Monday, February 29, 2016

Workout Wrapup (Monday 22nd - Sunday 28th)

Hello, hello! I'll be back soon with a recap of the Hustle, but here's my workout log for the week for now!

Monday, February 22nd
Monday was one of those days where life got in the way of everything. I had every good intention on Monday and I felt good all day. I had a doctor's appointment north of home so I was planning on running when I got back. I'd completely forgotten that the optometrist was going to dilate my eyes though. To make a long explanation short: I have some pretty bad issues with light sensitivity and depth perception, and the headlights of oncoming vehicles on my way home started a really bad headache for me. It got even worse when I got home I made dinner for my family because reading the recipe was so difficult. When dinner was over I went to my room and just laid in bed, in the dark. That is not a thing I do.

Needless to say...the run didn't happen. Oh well. Such is life.

Tuesday, February 23rd
It was my last day of training for the Hustle! I capped things off with 100 floors (nowhere near as crazy as some of the people climbing 150-200+ floors...I'm just so dedicated) in 22:55. I used my 920xt to time this climb and I strapped a heart rate monitor on because I was curious. The resulting graphs are actually kinda funny:

Avg HR 155bpm; Max HR 167bpm.
You can clearly tell what was happening between the elevation and heart rate. The points where it drops like a cliff are when I went down the elevator to start going up again.

Afterwards I met Cam at the gym for weights...and totally forgot to snap a picture of the log. It was nothing exciting...we had a 5-5-10 week, and Tuesdays are for deadlifts and bench, with some other stuff peppered in. So that's what we did.

Wednesday, February 24th
It was my rest day. I celebrated with a dentist appointment. I get to go back in a month because there's a potential cavity problem with one of my molars. Dumb rest days.

Thursday, February 25th
We started off our workout with a bit of easy spin (10 minutes), and then followed up with more weights. Cam told me I could go easy on my squats because of the impending stair climb. How sweet, right?

I don't have a picture of the log, but we didn't even do squats because there were too many people using the squat racks. So I leg pressed 225 (weak...) for my 5-5-10 (easier for the 10), and we did our decline and a few other upper body things, then we called it.

Friday, February 26th
I made it to hot yoga with Amy! The class itself felt kind of easy, although I admit I had to keep taking breaks because my ankle was bothering me and she was having us do tons of lunges. Since I sprained it in September my left ankle has had issues with lunges (mostly the flexion past 45* aspect) so I let myself ease up on it. I still got a good sweat in, and I wore a HR monitor because I was curious what the results would be for a hot yoga class:
Avg HR 99bpm; Max HR 140bpm.
This class definitely wasn't as intense as some of the other classes I've been too, so I'll probably test this out again Sometime. Not bad though!

Saturday, February 27th
Saturday morning I popped out for a 2 mile run before yoga. I'm about half way through 80/20 Running, but I want to start applying the training principle now, so I was intensely focused on keeping my heart rate below 150 for this run (which is what I suspect the author will say to do). There was a headwind for the first half of my out-and-back route which made this a little tricky, but I did my best!
Avg HR of 146!!
And then, as mentioned, yoga with my mommatrons. It was a fun class (only 6 students today!) with good vibes, and they all wished me luck for the Hustle so that was really encouraging :)

Sunday, February 28th - The Hustle Up the Hancock!
It was my only real physical activity for Sunday, and I'm saving it for another post ;) Stay tuned for that, it should be up later today or tomorrow.

On a side note...on the train ride home I read a lot of 80/20 Running, and I'm very close to finishing so I plan to do that this week!


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M is for Malice (Kinsey Millhone #13) - Sue Grafton (audiobook)
80/20 Running: Run Stronger and Race Faster By Training Slower - Matt Fitzgerald (hard copy)
The Walking Dead: Compendium 3 - Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano (hard copy)

Finished: L is for Lawless (Kinsey Millhone #12) - Sue Grafton (audiobook)
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  1. Hey! I wanted to ask a question. Can you give an update on Swim Bike Fuel? Are you still working the program months out? Would love to get your input on how it is going since it formally ended. I'm struggling with diet majorly!

    1. Absolutely! I've totally been meaning to update so you're comment has prompted me to write something up :) Keep an eye out for it later today!