Monday, December 7, 2015

The December Streak! (days 1-6)

Hello friends!

I've taken the day off work to sit my ass down and spend 10 hours (not joking) studying for this test on Thursday:

My study and review guide, lots of writing utensils, and laptop of online materials. Yayyyy.

Yesterday was fairly busy so I never got around to posting my streak update. Here it is, for all those interested!

December 1: 30 laps in the pool. 10 moderate, 15 moderate-hard, 5 easy. Took about 45 minutes. I definitely pushed myself on those middle laps. Cam started 3 laps ahead of me so I needed to catch up to him, and after 10 I had only gained one lap. So I booked it (as much as I could, given I needed some endurance going) to catch him. Those laps pushed me into the "uncomfortable" zone of training that we find ourselves in when we're trying to improve.

December 2: 1 hour of PT ~35 minutes of activity...eliptical, balance squats, this weird half squat thing I have to do with a slidey-disc, leg press, calf raises.

December 3: Yoga, stretching, and foam rolling, 60 minutes. I really wanted to fit in something meaninful that wouldn't tire me out too much because I still had to get my studying in on Thursday night. So I fit this in before Cam got home from work (we'd agreed not to go to the gym since he's coming up to finals too). Worth it, I felt loose and limber and ready to plonk my butt in a chair for 3 hours.

December 4: PT again easily 45 minutes of activity...loooots of exercises. Elliptical. Squats on the blue balance discs. Squats on a bosu ball. Weird half squat with the slidey-disc. Lunges. Leg Press. Calf Raises. Skaters and side stepping with resistance bands. And then stretching, and pleasantly painful tendon frictioning.

December 5: Stretching and walking. I can't believe how busy Saturday was. It felt like I barely had time to fit in some basic stretching in the morning (~10-15 minutes), and by the end of that day I resigned to using that and some walking-and-shopping as part of my streak. Jeez, it sounds so lame to say that, but that's just how it goes.

December 6: 30 laps. Before a day chock-full of Christmas cookie baking with my mom, aunts, and grandma (followed dutifully by studying) I fit in 30 laps in the pool with Cam. I tried to push myself, and it at least feels like my lap times are getting shorter. I should, like, time them or something. It took my right around 40 minutes to complete the laps.

There you have it! I'll do my best to be back next Sunday with another update...should be interesting fitting in activity with how busy the week is going to be, but I shall do my best!

Until then, don't go too crazy wondering what I'm up to...I promise it's not that exciting ;)


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