, the morning I had my first ever rolling-hill run. Of course. It was so much easier to control my heart rate on the way back since it was mostly decline, but all rules went out the window for about the first half of the run.

The rest of the day passed with the standard: Nerf gun fights, coloring, food, board games, alcohol...etc. (Pics in the next section.)

Day 3 - Saturday
Mostly, Saturday is a huge blur in my head. We slept late. We ate breakfast

And then...(dun dun dun)

After breakfast we were all sitting around talking, getting ready for Nerf fights, and suddenly there were these three loud BANGS on the door. Like, really loud and scary. I was standing in the kitchen holding my cross bow, right across from the front door and I just held the crossbow up slowly, thinking...'What if the person on the other side has a real gun...?'

We all looked at each other, panicking, and then someone went over and opened the door...

And it was our friend Jeff.

Originally we didn't think he'd be coming because of work, but lo and behold, he decided to make us all shit our pants surprise us!

The rest of the day commenced with Nerf gun fights and some board games.

Then Sarah and I went for a hike and didn't die:

We hiked downhill to see the lake right by the cabin, which looks more like a river when you're next to it because it's so narrow. We opted to take a different route up when we saw these cute stairs leading to someone's property...and it turns out they legit just led to someone's property. We had to trespass (and try not to slip down a muddy, icy hill in the woods) to get UP the steps, only to find out that we'd have to slip up some other slopes and extra-tresspass just to get around their house because the stairs we went up went straight to someone's back door, and there was no actual path around the house.

We did it though...and came face to face with the neighbor, tuning up his ATV. Awkward...

After a few more miles we went back to the cabin for showers and lunch. I also did a lot of coloring. I did most of this at the cabin over the weekend, but added some gel pen flair when I got home:

Other things?

Cam fell asleep on me and later claimed he wasn't sleeping:

Katie decided to see how many colored pencils she could fit in Jake's beard (final count was 22 or 23...):

We played more board games (including our maiden voyage of the Settlers of Catan expansion Cities & Knights):
(I am all time banker and Rule Master because no one else is brave enough.)
I also made dinner at midnight. In case anyone is wondering...brats, baked potatoes, and Caesar salad goes over really well at midnight.

And then...bed.

Day 4 - Sunday
Sunday is always the day we wake up, start cleaning, and get ready to leave. Check out was 11:00 for us, and most of us were in bed until 8:30 or 9. I got up, made coffee, and started cleaning the kitchen, and was soon joined by the rest of them.

After gathering all of our Nerf gun darts and board games, and after packing the coolers and scarfing down some left overs for breakfast it was time to pack up the cars and say goodbye.

Jeff and Eric insisted on posing for a photo:

Oh yeah, and I took a picture of the creepy wood pile (I don't know why, it just skeeved me out):

And I snapped some shots as we drove through the park on our way out:

We stopped briefly to hug and say goodbye, and then it was time to head home.

After Cam and I got out on the highway we saw this truck. It adequately described everything I wanted in that moment:

Alas, coffee was not had. We opted for water, and two hours later we were home.

The end!

Sorry it took so long, it was just a lot to put together! But there you have it.

Have a great Sunday, and I'll be back again tomorrow with my workout update for the week!


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