Tuesday, January 5, 2016

December Streak (Days 28-31)

I wanted to share a funny mistake I made that turned out not to be a mistake. In my last post (which I posted on January 3rd) I said there were 364 days left in the year. I was right...but only because this year is a leap year, which I totally didn't realize. I'd written that portion of the post on the 2nd, so I would have been wrong if I'd posted it on the 2nd. Whoops. I just thought it was a funny little catch!

And I totally realized that one thing I left out of my 2016 post was that I want to complete 3 CPCU exams this year. It will not be easy because I'm taking two of the harder tests...but I can try!

But I was right anyways! ;)

Now...on to the last days of the streak!

December 28: Physical Therapy...or not. I shoveled snow! As soon as I left work it became apparent that I would not be going to physical therapy. We had a bit of a snow/ice storm, and the roads were terrible. So I drove to Cam's house and started shoveling right away. I kept at it for about an hour before Cam came home and got the snowblower out. That one hour was hard work - practically an hour of deadlifts and squats!

December 29: I got my stretch on. I ended up rescheduling an appointment for Tuesday after work, and by the time I got home I was ready to do nothing (as is usual). So I did slightly more than nothing and both stretched, and rubbed out my peroneals. They needed it!

December 30: I had my very last PT appointment. It felt a bit anti-climatic (I'm still recovering from the tendinitis), and also bittersweet. I'm going to miss Amy a lot - she had very good news for me at my last appointment though - she's pregnant! She'd shared with me earlier that she was having trouble conceiving and then she miraculously (okay, not really) found out she was pregnant about a week after she told me. She was truly fantastic to work with, and though I have no injury plans for the future, if I happen to need a little Astym in a few months I might just find myself making an appointment...maybe...although I totally have no plans to do that...none at all ;)

Ooh! I also got a really cool t-shirt when I was discharged! Here's the back of it:

They do a good job of it too!
December 31: I did a fat lot of nothing. Nothing but work my thumbs around the WiiU controller. Cam and I were both sick (he more than I) and after work I drove to Cam's to do nothing but nap, play Woolly World, and eat pizza "because New Years". I don't even care - I was congested and tired and I didn't want to move.

Overall: I'm glad I took on this little challenge. I had a few days where I consciously made the decision to nothing, or very little, but I'm not beating myself up about that. Things usually get to a point where resting is just as important as getting your move on, and that's what those days were for me. I leaned towards being more active all month, and I liked keeping myself accountable because some days that was what pushed me to do something, even if it was just to stretch a bit or hold some yoga positions for a few minutes.

And there you have it! Now on to 2016, where I will try to be better about posting workout recaps than I was in 2015! Given how bad I was at it every time I mentioned it last year, it shouldn't be a hard thing to do... (she said sheepisly).


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