Monday, December 28, 2015

The December Streak (Days 21-27)

And so it continues! In addition to normal holiday awesomeness, I was busy streaking this week.

December 21: 1 hour workout at PT. Ahh, physical therapy. It just keeps on keepin' on. They keep on adding more and more stuff too! In addition to all my normal squats, lunges, leg pressing and whatnot, we added in sideways shuffles, high knees, double and single calf raises to get some higher impact activities back into my workout. And oh! Teresa tested me on my kinesio taping skills, and I got to tape up my own leg! Yayyy, skillz. I ordered my own tape off Amazon and everything :D

December 22: 30 laps in the pool. I realized about 10 laps in that I'd challenged myself to do them all in one go by Christmas. Well - that didn't happen on Tuesday. Not to disappoint, but I don't think I'll be meeting that goal (for good reason). I think I'll write more about this later, but I've been feeling very, uh, clumsy in the water lately. There's really no other word for it. Basically, I feel like I'm putting in too much effort for my stroke. On Tuesday I did some reading and decided to change my stroke up a bit, which took a lot of concentration and effort, and resulted in some subpar results. I'm frustrated, and since I have a few months to focus on my stroke before I officially start training, I'm going to.

That was the long description. I did 30 laps (1500 yards) and it took me 40 minutes.

December 23: Another 1 hour PT workout - I was drenched in sweat at the end. Amy had me do most of the stuff I did last time, but we also added in ladder stepping (agility thing with one of those rope ladders on the floor), inverted bosu squats, weird balance lungey things, and inch worms ("for a core workout and leg stretch all at once!" said Amy):

I was wiped at the end. It was an honest to goodness real workout. Though I've been sore after these last few sessions, and though my posterior tib tendons still twinge a little during high-impact dynamic movements (like high knees and weighted lunges), I will be discharged from PT next week to continue at it on my own...and I'll just have to do a big wrap up post about everything when the time comes!

December 24: I decided to go for a "run"! Well, it was the closest I've come to running in a long while. Since Teresa said I should be running for 5-7 minutes and slowly increasing from there, I decided to try out some run/walk intervals. I settled on 2 minutes easy jogging, followed by 2 minutes of walking. I made it through about two and half interval cycles (7 minutes of jogging) before my ankle really started twinging, and I decided to walk for a bit before trying to jog again. So I walked through a couple intervals, and jogged once more before finishing up the 30 minute circuit. All this made me realize is that I'm really going to have to baby my ankle with the whole running thing. :(

December 25: We went for a walk! It was Christmas Day and we were still pretty tired from the night before, but Cam and I got in a good walk after brunch. We took the dogs with us and enjoyed the emptiness of the trails around my house. We were out for about and hour. I don't even want to talk about how my ankle felt afterwards (hrumph).

December 26: Hit the gym for a cycle and swim. I'm still working on making my stroke more efficient, and I did a lot of reading and video watching to help, and it did. Just gotta keep practicing now!

Also, I'm amazed that I can get through hour+ long workouts that aren't running and I feel totally fine, but the minute I walk or run my ankle goes all boo-hoo. Talk about frustrating.

December 27: Broke the streak again! And I'm not even ashamed to admit it. It was a busy weekend, and right at the last minute my workout plans were curtailed when a high school friend (in from New York state for the weekend) asked if I wanted to meet for breakfast. When I got home I realized I just wanted to take it easy and hang out with my mom...and not go out for a run in the blustery chill that's settling here (or stop at the gym to swim).

And there you have it! Only 4 days left in my streak...hard to believe it's gone by so quickly! Ahh, such is life. Enjoy this witching hour between Christmas and the New Year...I should be back in a few days to post!


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