Thursday, December 10, 2015

Warning: Emotional Gushy Stuff coming

First - an update on my CPCU test:


Yayyy. Time to really enjoy the weekend.

Once the pesky test was over I decided to catch up on some things. First was hitting up Target so I can, like, actually mail my best friend and godson their Christmas gifts.

I'll say this..they will never get there on time. I'm terrible about this, it happens every year/birthday/event/occasion/thing. Why won't they get there on time? Because Hannah and Miles live in freaking England, and I never know what to get them (because shipping is expensive so it rules out all the things I want to send that aren't generic and purchased off Amazon).

In short: They are too, too far away.

I haven't talked about Hannah (or Miles) much, but I honestly don't know what I'd do without her (them). Here are some pictures from when I visited last September:

Meeting for the first time! We were both pretty excited :D I love that, even without seeing his face in this picture, you can tell how excited he is. Hannah prepped him really well.

Me and my bestie. No matter how far apart we are, part of my heart is always with this girl. Through thick and thin and everything in between.
I'll tell you what - it's a very weird world that introduces you to your best friend during the most absolutely horrendous Soviet history class. And it's a cruel, cruel world that introduces you to an amazing person, and then makes sure that they live stupidly far away.

This factor of my life sucks quite often. But I'm lucky, because at least I have her!

Hannah is the best for many reasons. She's intelligent, kind, loving, and acquires and sends me Pudsey hoodies when they're totally sold out in stores. It was my good luck charm for the test today:

If you're not familiar with Pudsey, he's the mascot for the BBC's annual Children In Need fundraiser, which was one of my favorite things to be there for during my study abroad.
Seriously, I don't know what I did to deserve this girl! I'm ticking off the days until I get to see her next (all 6 months of them...), and I already cannot wait.

So anyways - I went to Target and found a bunch of cute/fun little things to send along with the main gifts I got. I hate having to be extra creative so I don't end up paying $70 just to ship a box. But yeah...never gonna get there in time. I think she's going to love the stuff I'm sending though, so it doesn't matter when it gets there!

I also picked up some makeup since I should try and look presentable for the wedding this weekend. I'm out of a few staples, so I picked those up too. It's weird to think that tomorrow we'll be on our way to South Bend for this thing! We're going to hang out with Bryn, one of my most wonderiffic friends from college (and her boyfriend, Erich) tomorrow night, and we'll also stay at their place before the wedding (good thing too, it's saving me a ton of money). I'm so excited to see them because it's been ages since we've been able to hang out.

"Friends Who Live Far Away" is totally a theme in my life, unfortunately :(

Also unfortunate is that I gotta keep this short! The morning is behind me and it's time to get ready for the afternoon and evening. Cam is leaving work early so we can workout before we head to Gameworks for PrideZ's holiday mixer. I am sooooo stoked to meet some new people and show them how much I suck at video games (and then wow them with how awesome I am at airhockey).

My life, you guys. It is just too awesome to handle sometimes ;)

I'll probably be crazy busy the next few days, so here's me wishing you a great rest of your week and weekend - make it fun!


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