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Since I haven't done much else but Neflix and Chill lately, I thought I'd talk about something I've been Netflixing!

The first time I "got into" Netflix was when I had my shoulder surgery 2 years ago. A good friend from college (Bender, off-spawn of the Mama and Papa Bender), told me I could use his account to keep myself entertained - but the agreement was conditional.

I had to watch all 7 seasons of The West Wing.

I remember when the show ended in 2006 because I had a friend from class who was obsessed with it, and pretty much shedding tears the day of the final season started (weirdo). I wasn't sure I'd ever watch it because I didn't know if it was my "style"...but it turns out I totally don't have a TV show style. Like with every area of my life, I enjoy a little bit of everything!

Well - I watched all 7 seasons, and it only took me about two weeks (that's right, I did nothing but Netflix for ages because even walking hurt). I loved that show - it remains one of my all time favorites. Props to Bender for making me watch it!

Since then, I've watched plenty of shows that have been (and still are popular) - including Mad Men, Parks and Rec, New Girl, Walking Dead...etc. I can't even name them all, and I bet you couldn't name all the stuff you've watched on Netflix either.

When Cam and I started dating and things got surrrious, we always chose a show that we would only watch together. Popular picks are Game of Thrones and Walking Dead since they're still airing, but there were some others too - Parks and Rec, New Girl, and Narcos fall into this list. In other words, they're shows that have already aired and we want to catch up on them on Netflix.

Now...there have also been shows that I've been totally resistant too. I've seen a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory (my mom watches it obsessively, as does half of America) and I can't stand it (she already knows this, but sorry, Mom). I don't think it's funny, and I feel like the fandom stuff (Doctor Who, Star Trek, etc) is wayyyy over done. I tend not to like overly obsessed fandoms anyway, and I don't want to spend my time watching a show where that's what the characters are all into.

/endminirant about BBT

Annnnyways. The Office used to be one of those shows too. When Cam and I finished the last season of Parks and Rec and I was left feeling like all of my friends moved away, he begged me to start watching The Office. My reaction?


But I love him, so I agreed.

I'll say this: It's a good show.

I was wrong to judge it so quickly.

However! The first season felt so torturously awkward that I still had my "meh" feelings, but I loved watching Jim and Pam flirt and decided I was willing to watch just to see what happens with them (spoiler alert: I already know they get married. My mom told me years ago when I said I'd never watch the show).

Cam assured me that the first season is way more awkward than the rest - oh yeah, did I mention he's already watched it and just wants to rewatch it with me? No. Well, it's true. And wanna know something totally bogus?

I'm not allowed to watch episodes without him.

Yeah, yeah, I know. It's "our" show to watch "together", but he won't even let me watch the intro without him in the room! He's completely obsessed!

Anyways - the point I'm getting to.

Remember, I like this show! I'm going to keep watching it! But I'm soooooo bugged by the one thing so many people who watch this have said to me. And that is some version of this sentence:

"If you've ever worked in an office you'll love this show because you'll totally be able to relate."

No. Nononononono.

I've worked in an office in Corporate America for nearly two years now, and I totally disagree with this statement. Cam says it's probably because:

  • There aren't enough men in my office (I quashed that one)
  • Well "in the 60s and 70s..." (also quashed because this show takes place within the last 10 years)
  • My company is too big (valid reason)
But overall: I still disagree. Literally half the stuff that happens on this show would get you fired at my company.

Like, let's be honest. This show is a sitcom. It's about funny and quirky (and weird and annoying) people who all work in the same office. And you get those weird people in every office, I get it. That, however, is where the relating bit ends - most of these scenarios are totally bogus.

Cam and I watched the sexual harassment episode last night and there is zero chance in heaven or hell that a guy like Todd Packer would get anywhere near "upper management" at the company I work for.

Also, congrats NBC and creating some of the world's most annoying characters and putting them in a show together. Holy crap, Michael is a terrible manager (I know, I know, that's part of the joke), and if I worked with a guy like Dwight I'd probably get a guard dog for my desk.

I know I shouldn't take it seriously - it is, afterall, just a TV show. And it's not the show that I'm critiquing. No, I am hardcore critiquing the fans!

Ya'll who said this show is anything like a real office?

Ya'll are on some good drugs.

Annnnnd...that's it. That's all I wanted to say!


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