Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I have a different post prepared for today, but right now I have a lot of angry and sad swear words running through my head, all because of the winter hell we experienced yesterday.

After I posted yesterday I went to shower and realized that I didn't have the little box I keep all of my jewelry in when I'm going between my house and Cam's. Normally I keep it in my makeup bag, but because I had PT yesterday I'd taken it into the office so I could take everything off before I left.


The necklace and earrings Cam has given me for our anniversaries.

The ring Hannah gave me years ago for Christmas.

The new jewelry two of my friends just gave me for my birthday.

The rings I wear every.single.day, and have for years.

I took it all off, put it in that box, and then made that struggle to my car while I held on to that woman. And somewhere between my desk and Cam's house - I lost the box.

And everything in it.

I'm just a little more than heartbroken. Each of those pieces meant so much to me, and the odds that I'll get any of them back (let alone all of them) are very, very low.

I know this is a kind of dumb problem. That there are worse things to worry about...but it still really, really sucks.

I can't even bother with asking "why didn't I do x instead", because that doesn't change that every one of those things I love is now gone.

I'm going to let people at work know so they can keep an eye out...I just honestly don't think I'll get any of it back at this point. Between the snow and the plowing and everything...


Right now I feel very defeated. And dumb.

And that's all I've got for you.


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