Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! A Farewell to 2015...

First and foremost...Happy New Year!

Cam and I had plans to go to Chicago and see a band last night, but they were all blown to the wind when we both wound up a bit under the weather (him way more than I). We rang in the new year playing WiiU, board games with his parents, and seeing the ball drop for the first time in Chicago (I totally didn't fall asleep and need to be woken up or anything).


I never really planned a post to wrap up 2015 - but quite a bit happened, and I thought I should do something to outline it all.

This is largely a list of links back to previous posts. I've tried to organize it a bit so it's not so random...but if you've been reading all year this is just a bit of a recap! (Also...the formatting is totally off with this post and I'm way too lazy to fix it. Sorry!)

This post is just about 2015...I'll get to 2016 in the next one!


I started doing virtual races. I didn't even know this was a thing until 2015! Sure enough, though.

I ran real races!

We hit the gym!

Physical Therapy


I did some charity stuff.


  • I completed two CPCU tests in 2015! Post 1 Post 2
  • Now on to more in 2016!


Cam and I hit two years!

I mourned a friend.

  • First we found out about Kayla being a hostage, and then the US government confirmed her death. The month of Februrary was enveloped with the emotions of that loss, and they resurfaced with additional news in August. I will always remember Kayla and I keep her picture at my desk to remind me every day to be a little more peaceful, a little more loving, and to have hope that we can change the world by treating each other with respect. Be compassionate, always. I will always miss my friend.

We went to Idaho!

  • It was my first trip there, and I loved it.
  • Post 1Post 2Post 3Post 4
  • We probably will not have PTO time or the means (cash, man) to travel to Idaho in 2016, and I'm pretty bummed :(
Pet Stuff

  • Rico and Benjen both had to be put down, and for the same reason: massive tumor development. I still miss them...they were some of the best hamsters ever.
  • Nigel had surgery to remove a blockage and three feet of intestine after he ate something he shouldn't have. Post 1, Post 2
  • Nigel had testing and surgery to remove what turned out to be a non-malignant tumor on his head.
  • Nigel gave me a heart attack from all of that stress.
  • Seriously, pets are expensive sometimes.
  • Aside from being neurotic and afraid of everything, Stewart is doing fine.
  • Both Dresden and Bärtemius joined the family!

The Garden

Wizarding World

  • Though I never blogged about it, my mom and brother and I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was a dream come true. We left for Florida one year ago today, and I'm a bit nostalgic now...

I turned 28


2015 was a good year. I cannot say it trumps 2014, which was one of the best years of my life. Meeting Cam and starting down our little path together was tough to top, but this year our relationship just grew and grew. I know 2016 will have even more excitement in store for us (no, not that...just wait until the next post!).

Personally, I grew a lot too. I learned what it means to spend weeks months training for something (the half marathon) day in and day out, and I also learned the kind of heartache that comes with not being able to put that training to use. On top of that, I got a taste of the many emotions that come with injury and rehabilitation. I've already posted a bit about goals for 2016, but I'm proud of myself for being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and trusting that I can heal and do those things still. Races and training were very scary to me prior to this year - now they are totally doable.

I am also very proud of my growing ability to manage my work/life balance, my relationships, and all this crazy training. That ability is composite of many skills, and I'm excited for the opportunity to use them to blow 2016 our of the water.

Like I said...lots to discuss in my 2016 post. Just hang tight and we'll get there soon!


And if you'd like to peruse my most popular posts from 2015, you can check them out here:

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*My* Half is not happening...and I am pissed. - To update everyone here: American Express got my money back for me a little less than 30 days after I disputed the charges. I stand by what I said at the end of this post: I will be boycotting all Women Rock and Team Ortho organized events in the future. They handled everything with the Women Rock half absolutely terribly.

Thanksgiving again - Apparently you people like pictures of pies...?

Halloween & The Deconstruction of a Beard - This was one of my favorite posts - when we shaved Cam's beard. I still laugh looking through these pictures!

Happy New Year - and my 2016 be a good one for you.


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