Monday, February 22, 2016

Workout Wrapup (Monday 15th - Sunday 21st)

This week went so-so. I need to get my head on straight about things though. I have a bit of an excuse this week as I was busier than usual today at work with some PrideZ stuff, but honestly, I still could have fit some more in. I'm not beating myself up about stuff, but I'm going to commit a little more this week to staying disciplined. you go!

Monday, February 16th
I may have had cake after dinner, but I got in my swim stuff first! It went like this:

300 warm up swim
3x100 kick
2x through:
     - 300 pull + 200 kick + 100 any (no free)
200 cool down
            =2000 yards

Not too shabby! And I have for sure figured out my Garmin! I wasn't hitting the lap button at the beginning and end of my rest times, and apparently that really confuses it. I've started doing that, and it's working fine!

Tuesday, February 17th - HUGE DEADLIFT PR!!!!!!!
I was not feeling good on Tuesday. I was plagued by a heavy headache all morning, and just felt tired. But I chugged water all day, determined to be good-to-go by our afternoon workout. And I WAS.

We started with 10 minutes of spin, and then this happened:
If you're having trouble reading it (I don't blame you) that's a 2 rep max of 185, and 10 reps at 135.
I kind of can't believe my deadlift numbers. The most I'd ever deadlifted before Tuesday was 145lbs. I threw 155 on for my first three set, and when I finished I felt like it was way too easy. Cam suggested I try 185, and I figured why the hell not. I cannot believe I managed to get 2 reps at that weight. That's 45lbs over my previous 'PR', and 20lbs over my bodyweight!!! First off, it made me realize I was underselling myself before - I need to stop being afraid to fail.

Also...being able to lift your body weight for any of the major compound lifts (deads, squats, bench, overhead press, etc) is a HUGE milestone to lifters. Even though I couldn't get the third rep off the floor, the smile on my face after those two reps was huge.

I don't know what happened with my bench though. I failed my first 85lb 3-rep and meant to try for 80 on the second, but miscalculated the weight (clearly the blood hadn't flowed back to my brain after the deadlifts). I told Cam I was doing 70 for my 10-rep or I'd fail in the attempt. I want to be OUT of the 60s for bench. Goodbye, measly weight, I don't wanna see you again!

Wednesday, February 18th
Wednesday is normally my rest day, but this week I really had the urge to run, so I went out and did 3.1 miles to complete one of my virtual races, the Be Brave Be Thankful 5k:

It's nice to see that my 5k time is NOT in the 40's...but I'd like to get it down, down, down a smidge more....

That said, I can't say I felt super stellar by the end of this run. I spent more time than I thought I would running on packed snow and there were a few icy patches, and by the time I got home my left calf/Achilles was bugging me, as was my left knee. For the last mile or so the area all around my knee cap felt tight and burning, and I could tell I was having some IT band issues. I spent some time Wednesday night rolling things out with my rolly-massage stick thing, some time Thursday morning with my foam roller, but clearly I need to actually spend some decent time foam rolling, and it's probably time to schedule a massage too...

Thursday, February 19th
Cam was working late so I ended up whittling time away at my desk while I waited to see when he was going to leave. I did actually get some (very important) stuff done in that time, but we ended up skipping our workout. *Shrug* Oh well...

I didn't let it go to waste though. I spent some time rolling out my left IT band, quad, and my calves to help out the tightness I felt in my knee during Wednesday's run. (I even rolled out Cam's quads - I'm just that nice, lol.) It's a good think I keep my foam roller and muscle roller in the dufflebag I take to Cam's :P

Friday, February 20th
Unfortunately on Friday I ended up working late and missed yoga. Instead I got to sit in traffic for and extra forty-five minutes because wind had knocked down some powerlines. It was just as much fun as it sounds. Two days in a row were a bust :(

Saturday, February 21st
I made up for it all a bit on Saturday. I went to yoga with my mom, and then headed to Cam's and we went and lifted quite a bit:
I hate leg press, so I did weighted lunges. That should also indicate a 3/3/10 for squat but I accidentally cut off the picture...
I'm happy with my decline bench (sticking to getting out of the 60s, and hopefully I'll be out of the 70s for decline soon. My squat also felt much better on Saturday than it has in a long time, probably because I didn't train for the Hustle at all the last two weeks (oops). I hope I can give my squats and lunges some extra attention before my summer training would be nice to have a solid, high-weight base for it heading into months of running and cycling.

Sunday, February 22nd
Annnnd Sunday was a bust again. I stayed up way too late (for me) on Saturday and just couldn't get things going on Sunday. I wanted to go for a run, but it didn't happen because by the time I got home from Cam's all I felt like doing was having lunch and laying on the couch.

Lesson learned for this summer - no staying up until 1:30 in the morning.


Lately I feel like I've been developing some bad habits when it comes to workouts. January was so solid, and February has been a huge crap shoot all over the place. One of the things I did this weekend was write out my tentative training schedule for this summer, and it made me realize that I have to get a handle on disciplining myself. There are going to be plenty of workouts coming up that I don't want to start, but that I'll need to finish, and I've gotta start sucking it up now.

And now that I've said that - this week is already shaping up to be crazy. I have an eye doctor appointment today (Monday), a dentist appointment Wednesday, and it looks like I might be busy all day Saturday as well (more on that later, I don't want to jinx things). In addition, the Hustle is on Sunday, and I've made plans with a friend around that event too! I'm hoping for two solid days of lifting, and one last day of training for the Hustle, as well as getting my butt to hot yoga. That's my plan of attack for now, and I'm going to push myself to stick to it!


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