Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sick, Studying, and Streaking

It's a short one today, kids.

Yesterday started out great. I woke up, felt (fairly) energized, and ready to take on the world!


And then it went all crappy. It just turned into your standard bad day, and everything was annoying me...and it felt like I was starting to get sick. (Spoiler, I am. Nothing serious, but enough to make me feel like chicken noodle soup, sweatshirts, and sleep are the only things that will make it better.)

By the time I got to PT and the aide asked me how I was doing I told her I felt totally exhausted - and I still had to get through PT and studying!

Thankfully, PT was a bit easier yesterday. I still did all of my exercises, Teresa did something similar to the Astym (though admittedly not as awesome, since it only focused on the tendons in my ankle) and then I iced up and left.


I was home by 5:30, watched Quantico (the chick-flick of FBI shows) while I ate dinner, and then sat down to study.

I managed to make it to 8:30 before I called it a night, crawled into bed with the covers up to my ears, and set an alarm for 3:30, promising myself I'd get up and study at that time.


My college-self is now kicking me, trying to remind my present-self that it's just easier to do it before you fall asleep than it is to get up and do it. What was really ironic is that I had a dream that I did a ton of studying, and when the alarm went off at 3:30 I turned it off, happily thinking 'I don't need to get up! I already did all that studying!'

And then at 4:45 I though...wait. Those books are still open on the table downstairs. I didn't do any studying. *facepalm*

Ahh studying. The bane of my evening plans until the 10th. I'm laying in hard for the next few days to prepare for this test (~2.5-3 hours of studying per weekday...more on the weekend). My plan is to review each chapter using the study guide they send, as well as doing all of the online lessons.

It's all the same information, just repeated multiple times, and the online materials include quizzes on each section, as well as practice exams. I want to get through all 10 chapters by the end of the weekend, and then do the quizzes on Monday (I'm taking Monday off as a final study day) and review anything that I really need help on. This gives me a buffer of two days for a final review as well.

I'll be happy when my test on the 10th is over. (And I get to head to the PrideZ holiday mixer after that, so there will definitely be an exam-after party! My one hope is that I have cause to celebrate!)


Katie from Hungry Twenties posted the other day about "streaking" from Thanksgiving to Christmas. It's not what you think. The point is that you do some kind of physical thing every day from Thanksgiving to Christmas. I've already DQ'd myself from that streak, but I figured it'd be good to take up the cause for December instead.

So I present you with...The December Streak! My goal to get in some kind of activity every day from December 1st through the 31st. I know you really want me to update you now, but I only have 2 days worth of stuff to write about, so I'd rather start these updates on Sunday instead. Another spoiler for you though...I'm totally including PT in my streak because I do it for an hour twice a week...kinda eats up time).

And that's all for now!

Really, I don't have much else interesting to say. It's gonna be a boring (but busy) couple of days for me, and I don't want to bore you all with it as well :P

Peace out for now!


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