Sunday, January 17, 2016

Workout Wrapup (Monday 11th - Sunday 17th)

Hello, hello, and welcome to another week of workouts. Let's dive in, shall we?!

Monday, January 11th: Monday is officially my new swim day. I did 1500 yards on Monday with a little bit of everything. I did pull drills, kick drills, and plain ol' swimming. I decided to time out 100 yards as well, to see how it's helping.

I normally do my timed drills in the middle of my workout, so this occurred somewhere between 800 and 1000 yards - my 100 yard drill was 2:02. A full 8 seconds improvement from last week! I'm pleased with that time, but I still have lots to work on!

I also decided to start practicing flip turns. I've never done them before, I am not good at them now, but I am willing to try!

I'm also a bit miffed because my 920xt does not seem to be working right. I ended up having to manually count my laps because the watch was definitely shorting me on yardage. By the end of my workout it was easily 400-500 yards behind, which is not really excusable. I've done a bit of reading and it could totally be my fault (for example, not using the rest feature when I stop to put on/take off equipment, not using strong push offs, etc), but Sunday and Monday's yard totals were really off, so I'm not sure. I'll play around with it for a while more and see, but contacting Garmin may be somewhere in my future. If any of you have experience with this, please chime in!!

Tuesday, January 12th: Tuesday is back to being a designated lift day. As I approach training, Tuesdays and Thursdays will begin to include 30 minutes of running or cycling, but yesterday I settled for one mile on the treadmill. My ankle has been a bit sore the last few days (may have been from the flippers on Monday) so one mile seemed like the best idea.

After the run we lifted 10-8-10 rep sets:
  • Bench: 65-65-60
  • Deadlifts: 95-105-95
  • Bicep curls (barbell): 30-30-30
  • Tricep Extensions (dumbbell): 30-30-25
And there you have it. It was tiring, and I was sorrrre from it. My arms are starting to get some good definition and my pecs are looking pretty gewd...just gotta keep at it!

Wednesday, January 13th: Wednesday is a rest day! I met Papa Bender for dinner and ended my evening with some yoga (before I totally crashed on the couch). I blame the bench and deadlifts from Tuesday.

Thursday, January 14th: I had an after-work work thing, so I rushed to the gym to get my pump on before I had to be at the other thing. Though it was a good, quick, pump, I totally forgot to take a picture of our lift log as well, so I'll just leave it at that.

Oh, and I did the stairs. Twenty-two floors and some stretching during lunch! I wanted to fit more in afterwards but ended up working a bit long and didn't have time. *Sigh* I gotta stop letting that happen!

Friday, January 15th: I ended up staying up just a bit too late on Thursday, and boy oh boy did I feel it on Friday. I skipped hot yoga and instead went home and went to bed verrrry early

Saturday, January 16th: Since I skipped Friday yoga, I doubled up on Saturday. I went to both the all-level and beginner yoga at Akasha (which is where I signed up with my mom). I looooove the instructor I had...she's so quirky and fun. I also ran into my high school German teacher's daughter! Small world :) It was a good day!

Sunday, January 17th: Unless pushing the cart at Costco and/or cleaning out my closet count as working out...I did nothing. Yeah, okay, I didn't work out.


In all honesty...
...okay. This week was kind of lame as far as workouts go. I wasn't home for most of the week and it really put my mental game in a funk. I'm looking forward to everything being back to normal this week!

My main goal is to get more stairs in. I really skimped this week and I don't have the option to continue doing that. So yeah.

With that, I bid you adieu. Hopefully next week is a bit more active!


Currently Reading:
I is for Innocent (Kinsey Millhone #9) - Sue Grafton
The Walking Dead: Compendium 3 - Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano (hard copy)

Finished: Changes (The Dresden Files #12) - Jim Butcher (audiobook)

Holy crap (Hell's bells?), this book.

Harry (main character) has encountered some unbelievable and hopeless situations, but this particular tome was ridiculous. The middle portion of the book had me wringing my hands in anxiousness and despair. Jim Butcher has done such an amazing job creating characters and a world that I truly want to be a part of and believe in. I haven't felt this way about a series of books since Harry Potter, and that's saying something huge. I highly, highly recommend this series to anyone looking for thrilling stories, believable characters, and the realistic portrayal of life in shades of gray, rather than the normal portray of good and evil in black and white.

You can find me here on Goodreads!

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