Monday, January 11, 2016

Workout Wrapup (Sunday 3rd - Sunday 10th)

I could start this wrap up from January 1st, but that would mean admitting that I didn't do anything really active on the 1st or the 2nd...whoops. So instead I'll start from Sunday the 3rd, and wrap-ups from here on out should cover Monday through Sunday (if I can keep up).

To entice you - keep reading and you'll find out about how I almost got in a fight at laser tag this weekend :P OOOh drama.

Sunday, January 3rd: Cam and I hit the pool for some laps to get back into the swing of things. This also gave me a chance to try out all of my new swimming equipment! Through the course of my 30 laps (1500 yards) I experimented with fins, training paddles, a kickboard, and a pull bouy. Those are links to the actual items I've purchased, and they're all working great for me so far.

I took the bottom strap off the paddles because I've read that it's better at correcting your stroke if you use it that way. I can tell the fins will take a lot of getting used to - my ankles seem so weak when I put them on, and my legs were burning at the end of my kick laps when I used them.

When I was going nuts buying stuff I also bought one of these swim caps for Cam. A few weeks ago his goggles got tangled in his (long, luscious) hair and I decided it was time for him to get a cap. It was really hard finding a good one based on reviews because he has a big head, but this one works for him!

I also timed a 100-yd drill to see if I've been making any progress on my stroke. Two weeks ago when I started this task my 100-yds took 2:30 (ouch). On Sunday, I clocked it at 2:10. So there is improvement! Woot!

Monday, January 4th: I only had about an hour to fit in a workout on Monday, so I headed to the gym for a treadmill run. I really wanted to hit a mile and to try doing it without walk intervals. I warmed up with 5 minutes on the rowing machine before I hopped on a treadmill, and I got about 5 minutes in to a run before I had to stop and stretch my calves. After stretching my ankle felt much better and was able to make it 1.5 miles before I decided to stop (I didn't want to overdo it). I also did 23 floors on the stair climber (probably won't be doing this just didn't feel adequate for actual stair claim training), and then followed it all with some inch worms and foam rolling. All in all a good, sweaty cardio session!

Tuesday, January 5th: Cam and I were back at the gym for some weight lifting! We started our warm up on the rowing machines, then headed to the weights. Our big lifts for the day were deadlifts and bench press. It was great to be able to deadlift after taking almost three months off. My form was on point, and my weight hasn't dropped much either. My bench press has been a bit of a strugglebus for the last month, but since Cam and I are dedicated to getting back in the weight room it should become less of a struggle as we go.

 January 6th: Having looked at my proposed training schedules, Wednesdays are now my rest day. Since one of my goals for this month (and all through training) is active recovery, I did some easy stretching in the morning to limber up for the day, and some hatha yoga (where you hold poses to get the most out of it) after work.

Thursday, January 7th: I'm very disappointed to say we didn't work out. Not for lack of trying though...Cam and I got to the gym and were in the spin room when I had to call it. I was having terrible stomach cramps and couldn't even stand up straight - nevermind trying to get onto the bike or lift. At the end of it all, a little bit of restorative yoga, laying on the couch, and watching New Girl is what made me feel better. I still had pangs all night, but I could handle them as long as I didn't stand up. I suppose if I missed the workout for this, that's at least a good reason.

Friday, January 8th: I already blogged about this, but I started my afternoon by climbing 22 floors of stairs at my office. I wanted to get a baseline for my Hustle training (now that I'm allowed to train). I'm definitely behind the game as far as training goes, but I can't really help that. I will have to add 10-15 floors every week to be able to complete training for the event. Barring any ankle problems, I'll be doing it! Also, my legs were bouncing SO bad after this! It's been a while since I've had such an energized quad workout :P

AND THEN I went to hot yoga! For about a year now, my friend Amy has been inviting me to go to this class with her, and in December she gave me some two week passes - that's what really sparked the goal for me to incorporate more yoga into my life again. So this Friday I met up with her for my very first class.

I'll admit - I'm totally on board. I'm drinking the kool-aid. Hot yoga is great. I won't necessarily say it's the most I've ever sweat (hello summer training runs in the hot, hot humidness) but I did sweat a lot! The class was a bit of a struggle for me because my legs were so jittery from the stairs and we did a ton of lunges and warrior stances, but I made it through alright!

Saturday, January 9th: Amy may have convinced me to try hot yoga, but (as I mentioned last time) I got my mom to agree to trying a normal yoga class out with me. So on Saturday we went to a beginner class, and I'm soooo glad. I really needed the gentle movement and flow of this class, and the reminder to reconnect with my breath. Because I was tired and sore from Friday's workouts some of the poses were a bit difficult for me to hold, but I did my best (and that's truly what yoga is all about). My mom liked it enough that we both signed up for a membership, and we plan on going together at least twice a week. I am very excited to get to do this with her!

Fighting Words

In the evening Cam and I went laser tagging with our friends. Normally I would count this as a workout because I end up running quickly walking around (since running isn't allowed) so much and hopping up box stairs and I work up a great sweat over two hours - but that didn't happen on Saturday. We love the place we go to (here's my yelp review from when they opened a little over a year ago), but it was actually the least fun I've had laser tagging so far. There were too many people, easily half of them were under the age of 12, most of them were just rushing (no tactical thinking), and SO many of them were cheating - and the ones cheating the most were the teenage girls. I caught one girl (she was about 17) cheating so many times that I finally called her out on it when she tried to re-spawn on our side (she was on the other team) and she literally tried to fight me even though I have about a foot of height on her.

What happened was I pulled up my gun to shoot her in the head (where the sensors are) to kill her after she respawned and when you shoot a light flashes, so it was flashing her in the face (her fault for being on our side!). So this girl then shoved me in the chest, called me a bitch and told me to "stop being such a mom" and it just went on. So I held my hand out to hold her off and told her to calm down and stop cheating and acting like a little kid. When the game was over I went and told the refs because my friend Sarah said I should - turns out they knew exactly who she was. They told me she and her friends were high that night (which explained why the whole hallway smelled like weed...) and that they'd brought liquor in a few weeks before. I also told the owner when we ran into him on our way out - we've been friendly with him since they opened because we were some of the first customers, and I'm pretty sure he decided to ban them from playing there anymore. Good news if they do!

Moral of the story...don't be a whiny little b*tch and cheat at laser tag. It totally ruins it for everyone else.

Sunday, January 10th: The week wrapped up with a return to the cycle and swim. Cam and I hit the spin bikes for 15 minutes, then counted up 25 laps (1250 yards) in the pool. The swim felt really tough for me because my whole body is still sore from yoga...but I must forge on to be in shape for training when it starts!

And there you have it! One week of activities and workouts!


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  1. Nice job with the swimming progress - that is awesome! It is nice to switch up a workout using gear as well. I have always trained with gear, throughout high school swimming and it's really useful. I started posting my workouts from my master's swim class I do if you ever want to steal them.

    1. Yess!! I actually read your post today and meant to comment that it's so helpful to see other people's swim workouts. I realize I can't just keep doing the same laps and I need to change it up a bit. The gear has been so helpful for improving my stroke and breaking up the monotony of my routine and I really look forward to using it all in the pool.

      Now if only I had a bigger gym bag...