Thursday, February 4, 2016

Random things on a Thursday the First (#1)

I have so many different things floating around my head that I thought I'd spill some of them out here:

1) Pop Tabs

I decided to put out containers at work and at home to collect pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House Charities. I've been meaning to do this for years. Well...years at home. It occurred to me when I was standing in the kitchen at work the other day that it would be a great place to collect. I'm not going to go into it in depth now (stay tuned to the blog for future announcements about RMHC), but one of my friends from high school really benefited from RMHC when her daughter was born two years ago and though this is a small gesture, it is a significant one too.
Here's the collection container I made. Pardon my cluttered desk.
If you happen to be in the northwest Chicago burbs and would like to start collecting, I am more than willing to get any tabs you collect and give them to Stephanie (my friend) to donate!

2) Overnight Oats

Last week I was in a pinch for something quick and easy to give Cam for breakfast (I know, how domestic of me). He usually stays over one work night each week, and I like to give him something for breakfast and lunch the next day. He's been digging Greek yogurt lately, so I decided to try out overnight oats on him. Vanilla yogurt + old fashioned oats + frozen fruit = done. He loved it, and said it's one of his favorite breakfasts yet.

Yesterday I upped the ante and bought a tub of yogurt and frozen fruit and mixed up enough for the rest of the week. I used one 4-serving tub of vanilla greek yogurt, 6 servings (3 cups) of oatmeal, and one 12 oz bag of frozen berries. It could have used a tad more fruit, but easily made 5 Cam-sized servings (6 Christina-sized servings, since I'm a full foot shorter than him).

3) I really, really, miss running.

I've mentioned it before, but I'm taking a chill pill on running while I train for the Hustle. If I haven't said why, it's because doing both stairs and running seems to exacerbate the lingering tendinitis I have, but if I only do one I've been okay. running until February 29th. And because of that...allllll I can think about is running. I really, really do miss it. I never thought I'd get to the point in my running-life when all I could think about is how much I miss getting hot and sweaty during an August training run...but I do. It has been nearly 5 months since I've run consistently, and I kind of hate admitting that. I know it's all been for a good reason, but I'm looking forward to the Hustle being over so I can lace up my shoes and start pounding the pavement again.
Here's a throw back to one of those runs in June!
4) One day this girl at the gym...
I'm just sharing this because it was hilarious when it happened. Cam and I were walking into the gym one day and these two girls were walking out to their cars. As they're saying goodbye, the one looks at the other and says, really loudly, "By the way, your butt looks GREAT in those leggings!"

Cam and I burst out laughing because it was so funny, and I yelled to the girl, "Hey! Can I work out with you? He only ever yells at me to try harder! I need a friend like you!"

Of course, I was totally joking. Kind of. Cam does always tell me to work harder when I get lazy with my lifts, but obviously (TMI) Cam thinks my butt looks good in my leggings. He's also a pro at helping me with the leggings "squat test" - which is when you squat to see if your underwear shows in your leggings. Sometimes it's hard to tell in a mirror, and having another person check for you is the best way to know.'s totally different when your girlfriends tell you that your leggings look good on you. It just means more. (No offense, boyfriends.)

Speaking of leggings - I got these super cool ones on sale at Dick's last week. I love them, because they are snazzy AND comfortable AND they pass the squat test (but not the down-dog test):

5) So many things to pay for and plan...

I have a list of things in the back of my planner that I have to take care of this year. Just a reminder that everything costs money. These things include:
  • 24 CEUs and my massage licensing fee: My massage therapist license expires 12/31/16, and though I'm not actively practicing I would like to keep my license in case I need it in the future. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm a good therapist and if I'm ever in need of a job or extra income I want to know it's there for me to use. I have planned out all the classes I want to take (in person and online) I just have to register for them.
  • CPCU 540 companion study guide: I have my eye on one, it costs $120, and I just keep telling myself that it's $300 to retake one of these tests so I should make sure I pass the first time (which my company pays for).
  • Race Fees: I've already paid for my Oly in August, but I want to do a Sprint or two before then. I've found two races that would be a good fit, and Cam can do one of them with me. The first is the Esprit de She in Naperville on June 12th, and the other is the Lake Zurich Tri on July 9th. Both are close enough that we don't have to pay for lodging (though it means a bit more driving the day before), and Cam can do the Lake Zurich one too (since he'll be training with me all summer!).
  • Hotels: I've already put my deposit in for a hotel for the Chicago Tri, but I'm waiting on one more for October. More on that later!
  • Learn to change a bike tire, buy a kit: So, I actually already kind of know how to change a tire, but I've never done it (which means I don't really know how to do it). I'm hoping my brother can help me with this - he was really into biking a while back and took care of his own bike, so I'm sure I can learn a lot from him.
  • Buy my brother a bike: While we're at it, this was my Christmas gift to my brother. So yeah, there's that. We're gonna get to go on lots of rides together this summer too! Wooooo!!!
  • Yak Traks: The weather is unpredictable, and I wanna be prepared. I don't know if it will being snowing or icy in March, but I'd like to be able to start running outside again. I haven't told my friends this (hi, friends) but we go to a cabin once a year for a weekend and I wanna make sure I run while we're there. Last year's cabin was right off a two lane road to nowhere so I didn't run...just walked up and down the street a lot. This year we're going back to a cabin we've already been to, and damnit I will run. The first year we went there it snowed a lot, and I would have needed Yak Traks. So this time I'm getting them.
  • Tri Kit: It's not one of those things that's 100% necessary right now, but I'd like to get one anyways, particularly the shorts. I'm looking at getting a kit before my outdoor training starts (April-ish).
Okay, I'm stopping now, because I'm sure you get it. I will have one bajillion American Express points by the end of the year. That's not everything on my list, but it's the stuff I'm most consistently thinking about - especially my massage license. Honestly, of everything on the list that's probably the only thing I need to make sure I do this year (and my brother's bike)...but the rest of that stuff would make my life easier, for sure.

6) Hustle Up the Hancock

Come on guys, you didn't think I'd let this one slide by, did you? So far, I've raised $655 (including cash donations), which means I'm 87.3% of the way to my goal of raising $750. I keep thinking that I'd love to reach if you're able, please consider donating!

If you made it to the end of this, you deserve a prize.

Since I'm cheap and won't spend postage to send something to wherever you are, dear reader, have a picture of a lizard in a top hat:

He was NOT happy with me doing this to him at 5:45 in the morning.
Hopefully I'll have time to pop in again soon. If not...enjoy the rest of your week!


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