Monday, January 25, 2016

Workout Wrapup (Monday 18th - Sunday 24th) a little more

Before we get started here, I wanna say sorry for the lack of posts lately. Truth is...there's not much going on! I've been thoroughly boring lately, electing to stay at home in my pajamas and go to bed early on the weekends. And, quite frankly, it's something I've needed. I feel like August through December I was sprinting through weeks and weekends with so much to do, and I'm really enjoying spending time at home doing nothing.

So with that out of the way...onwards to describe what little physical activity I did last week!

Each day contains a bit of an update on any extra news from the week, so this isn't just a workout update...but it's mostly about workouts.

Monday, January 18th - During my lunch I decided to climb 34 floors in the stairwell. It was doable, but I was gross and sweaty afterwards. I think I'm gonna have to start rearranging these climbs to after work starting next week :(

After work we hit the pool! It seems I may have been correct about why my Garmin was incorrectly counting my yardage. I had no problems during my swim on Monday even though I stopped it for an extended period of time at one point, but I was much more conscious about my turns and didn't spend too much time lollygagging and switching equipment.

I also love that the 920xt automatically syncs to my phone through Bluetooth. Very convenient!
These stats look pretty encouraging to me for a few reasons. The first is that my average pace is faster than my fastest lap just a few weeks ago. Looks like all that work on my stroke is helping! Next on breathing techniques so I don't keep feeling like I'm gonna pass out!

Also...I didn't only do 1,000 yards. I actually spent about half my time in the pool practicing flip turns. this meant I was swimming 4-8 strokes, turning, swimming another 4 strokes getting frustrated with myself, then starting over. Okay, that makes it sound worse than it was. I had a few really good turns. I'm figuring out where I need to place myself before I tuck into a turn, but I have trouble breathing out my nose when I'm upside down, and the twisting motion of the turn is still a bit awkward for me. But I will say this: I can at least do some semblance of a flip-turn now! Big improvement on when I got in the pool on Monday.

That said, I'm going to have to start fitting in another swim day somewhere, and it will need to be a technical one where I can focus on stroke, breathing, and turns. Always something else, I'll tell ya!

Tuesday, January 19th - Swole Tuesday, if you will. We started with spin (15 minutes) and I worked at a moderate level. My goal is to not kill my legs with running and cycling because I have to work in my stair climbing for the next couple of weeks too. After the spin, we moved on to lifts. Cam keeps forgetting to bring our record book with, so here's what I remember:
  • Bench: 3-3-10 rep at 80-75-65lbs - I PR'd my 3 rep! Cam and I rarely do 1RM (one rep max) lifts, so the 3 rep is where it's at for me. I got the first two up fine, but Cam had to guide the last one. So maybe I should call this a 2RM?
  • Bicep barbell curls: 5-5-10 rep at 45-45-35lbs 
  • Shoulder fly: 5-5-10 rep at 15-15-10lbs
  • Cable Chest fly: 5-5-10 rep at 12-15-10lbs (per side)
  • Lat pull down (close grip): 5-5-10 rep at 85-85-75lbs
Slowly, slowly getting stronger. The numbers go up soooooooo slowly, but after feeling like I've been stuck in the 65-70lb range on bench for so long, I can tell things are getting better!

Wednesday, January 20th

Wednesday is still my rest day (that'll have to change in a few months - more on that later), but I climbed the stairs during lunch. I only went up once - so 22 floors. I spent a lot of time stretching my calves afterwards because they've been feeling really tight lately.

My mom and I also went to another yoga class last night, and it was just what I needed. We had a different teacher this time and the routine focused on a lot of hip opening and I learned a few new poses (who know wide-legged downward dog was a thing?!?). I love that I'm getting more consistent yoga practicing in and I'm beginning to notice the subtle changes I had last year. Less neck/back tightness, fewer's wonderful :)

Now about changing my rest day! On Monday when we were swimming I started talking to a woman at the pool who 'trains for Ironman every other year' (FYI she said that like it was no big deal) and she told me that during the summer there's open water swim followed by a 5k in a town near me. On Wednesdays. So come June I'll rework my schedule and hit that up a few times so I can get some open water swimming in. This actually helps me cross something off my bucket list, so I'm happy with it!

Thursday, January 21st

Thursday was another lift day - we elected to just lift, and didn't do any accompanying cardio (although I did do 22 floors during lunch). It was (mostly) leg day - a 3-3-10 rep of:

  • Deadlift: 3-3-10 of 135-145-100lbs
  • Squat: 3-3-10 of 115-115-90lbs
  • Decline Bench: 3-3-10 of 80-75-65lbs
  • Chest Fly: 5-5-10 of 12-15-10lbs (per side)
  • Back Fly: 5-5-10 of 75-75-55lbs
  • Wide grip lateral pull downs: 5-5-10 of 85-85-70lbs
We both just kinda crashed on the couch after dinner...well deserved, but a terrible, terrible habit!

Friday, January 22nd

I knew that, somewhere in my week, I had to fit in a 44 floor climb. So I did. On Friday. Before work. I did my floors, then took a hippie-shower (or, my favorite term, a "Whore's Bath"), washed my face, and got dressed in the bathroom at work.


That's dedication. Mixed with madness. (PS, if you wanna donate or read about the Hustle there's still plenty of time!)

Friday ended with Hot Yoga at TriBalance with Amy - and my friend Grace from work joined us too! This week's class felt way harder than the first one I went to, and I'm not sure why. It may have been that the poses and flows felt more advanced, but I'll be honest - I cannot coherently remember everything that happens in that very hot room. I'll keep going though, that's for sure!

Saturday and Sunday

I did a whole lot of nothing. I was sore and tired from Friday, and elected to chill out and watch TV for a large majority of the day - although I did get the hamster cages cleaned and the grocery shopping done. On Saturday, Cam came over and we ordered pizza and then Netflixed the final episodes of Parks and Rec. I now feel like all of my friends have moved away :(

Annnnnd...that's it.

Told you it was nothing exciting! And since I have nothing fun coming up soon, if I'm not back this week, have a good one!


Currently Reading:
The Walking Dead: Compendium 3 - Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano (hard copy)

Finished: I is for Innocent (Kinsey Millhone #9) - Sue Grafton
Ahhhhhh I love these books. I don't have a ton to say about this individual book, other than Sue Grafton never disappoints. I love Kinsey Millhone's personality, and Grafton has written a great character. I can't wait to start the next one!

I also finished another book this weekend! In November 2014 my cousin Jennie (the Presidentress) completed a novel for NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month), tentatively called Choosing My Confessions. I've had a copy of it since sometime around December 2014, and until this weekend I'd only gotten about 80 pages in (out of 280ish). It's her book so I don't want to give away too much, but I sat down to read some more at breakfast on Saturday morning and found myself completely engrossed in it. I sat there and read the remaining 200 pages almost without getting up (I'm reasonable and realized the need for tea and/or coffee during the few hours I sat there). I'm not just saying this because my cousin wrote it, but I really, really loved this story. So I'm counting that on my 2016 completed books list, and if it's ever published (self or otherwise) I'll definitely let you all know!

You can find me here on Goodreads!

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