Monday, February 8, 2016

Workout Wrapup (Monday 1st - Sunday 7th)

Monday, February 1st

Monday was a bust. Normally Cam and I meet at the gym to swim, but it wasn't happening. I was tired and wanted to go home, cuddle my puppies, and do some CPCU studying. I got halfway through my CPCU chapter and Nigel came over and basically dragged me out of my chair to go cuddle (okay, I'm lying, he nudged my hand...the guilt is what dragged me from my seat).

Tuesday, February 2nd

It went a bit better on Tuesday. I forced myself to do another 65 flights of stairs after work. 14:08 this time, so pretty steady with the pace. Cam and I met at the gym and we just weren't feeling the spin bikes. We got on, peddled for about 2 minutes, and then decided to go lift.

Which also ended up being kind of sad...and we only did 2 lifts: Bench and Deads. Yup. Lazy of us, but at least we did something! And I totally forgot a picture of our lift book this you don't get to see how much (or how little, depending on how you look at it) we lifted!

Wednesday, February 3rd

I decided to make up for my missed swim workout on Monday, and nail one on Wednesday. I stole a workout from Katelyn at Hungry Twenties...and then forgot to take it into the gym with me, so I totally butchered it. Here's what I was supposed to do:

That was definitely not what I ended up doing. Here's what I misremembered and did instead (it's comical, really):
It's funny, because I ended up doing just as many yards even though I totally didn't remember things correctly. You'll notice the lack of cool-down...and it's because my foot started cramping pretty badly, and it was the kind of cramp that I normally don't recover from by staying the pool. I was so disappointed that I didn't get through "the whole workout" because I didn't do 4 repeats...but looking at it later I realized that was dumb because my workout was only short by one lap!

I also did some drills during the "fast" 2x100s. I did one drill for 100 yard time that I was really happy with:
Next goal is to get this under 2:00 minutes!
And one 200 yard drill at a "comfortably fast" past that I think I could maintain for a race:
I'm not happy that after I did both of these drills my Garmin stopped remembering how to track laps, and I had to stop, save, and then start another session. I feel like maybe I'm missing a step that I'm supposed to do, so I guess I'll be browsing some user manuals soon.

Thursday, February 4th
I'm ashamed to say that Cam and I got to the gym, we were in the parking lot and...we decided not to go work out. I had some cards I wanted to get written and he's been working longer than usual days, so we kind of shoulder-deviled each other and went to the grocery store for dinner stuff instead.

All was not lost though...I did 85 flights of stairs in 18:40.9 before I left work. Not too shabby! (Although this definitely contributed to my not wanting to work out, haha.) It was also extra dry and left me with a persistent cough. Thanks, stairwell.

And those cards? They didn't get done until Friday morning. Whoopsies.

Friday, February 5th

I was looking forward to Friday because Cam agreed to try a couple's yoga class with me! The studio I go to by my house offered this partner class for the first time and I thought it would be fun.

Sidenote: Nana, I know you're reading that, and that's right! Not only have I convinced your baby to eat broccoli and tofu, I convinced him to try yoga!

It was fun, and everyone in the class got quite a few laughs out of it. Cam and I were, by far, the most mismatched by height (he's nearly a foot taller than me), so it made some things...interesting. Like, we were doing a reverse warrior at one point and they said to reach back and try to grab your partner's hand...well that wasn't happening because Cam's hand was about 6 inches higher than I just patted his head instead :P

They also had us do this challenge pose at the I present to you the first picture of me doing yoga!

I'm in blue doing the down dog - the teacher did this with me because Cam was afraid he'd break me. I did do this reversed with me in front with Cam though :)
Saturday, February 6th

Saturday was NOT a good day. Don't even ask, but it was shitty, and in addition to my personal life, it was the one year mark of finding out about Kayla. Ugh. February is a dumb month.

I had planned on weights, and it didn't happen, but I did stick to going to yoga with my mom. When the teacher asked us what we needed to work on I said, "My mind." (For reference, I usually say something like, "My calves are tight" so it was a departure for me.)

And I had a little PR in yoga too! I managed my first extended side angle with a bind! Bilaterally too! (I did it on both sides.) I've had a lot of tightness in my shoulders since my surgery two years ago, and combined with weight lifting poses like this are difficult for me, so I'm super proud! If you're wondering, it looks like this:
And now that' I've done it, I can't imagine why I couldn't do it before! Bodies are weird like that.

Sunday, February 7th

I finally said "Screw it!" and went for a run. I've been yearning for it for weeks, and after seeing so many people from the Hogwarts Running Club post about finishing the Molly Weasley Ugly Jumper Run on Saturday, I just needed to get out a run mine too.

My intention was to run the whole thing, but Cam called me about 1/4 of a mile in and we needed to talk a bit. I walked about 1/2 a mile while we were on the phone, and then picked it up for the rest of the run. I kept my pace really easy for this run. I didn't want to stress my body too much, and I figured I was already doing a bit of that by running 3 miles off the bat. So easy it went, me and Nigel pounding some pavement and avoiding icy patches. It was also my first run using my 920xt!

It's really hard for me to see a 5k time that starts with a 4, especially since I'd like to get faster this year, but I keep telling myself it's the first run back and I walked half a mile of it too. So yeah...just gotta play through that mental game.

It was nothing stellar, but I'm glad I got it done!
 And it didn't end there. I made up for all my slacking in the weight room this week by going to the gym and pounding out seven (eight?) lifts, including squats. So...go me? Yeah, I think so.

It is now Monday, and my legs are shot. 

See, I used to run alllll the freaking time, and I totally forgot that when you don't you get to be sore after your runs. My legs (especially my quads and hips) are feeling it today and I am sore. Between the running and the weights, my whole body is experiencing some DOMS today. But I'm happy to be back to running, so I don't even care ;)

Peace out for now, people!



  1. Woohoo! Glad posting the workout came in handy. I will keep doing that!

    1. It definitely helps to have a bit more structure now so please keep posting them!! :D