Monday, February 15, 2016

Workout Wrapup (Monday 8th - Sunday 14th)

Well it is. And it isn't pretty. There was mucho slackage this week.

Monday, February 8th
Things started out well on Monday with a swim, and I'm actually pretty proud of this swim because I felt strong the whole way through. A few months ago I described my stroke as "clumsy": During Monday's swim it was anything but clumsy.

I did the workout I meant to do last week. I omitted one repeat in the middle because Cam finished way before me and I didn't want to make him keep waiting (and I had to get home to make dinner):

Total: 1800yds (36 laps). My metrics are similar to last week's swim, and I didn't time a 100 yard drill.

Tuesday, February 9th
Hah. Hah. Whoops. The workout didn't happen. Again, I just was not feeling it at all. I didn't even do my stair climb. It was one of those days. However, I told myself if I skipped my workout I had to finish two chapters of reading for my next CPCU exam, and I did.

Seriously though...I gotta get out of this workout-skipping funk. January was so good, and February has been not-so-good :(

Wednesday, February 10th
Wednesday is my rest day, guys! Why would I change that now...? I mean, after taxing myself so fully I really needed it. /sarcasm

Thursday, February 11th
This is where it gets really disappointing. I skipped the gym again. Cam had to work (really) late that I just gave up and drove home. Normally I spend Thursday nights at his house, but by the time I left work (nearly 2 hours late because I was working on PrideZ stuff) he still didn't know when he'd be home. So I skipped my stair climb AND workout and went home instead. Such dedication, I know.

Friday, February 12th
I DID IT, YOU GUYS. I went to hot yoga! It was much needed, and every time I thought I couldn't hold a pose any longer (which was often), I pushed myself to try harder because I'd slacked so much all week. The only time I didn't was during a warrior sequence that got my left ankle burning...I was pretty sure it was muscle burn, but I wasn't taking any chances. No harm, no foul, though. It's now Monday and my ankle is doing fiiiiine.

Saturday, February 13th
I stayed at Cam's Friday night, and I'd packed all my stuff to go out for a run on Saturday morning (cold weather gear, yo!). Then I did something uncharacteristic. I actually looked at the weather on Saturday morning.

I did it because I knew it was supposed to be a bit cold (hah), and once I saw the temperature I changed my mind. It was a whopping 0 degrees Fahrenheit out, with a "Real Feel" of -14. Yeah. That wasn't happening. So I studied for a bit, made breakfast, and then headed back home to meet my mom for yoga. And yoga was all I did on Saturday!

Sunday, February 14th
Cam and I got off the slacker train and went to the gym. We hopped in the pool for an "easy" swim to get back in the groove of things. 1000 yards, nothing fancy, not tools. Just me and the water.

Here's what I have to offer you from that:

And that is all. Nothing spectacular this week..quite the opposite, in fact. But honestly is a policy around here so there you have it!


Currently Reading:
K is for Killer (Kinsey Millhone #11) - Sue Grafton (audiobook)
80/20 Running: Run Stronger and Race Faster By Training Slower - Matt Fitzgerald
The Walking Dead: Compendium 3 - Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano (hard copy)

My copy of 80/20 Running came and I've already started reading! I'll let you know what I think when I'm finished, but it sounds promising so far!

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